News - Quarterly Newsletter – June ’18

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: June 28, 2018

Dear administrators,

Summer is always an exciting time for the ZAPP team because we focus a lot on strategic planning and priority setting for things we want to accomplish in the next 6-12 months. Summer also means we have more show shows taking place and more opportunities to attend local festivals and buy art!

Whether you’re pre- or post-festival, take a well deserved break and check out what we’ve been working on for you and your artists.

Here’s what’s going on in ZAPPland . . .


Drag-and-Drop Products
You can now drag-and-drop products within the Product Editor, making it quick and convenient to arrange products in the order you want them to appear for artists.

Easier Collaborator Visibility in Reports
Show administrators have expressed the desire for artist collaborators to be more easily identifiable in downloadable reports. Now, when you download your Contacts or Answers reports, you’ll see the artist collaborator—if one is listed in the artist’s profile—right next to the primary artist’s name.

Clarifying Instructions
We clarified instructions on the application to make a more clear distinction between the requested number of artwork images and the booth shot. Interested in seeing other changes? Check out our BLOG!


We’re excited to announce another option for collecting your monthly payout from ZAPP! Right now, events that license ZAPP receive a monthly check for artist revenue collected the month prior. Soon, we’ll roll out the option to receive that monthly payout in the form of an ACH (electronic) transfer.

Our team will work with a select group of clients to test out ACH transfers starting in August. This option will be available on a limited basis for the first few months so that we can collect feedback and ensure we implement an efficient process for our users.

We’re pleased to soon offer this widely-desired new feature! Plus, we like saving paper.

Stay tuned for more updates on this new offering . . .

Putting together a festival and interacting with hundreds of artists every year gives you the opportunity to coordinate with, and have conversations with, a variety of people. One of our ZAPPers attended a unique workshop about improving inclusive and engaged communication skills. To read about the topics and tips that were discussed, check out our blog post HERE!

1) Gain a greater awareness of the language we use and of the assumptions and power that our words have 2) Learn methods for creating authentic engagement 3) Break barriers that may exist when we communicate with others

We continually work to evaluate and improve the user experience for you and your artists. To guide our site enhancement efforts for artists over the next year, we created a brief ARTIST SURVEY.

Help us spread the word by sharing and encouraging your artists to complete this short, 5-minute survey so their voices are heard!



Soon we’ll be unveiling ZAPP Next, a software that integrates with ZAPP to help you manage post-adjudication communication and collect from artists all of the important details needed prior to their arrival at your event!

Here are some of the exciting new things you will be able to do with ZAPP Next:

  • Post downloadable documents related to lunch orders, booth sitters, artist awards, shuttles, etc.;
  • See pre-selected jury images that artists want to use for publicity;
  • Require artists to complete and upload forms directly into the system rather than sending them by mail or email;
  • Collect booth requests and responses to customized questions from only those artists you invite to your event;
  • Upload site maps—including parking and loading maps—to make them available for quick and easy artist access; and
  • Aggregate and display partner hotel details in one convenient location.

ZAPP Next is currently in the testing stage, but we anticipate a roll-out to more users later this year.


Rebecca Dominguez
Rebecca Dominguez is a customer service associate at WESTAF. Prior to joining WESTAF, she honed her customer service skills working for the Colorado Department of Revenue in the driver’s license division and as a member representative for the Credit Union of Colorado. Dominguez is currently completing coursework to obtain her bachelor’s degree in English at Metropolitan State University. Her long-term goal is to teach high school English. In her free time, Dominguez enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family.

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We’re committed to ensuring that you and your artists have a positive experience using ZAPP. Check out the resources below, and contact us if you need assistance. We’re here to help!

Available M-F, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Mountain Time
Phone: 888.562.7232

Admin Support
Send us a ticket when you’re logged into
Review our ZAPP Help Guide within the Help tab

Artist Support
Review Artist Help Center


In the age of digital overload, you will need to incorporate a variety of channels through which you disseminate your message. As you consider email and digital advertisements, don’t overlook the impact a direct mail campaign can have in helping achieve a measurable and significant return on investment.

If you’re ready to target artists in a specific state, region, or even medium using a direct-to- mailbox invitation, purchase the ZAPP Mailing List. With more than 30,000 artists on the list, you can work with your mailing house to cull the list down to your intended audience.  

Find more information about the mailing list HERE.

Best of luck to all who have events happening shortly, and congratulations to those who are starting the planning process for your next show cycle.

We hope your summer has been as fun as ours!

Until next time, ZAPPers!
– ZAPP team