Event Information

ARTNADO 2017 - Raising Art Fairs to New Heights

South Florida Fairgrounds Expo Center
West Palm Beach, Florida (South)

Phone: 561-557-8741
Event Dates: 2/11/17 - 2/12/17
Application Deadline: 1/20/17 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is NOT required)

Fee (application fee): $25.00

You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.


Event Summary

ARTNADO in West Palm Beach Florida presents “The ARTNADO Village – The Best of All Worlds" February 11 & 12, 2017. Locally known as “the season”, when 40% of the wealth of America is in residence and a large population of Canadian “snowbirds” are in their winter retreats.
Artistic Synergy Inc. the sponsors of ARTNADO is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation.


Offering a total of  $2,500.00  in prize money.

The Venues

The Private Gallery - A small curated enclosed gallery showcasing 8 to 12 works of Art by artists who cannot or do not do art shows.

The Grand Salon - The massive indoor space is reserved for 2D and 3D Fine Art.  In addition to the traditional 10 x10 space we offer:

- 10x20 and a 20x20 Gallery space in the Grand Salon only

- created a safe environment for your work (air conditioning, no rain or wind concerns)
- better illumination of your Art, you may remove the top from your tent or just use pro-panels   without a tent
- available electricity for you to illuminate your work properly

The Avenue of the Arts - The outdoor portico leading to the concourse buildings. Ideal for large sculptures, outdoor designs, kinetic pieces and living art.

The Annex Building - Where the journey through the diversity of American arts begins. Within these walls, completely separate from the Fine Art building and offered for the first time, patrons may explore the intricacies of: the Human Form, the Art of the Tattoo (the most unforgiving canvas), Fantasy Art, Exotic Art, Pinups, Dark Art, and...

General Information

Jury Fee (application fee) $25



Private Gallery - There is a separate category under medium categories.

2 imags

Plus you must email an artist statement and the description of each submitted work, to be used by the gallerie's docents,  to: artisticsynergy@mail.com.  If the submitted work is sold prior to the show you may email a replacement image at no addtional cost to us.

Annex Gallery - There is a separate category under medium categories.



Important Dates:


Application deadline – January 1, 2017

Applications after this date will be wait listed


Note: This is a final application deadline, however, booth fees indicated are discounted until

September 1, 2016. After that date all booth fees will increase by 10%.


Set-up date - Friday February 10, 2017

     Show dates - Saturday February 11, 2017 and Sunday February 12, 2017



We are very oriented to helping you create the highest perceived value for your work. Please, feel free to contact us; so, that we may help you achieve the best show possible.


Our promotions will cover the usual such as: radio stations and television, print, posters and post cards. In addition art organizations will be contacted, art show specific newsletters and massive banners will be employed.

Booth Placement

Exhibit space will be assigned on a first come first served basis, which will be determined by when your payment is either processed by Zapplication or by receipt of a check. In the event of any discrepancy the decision of ARTNADO management will be final.

We encourage you, but it is not required, to not think of this as a “booth” where your art is sold but as an exhibition space where patrons can also view you working on your art or, if not possible, view a video and/or photos of your creative process.

Why West Palm Beach, Florida

As the sign at the Miami Airport points out, Palm Beach is the center for the arts in Florida. Known for its large and varied cultural base Palm Beach County is home to many art districts with regular monthly walks, CRA sponsored artist residencies, art projects and art in public spaces, art district tour buses, both major and minor art shows, art schools with regular exhibitions, museums offering art classes, patron newsletters dedicated to the arts, and a host of art leagues. This show will not have the usual crowd of people just out walking their dog.


We will listing the categories that most fairs used. This process sometimes allows for very good artists to not be accepted because their category is full and other media, with maybe less interesting work, is still being promoted. Given that it is inside and electricity is available, there is the opportunity for under showcased art in digital or kinetics to be shown. Given the genesis of the fair by artists and patrons, the key consideration will be the work and the creative process. There is a difference between artists who are creative, those who are artistic and those which are both. While we need to have and will have balance, we will also must try not to “lockout” deserving artists such as yourself.

RV Parking

The Expo center does have arrangements for RV parking; their rate is $35.


Jury Process

You will find our process to be slightly different then what you may be used to.

First, a photo of your booth will not be required. This gives emerging artists, who have not commercially shown their work, a level viewing field. Of course, you are welcomed to submit one if you so desire, since we specifically chose a venue that would allow indoor tents. Given that most artists in ARTNADO prefer a 10×20 or 20×20 space, a booth shot serves no practical purpose.

The key difference is that we will employ a "rolling jury". If your art scores 5.5 or better on a scale of 7, you will receive an invitation within 10 days. This is to help you plan your year early and reduce your applications and fees by not having to apply to multiple shows hoping to fill specific dates.

