ZAPP Enhancements and Updates as of 9/25/14

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: October 8, 2014

Hello there!

Here in ZAPPLand, we’re constantly striving to make the system better than ever. Here are some of the exciting enhancements and releases we’ve implemented recently:

1. Event Prospectus Logged Out vs. Logged In View
The prospectus pages for events on ZAPP previously displayed different information depending on if the viewer was logged in or out.  For example, the Event Summary only appeared on the prospectus page if an artist was logged in to their profile.

What has changed?
Now, the prospectus page will appear the same to artists regardless if they are logged in to the system or not.

2. Adding show dates to Participating Events
Direct from artist feedback, now the event show dates display in the Participating Events list for a quick glance when you’re looking for shows to fill your schedule.

What has changed?
Show dates appear directly to the right of the city and state when viewing the list of Participating Shows.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.47.25 AM

3. Sample Order Page Changes
The image sample order page now includes instructions as to why the booth shot is grayed out. This helps let artists know that the booth image will always appear as the last image in the sequence when jurors are scoring.

What has changed?
Text was added to the Sample Order page indicating that the booth shot is grayed-out because its order cannot move.  “Sample” is now reworded to “image.” Text on ‘Select Sample Order’ button now reads ‘Save Sample Order.’

4. Automatic Archiving
After a show date has passed, the “Allow Artists to Archive” setting would have to be changed to ‘active’ by a show administrator in order for artists to be able to archive a show in their My ZAPPlications section.

What has changed?
After event dates have passed, the system will automatically allow artists to archive their event applications. Administrators do not need to manually change this setting.

 For more information about these enhancements or to suggest something new for the ZAPP® system, email us at