Three reasons to apply to the Public Portfolio Critique

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: August 15, 2016

The 2016 Public Portfolio Critique is jury workshop at the annual Arts Festival Conference, presented by ZAPP. This session uses the JuryBuddy™ technology with projection equipment to showcase artists’ applications simultaneously for a panel discussion amongst art festival professionals.

projected jury

If you’ve always been curious about the Public Portfolio Critique, but you’ve never submitted work, we’ve put together three reasons why 2016 should be the year you apply!

  1. Improve your chances of acceptance into shows

Your application submission is your ticket to getting into arts festivals. If you’re struggling to get into shows or if you find yourself on the Wait List more than you’d like, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Learn how to make your application more competitive with tips from a panel made up of a seasoned juror, a festival administrator, and an artist in the art festival business.

  1. See your images on the big screen

Have you ever wondered how your images look as a unit or how they look enlarged and projected? The projected jury method — used by some of the top-rated shows across the nation — displays your images simultaneously, in an enlarged format that can be be effective for showing detailed images. When you submit your work to the critique, you’ll have the chance to see what jurors in the projected jury room see.

  1. Get feedback on your art work

Maybe you have a new body of work that you want to test out before the thick of jury season. Maybe you want to play around with the order of your images. Maybe you just want to hear what people think about your work. Insert a drumroll as we link to the Public Portfolio Critique. Because how often can you get a professional critique from other artists, let alone people who are in the art festival field? Feedback and constructive criticism can be a great way to revitalize your work. So, if are looking to mix things up in the studio and with your images, this is your chance!