New Marketing Options in 2017

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: December 15, 2016

Calling all ZAPP Admins!

Have you ever wanted to reach a select group of ZAPP artists— say all the photographers in California, or all the painters, potters, and mixed media artists in the entire Southern region? Or are you simply searching for an outlet to let artists know that your show deadline is approaching?

Great news! In a response to administrator requests, ZAPP created a way for shows to utilize our vast pool of artists and gain individualized exposure!  In the Spring of 2015, we created the option for administrators to purchase Single Show Announcements, which get sent to all artists in ZAPP who opt into receiving announcements from us.

Wondering how many artists ZAPP could possibly reach? Currently, there are almost 47,000 artists who want to receive announcements from us…and this number is constantly growing!

You have the option to send your announcement to all of those artists, or to send to a select group of artists.  Right now, when you request one of these e-blasts, you can pick and choose the states (up to 5 at a time), or the entire region(s) that you would like to target.

To further give you optimal exposure to your sought after artists, you tell us what category of artists you want us to send to within the states or regions indicated.  Do you want more fiber artists from the Northeast to apply to your show? Do you want more Midwestern potters to apply to your show?  No problem– we’ll help you get the word out to just them!

Here’s how we’re giving you more options with this Marketing tool! Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of these e-blasts, we’ve decided to broaden our sending availability. These e-blasts get sent twice weekly, and with that model, we often end up selling out of prime available dates months in advance!

In addition to offering Single Show Announcements on Mondays and Thursdays, ZAPP will be adding a Saturday option during the busiest months of 2017.  This will provide 4-5 more available dates during those high-intensity show deadline months!

To learn more about this widespread marketing, and to submit a request, click HERE. You can always expect a response and quote within 24-48 hours after submitting!

Before submitting a request, be sure you’ve signed, or renewed, a current contract. Request your e-blast at least two weeks before your ideal send month/date.  This allows proper time for processing and collaboration with a ZAPP team member so make your announcement perfect!

Do you have a great idea about expanding this marketing option? We are constantly trying to make every aspect of ZAPP easier, faster, and better for you!  That means we need your input about anything that might improve your ZAPP experience, including what you might want to see in terms of marketing options.

Please feel free to send any feedback, comments, or suggestions about marketing to