New Features & Fixes as of Dec. 7, 2017

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: December 7, 2017

ZAPP consistently updates the site and introduces small tweaks to make your experience even better! Check out what’s been changed or addressed these past couple month:

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Administrator Side:

– Communication Tool
We made cosmetic changes to the Communication tool. This included changing the order of statuses you can select so that it matches the status grid on the Event Management page, and changing the headers for each section so they more clearly illustrate the action item.

– Fixed Bug: Emailing Artists Who Applied Multiple Times
A bug in ZAPP caused artists who applied to the same show multiple times to not receive multiple emails if their applications were in different statuses. The system should only de-dupe emails when an artist has more than one application in the same status. This has been fixed.

– Weekly Show Deadline E-blast Enhancements
This is a minor change to the weekly new show and deadline email that ZAPP sends to artists on Wednesdays. We changed the pre-populated introductory text. We also changed the URL that is linked to in the show name from the show’s website to the show’s event information page on ZAPP so artists can more easily click and apply. We kept the show website linked, but simply moved it to a different location.

New format for weekly deadline listings:

  • Show name— linked to application on ZAPP
  • Open date
  • Deadline
  • Application Fee
  • Event Dates
  • Show Website Link
  • Event Summary


– JuryBuddy Enhancement
JuryBuddy was converted to a standalone application (in addition to it also being a Chrome application). The functionality is not different; the only front-end difference is the mechanism by which the app is downloaded. Now JuryBuddy can be downloaded from the ZAPP administrator site instead of the Chrome store.