The exception to this will be submissions for the Private Curated Gallery. Given that only 8 to 12 entries will be accepted, the selection process will not be made until the final deadline of January 1, 2017. We have, under the rules, allowed artists who have sold a submitted work to submit another at no additional cost.

We are most interested in your art and your creative process. Thus, the application will be streamlined with a minimal number of questions regarding the details of your work. We will rely, for the most part, on your submissions and the jurors evaluation. However, feel free to include any details that you feel may add value to your submissions. We highly recommend and, with the exception of the Private Gallery, will not require an artist statement this year for the Grand Salon.

If you choose not to or cannot submit photos with your ZAPP application, you may directly email them to Artistic Synergy as an e-mail attachment, on a disc or flash drive. However, discs and flash drives cannot be returned.

Rules/Regulations Policies

1. The first is a departure from the norm. Naturally all artist want to be present to explain their work and conversely patrons enjoy talking to the artist. Given the nature of life, we will not enforce the “Artists must be present” standard. If you have an emergency or some unexpected problem, you may leave your exhibition space in the trusted hands of an associate. Since two badges will be issued for each exhibitor, this just makes sense.

2. Artists take sole responsibility for the set-up and breakdown of their exhibition space within the posted hours.

3. The artist and or their representative is responsible for the items in their exhibition space. Neither the management of Artistic Synergy, the host of ARTNADO, nor the management of the South Florida Fairgrounds except any responsibility inferred, implied or actual for the property of the artist. Many artists carry low cost insurance policies specifically for this purpose.

4. Booth sharing is not allowed without the expressed written consent of Artistic Synergy Inc.

5. All artist reproductions must be signed and numbered.

6. All reproductions must be labeled as reproductions or limited edition.

7. We have not prohibited hand written descriptions; however, we discourage the practice as it will make your booth look less professional then others, and thus decrease the perceived value patrons have of your work.

8. No blocking of pedestrian walkways is allowed.

9. Inappropriate or disturbing behavior will violate your agreement and you will have to leave the premises until breakdown. This includes negative comments about other artists or the show. A positive environment reflects onto the patrons.

10. If your ARTNADO exhibition space has not been occupied by 3pm Friday, the set-up day, and you have not contacted us by e-mail or phone, you will then be considered a no show, and the ARTNADO management reserves to reallocate your space. No refunds will be given.

11. All exhibitors are expressly forbidden from dismantling or packing any portion of their exhibition area prior to the official show closing.

12. Electricity must be ordered 2 weeks prior to the show. We do, however, recommend that it be done when ordering your booth to avoid any problems.

13. All exhibitors are responsible for collecting and processing appropriate Florida State Sales Tax.

14. All artists, their staff, and guests are solely responsible for any and all damage to the South Florida Fairgrounds while they or their items are on the property.

15. At the completion of breakdown the security team will be locking the building. Any items left behind will be discarded by the Fairgrounds management.

16. All work accepted to the Private Gallery must be delivered
during set-up in ready to hang condition and picked up during break down.

ARTNADO cancellation policy: No refunds will be given. We will, however, endeavor to

rebook your allotted space and, if successful, your booth fees will be returned.


Booth Information

Booth fees indicated are discounted until September 1, 2016.
After that date all booth fees will increase by 10%.

The Grand Salon Exhibition Fees:
10x10 indoor artist space $385

10x20 indoor artist space $545

20x20 Personal Gallery space $875

Corner space add $30
10x20 End-cap includes 2 corners add $60
Electricity $40

The Private Gallery in the Grand Salon:

The hanging fee is as follows:
1 piece of any Art up to 3 feet by 4 feet for the Private Gallery $50
1 piece of any Art larger then 3 feet by 4 feet for the Private Gallery $100

There is a minimal 15% commission fee charged for each sale (only for the Private Gallery)
The Avenue of the Arts (outside) Fees:
10 x 10 space $259
Emerging artist 10 x 10 space $195
No electricity or air conditioning available
The Annex Building Fees:
10 x10 space $195
10X14 space $ 250
Corner space add $25
Corners and end-caps will be assigned on a first come first served basis based on the acceptance date of the application and the payment. ZAPP does not move you to the accepted category until payment has been made.
Set-up will commence at 9AM on Friday February 10, 2017 and end at 5PM, all artists must vacate by 5 PM when security will close the building. No set up will be allowed to set up on Saturday as there is no early entry. Make sure your set up is complete prior to 5PM on Friday.
Fair hours are:

Saturday February 11 - 10AM to 5PM
Sunday   February 12 - 10AM to 5PM
Breakdown must be completed by 8:30 PM when security will lock the building