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Below is a list of professional photographers and digital media specialists who provide formatting and digital services. Although our resource list is screened, we do not guarantee the workmanship or the quality of work produced from an artist’s relationship with any of the resources listed below.

If you are an imaging professional or photographer and would like to be included on our Digital Imaging Resource list, please send an email to the ZAPP® team with the following information:

  • A resume that includes education, training, and significant achievements
  • Three references from artists who have used your service specifically for ZAPP® image preparation
  • Three examples of images you have formatted for ZAPP®
  • Website and contact information

ZAPP® management seeks to provide artists with access to professionals who have:

  • Provided excellent and consistent service to ZAPP® artists
  • Thorough website content
  • Adequate formal education and/or training in the photographic arts
  • Worked significantly (as evidenced by commission from high-quality publications or gallery venues) in the area of photographing fine art and/or products
  • A significant record of producing high-quality photographic work as art.

Any links to other third-party websites of non-affiliated external sources does not imply endorsement by WESTAF of any products, services, or information presented in these external websites, nor does WESTAF guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on them. In addition, since WESTAF has no control over the privacy practices of third-party websites, you should read and understand the policies of all linked external websites with respect to their privacy practices. See WESTAF’s Privacy Policy, located at http://www.westaf.org/privacy/.

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