New Features & Fixes as of July 26, 2018

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: August 20, 2018

ZAPP consistently updates the site and introduces small tweaks to make your experience even better! Check out what’s been changed or addressed most recently:



– Search by artist business name
Artists can enter in a business or studio name within their artist profiles. Now, when an artist applies to your event, you can search for their application by that business or studio name. This search can be conducted within two areas when logged into

  1. Artist Search page
    Click the Artists option under the ZAPP logo.

2. Events Management page
Hover over Events under the ZAPP logo and choose Management from the drop down menu.


– Navigation bar askew when reopening sent emails
Viewing sent communications to artists would result in the orientation of an administrator’s navigation bar to distort. We’ve resolved this minor issue. Now, reopening past communications will not result in any skewing of your navigation bar.
– Responses to Help Desk tickets were not being delivered correctly
When we replied to a Help Desk ticket, the “reply to” field would not correctly populate the administrator’s email address, resulting in administrators not receiving our emailed responses. This has been corrected. Sending a response to a Help Desk tickets now function as expected.