Listen to Audio from the 2010 ZAPP Conference

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: July 3, 2011

Stop the presses!
Listen to the two most popular sessions from last year’s conference: The 2010 opening presentation, Rise of the Aggregators, and the 2010 symposium session, State of the Art Fair.

Rise of the Aggregators

The 2010 conference opened with a presentation from writer, researcher, lecturer, and cultural consultant, András Szántó. Szántó’s thought provoking discussion chronicles the rise (and fall) of the gallery system. Szántó estimates that the next art world business model is that of artists selling directly to the marketplace, and marvels that art fair and festival artists have done this for years.

LISTEN NOW: Rise of the Aggregators

State of the Art Fair
What happens when you get Stephen M. King (Des Moines Arts Festival), Elaine Kroening (Positively Pewuakee), Reed McMillan (The Artist Project New York), Larry Oliverson (Lawrence W. Oliverson Fine Art Photography), Teresa Saborsky (ARTiculate Sculpture, National Association of Independent Artists), and Steven Wood Schmader (International Festivals and Events Association) all in the same room? It’s not the set-up to a really great joke, but it is the set-up for an in depth conversation about the current state of the art fair. At the 2010 ZAPP® Conference, these leaders tackled topics including the impact of generational change and the role of art fairs and festivals in creating community.

LISTEN NOW: Symposium Part I

LISTEN NOW: Symposium Part II