A New Look for the ZAPP Artist Side

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: September 10, 2019

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Easily log in from any device with a fully responsive design. Whether you’re on the road or in your studio, you can check your application status, apply to shows, and purchase a booth space to confirm your attendance.

Image showing ZAPP Mobile on three devices: phone, computer, tablet. The phone is showing the log in page, the computer is showing the participating events page, and the tablet is showing the events calendar.

A New Design for the Portfolio

Toggle between your images and saved statements to build a robust portfolio for applying to any festival or fair. 

A New, Easy Way to Order Images

When attaching images to your application, the order in which you select your media will be the order in which the jury views your work. A number will appear in the upper right hand corner, and the order will be reflected in the “Selected Samples” area.

**Note: Users applying with their phones will not be able to preview their images as jurors. This option is only available to users on a computer or tablet.

Stay Organized with My ZAPPlications

Our redesign enhances how you manage your applications by turning links into clear buttons and allowing you to open receipts in convenient pop up windows for easy payment verification. 

Three phones showing images of the My ZAPPlications page. The first is of individual applications, the second is of payment receipts, and the third is what it looks like to archive an application.

A Streamlined ZAPP Shop

Add available products to your cart, apply coupons, and check out easily from one screen. Proceed to specific sections by either selecting the orange Next Step button or by clicking on any of the steps. 

An image of the ZAPP Shop on a computer. The ZAPP Shop now shows you all the steps you will go through to purchase a product on one page.

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