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Traveling Artist Insurance
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Traveling Artist Insurance

Posted by smpprintmaker 
Traveling Artist Insurance
June 17, 2014 02:50PM
This may be a little off subject, but does anyone know of a company that understands the needs of the art fair artist and provides liability and artwork damage insurance? My insurance company will provide it but it is under an Inland Marine Rider that is very expensive. They had trouble understanding how much inventory I take to shows and what the risks are from storm damage. I have my studio coverage but need to cover transit and on-site when I go to shows.
Just doing a little brain-picking!
Re: Traveling Artist Insurance
October 09, 2014 04:05PM
The ACT Insurance Program offers Inland Marine Property coverage for your property in transit and at craft fairs for a very competitive price. Their website has more info at

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Re: Traveling Artist Insurance
April 25, 2016 08:45PM
I need to get insurance for my watercolors plus liability for shows, any advice/recommendations?
Re: Traveling Artist Insurance
April 27, 2016 05:35PM
i looked at ACT and some others before going through []
(You do not need to be a member to get the insurance) . ACT is definitely the easiest to find online, but I urge you to talk directly to an agent to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. I had very specific needs, since I needed a specific rider to cover a big piece of equipment. However, after talking to the agents from ACT and some other companies, I found they are not all the same. If you want straight up liability that\'s fine, but know that they will not necessarily cover YOUR losses, or only a limited amount of your losses- they protect you in the event your tent or artwork damages property at an event. Also, your homeowners may not cover your art supplies or artwork or prints if your home is damaged, and your car insurance definitely won\'t cover anything you lose en route to a show if your car is in an accident or stolen. If you are interested in any of that stuff, talk to an agent. Ask about specific circumstances, and ask what you need to do in each one (\"what do you cover if my car is wrecked, full of my art as I go to a show??\" \"What do you cover if my tent is destroyed in a storm and all my prints and originals are lost?\" \"What happens if my house burns down and I lose my whole stock and supplies?\" Do you cover my art at estimated value, retail value, or materials only (most will be materials cost only, fyi). I urge you to talk to actual agents, not just read online or email someone. It is educational to just contact a company and see how hard it is to talk to a real person!
April 22, 2017 12:14AM
What does it mean when your # whatever on the wait list
Then 2 wks before the show you are not invited