New features and fixes as of Sep. 28, 2017

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: September 29, 2017

ZAPP consistently updates the site and introduces small tweaks to make your experience even better! Check out what’s been changed or addressed this month:

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Administrator Side:

– Tag Artists
This is an upgrade to allow admin users to add a ‘tag’ to artist applications. Potential uses include adding tags for emerging artists, artists who have submitted multiple applications, or previous award winners. The tags will appear on artist citation pages and in downloadable reports; admins can also filter by tags on their event management page.

– Numeric Values Download as Numbers in Reports
We updated the way in which numeric values are handled in downloadable reports. Now, they will be stored as numbers and not text so that programs like Excel can work properly to the sum or manipulate the data.

– Changes to the Download Answers and Contacts Report
We cleaned up our two main administrator reports. Column headers are now consistent across reports, and new data fields have been added. Try out the downloads and see what’s new!

– Fixes to ZAPP Onsite
We made a couple fixes to two issues. ZAPP was not properly logging when an Onsite adjudicator had logged in; we here on staff find this information useful when troubleshooting. We also added more clear error messaging when a user attempts to log into Onsite but has not been assigned booths to score.