New Features and Fixes as of 8/30/18

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: September 14, 2018

The ZAPP team regularly releases new features, improvements, and fixes for the site. Read on to see what changed in the month of August!


Email Templates in the Communication Tool
Admins, have you ever wanted to save an email in ZAPP that regularly send to artists so that you can use it in the future? With our latest feature, you are able to compose emails and then store that as a template in the ZAPP communication tool.

Here’s how it works: 
1. Once you’re logged in, go to Events > Communication. Select your recipients. Under the compose email section, you’ll see a new menu called Choose Template.

2. Click “Edit Templates” to begin composing your new templates to store.

3. Once your template is stored, you can return to the compose screen and insert the template you just created and stored. The information will automatically insert into the Subject and body where you can review and edit as needed.

Random Sub-Sort for Jurying
Administrators can now sub-sort applications, within a medium category, in a random order for jurying. This option is in addition to sub-sort by application ID, date received, and last name. The purpose of this is to introduce a way for artist applications to be viewed in a more arbitrary way than what was previously offered.

Billing Contact for Admin Accounts
The ZAPP team now has an easier way to discern between mailing and billing information in ZAPP, through new and more distinguishable fields.

Contact Us Emails Now Include the Sender Email
Previously when artists used the “contact us” email feature on, the subject did not include the sender’s email address. We’ve added this for easier organization in our email inboxes.

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