Introducing, ZAPP® Onsite!

Author: ZAPP Team
Date: November 13, 2013

ZAPPlication® is proud to offer its newest application, an on-site adjudication tool that allows judges at art festivals to walk the show and score booths on an iPad. Judges using this application no longer have to carry around clunky notebooks and binders when walking booth-to-booth to determine Best in Show and other awards. Because ZAPP® Onsite syncs directly with the ZAPP® system, judges can view images artists submitted for jurying and compare them to those presented at the show. ZAPP® Onsite is only available to existing clients already using to collect and jury applications.

Judges are able to score booths on location, in real time, with a convenient and easy-to-use technology. Adjudicators can view a map of the event site and sort by medium, booth number, or artist name. The application displays artists’ jury images for reference and allows the juror to both score and comment on an artist’s booth presentation at the art festival.

Sync directly with the ZAPP® website to store and access on-site scores and locate award winners in minutes. This tool frees up staff, volunteer, and administration time as the juror’s on-site scores can be viewed by the show staff or exported into a spreadsheet for easy record keeping online via the ZAPP® website.

Save countless pre-event hours and resources spent building onsite scoring books. ZAPP® Onsite pulls the application data straight from the ZAPP® system so participating artist information (name, medium, booth number, jury images) are all available at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does ZAPP® Onsite work?

ZAPP® Onsite syncs data from the Accepted and Confirmed statuses on the website (artist name, booth number, medium category, etc.) into a tablet-friendly, mobile website. Adjudicators can walk the show with an iPad or other tablet device and score exhibiting artists’ work. Because the entire process is online, those scores sync back to the admin interface of and allow the event staff to quickly view and download scoring information and locate the high-scoring participants.

2. What devices will work with ZAPP® Onsite?
ZAPP® Onsite is optimized for use with the Apple iPad but the Onsite module will work with other tablet devices which use the mobile Google Chrome browser, such as the Google Nexus. If shows do not have access to their own devices, iPads are available for rental from ZAPP®.

3. How do the devices connect to the Internet?
Devices can connect to the Internet either via a Wi-Fi Internet signal or via 3G. If your show site is equipped with a Wi-Fi signal throughout, you can set up each device to connect to the Wi-Fi network. iPads rented from ZAPP® come equipped with 3G data.

4. What if I lose Internet connection?
ZAPP® Onsite requires an Internet connection during the initial loading and final syncing processes, but can work in an off-line mode during active scoring. When in offline mode, ZAPP® Onsite saves scores directly to the device for synching at a later time when Internet is again available.

Are you a show interested in using ZAPP® Onsite? Email us!