Event Information

Leesburg Art Festival 2017

Main Street in Historic Downtown Leesburg
Leesburg, Florida (South)

Phone: 352-365-0232
Event Dates: 3/11/17 - 3/12/17
Application Deadline: 12/19/16 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $25.00


Event Summary
In our 40th year, the Leesburg Art Festival is held on Main Street in Downtown Leesburg. Leesburg is located in the heart of Central Florida, equal distance from each coast.

General Information
The Leesburg Art Festival in historic downtown Leesburg, Florida is celebrating its 40th year March 11 and 12, 2017. Some of the country's most accomplished artists, as well as rising stars, vie for the $1000 Best in Show Award, Merit, and Judge's Choice Awards during the juried event. Cash awards totaling $5,250 will be awarded. Also, the Patron Program has given the artists over $80,000 in sales since the advanced sale of art vouchers to our members began.

Artist amenities include booth sitting, art festival publication, morning refreshments, Friday set-up and check-in, Saturday night Artists' Dinner, Drive in Set up, and extensive marketing.

Leesburg Art Festival is a juried show. Our goal is to present a well-rounded show, but there is no predetermined number or percentages of booths established for any category. The Festival Committee reserves the right to determine "what is art" as it applies to this event and to make final judgement of all rules.

Each artist is responsible for collecting and reporting Florida Sales Tax on all sales made during the Festival. The current tax rate will be provided in the Artist Package at check in.

Artwork created before 2013, artwork not in a specific category or artwork not for sale is prohibited. Any reproductions (commercial or photographic), such as offset, gravure, photocopies or commercial publication including catalogs, books, etc. are prohibited. Limited Edition Giclee prints are acceptable of original works, but can not be submitted for judging. Notecards printed from original works on display at the festival are permitted. The final interpretation of commercial/reproduction status will be made by the Viewing Committee. The printed result of plates, stone or screen, that is handcrafted is considered original art when signed and numbered. Production artwork in any category is not permitted. Artwork reproduced or copied from works of masters, advertisements, commercial or widely circulated photographs or offset prints are prohibited. Work created from kits, crocheting, knitting, picture frames, velvet paintings, floral arrangements or dried flowers, aluminum can sculptures, commercial signage or displays, decoupage and ceramic casts from commercial molds are prohibited.

There will be absolutely no Buy-Sell items.

Up to 120 artists may be accepted.

If work is of a collaborative nature, all artists' names must appear on the application and all artists must be present at the festival. A team producing a single product such as glass, wood, etc. may qualify as a single exhibitor. However, teams may consist of no more than two persons. Only work produced by the team may be shown.

Artists may enter more than one category for jury. A completed application, jury fee and images must be submitted for each category entered. An artist will only be allowed to exhibit work that is in the category accepted by the jury.

Each application must indicate one of the following categories for the jury:

Ceramics include original, non-jewelry clay and porcelain work. May not be machine-made or mass produced.

Drawing, Graphics and Printmaking includes original two dimensional work including pencil, charcoal, inks and washes.

Fine Crafts include hand made originals.

Glass includes original work created in glass by the artist. No molds or other forms of mass production are permitted.

Jewelry includes original jewelry regardless of medium that is created without commercial casts, molds or for use in a production studio. Only those who select the Jewlery category may display or sell jewelry.

Painting includes acrylic, oil, watercolor and pastels.

Mixed Media includes original two dimensional work in which the primary intent is the union of two or more media or created with pigment including acrylic, oil and watercolor.

Photography/Digital Art includes signed and numbered prints created by the artist from his/her own original negatives that have been processed by that artist under the artist's direct supervision.

Sculpture includes original three dimensional work.

Fiber includes original work created by the artist from fibers including baskets, paper, quilts, weaving and clothing. No forms of mass production are permitted.

Artists should submit 3 images of work and one of display setup. Images submitted must represent the work exhibited. If exhibited work differs significantly from images, the artist will be asked to leave and forfeit all fees.

Based upon your submitted images, you may be selected as a featured artist for advertising purposes.

Artist Statement should include description of work. A two person team producing a single product must include a description of each members' involvement in the creation of the artwork. This statement will be read during the Jury process, thus having great impact on your submission.

Artists who won an award in 2015 are automatic entries in the 2016 festival and do not have to pay jury fee. A discount code is required to submit images for jury to avoid jury fee.  It is the artists responsibility to contact the festival if you have not received your discount code prior to application.  However, booth fee is required and application along with images must be submitted by the deadline date. The artwork that won in 2015 cannot be considered for judging in 2016.

Two judges will view each artist's work. Prize ribbons are awarded on Saturday at the Artist Dinner and checks are distributed on Sunday afternoon. All prizes are awarded without regard to category. Best in Show is $1000, First Place is $750, 2D Judge's Choice is $500, 3D Judge's Choice is $500, and 10 Merit Awards at $250 each.

Submitting of this application acknowledges that the artist has read the agreement, agrees to abide by the Leesburg Art Festival Rules and does hereby release and hold harmless the Leesburg Center for the Arts, Leesburg Art Festival Committee, the City of Leesburg and the festival sponsors from any and all manner of actions, suits, damages, or claims whatsoever arising from any loss or damage to his/her property or anyone's property in his/her possession or supervision, during all festival activities and events, including all venues and applications. I/we agree to grant a license to the Leesburg Art Festival and/or the Leesburg Center for the Arts to reproduce electronically, in limited resolution, my original artwork for the period of up to 30 months beginning July 15, 2015. I/we understand by signing this agreement, I/we retain full copyright of my original artwork. My images shall not be redistributed except as anticipated on the web site and in the festival brochure and other festival related media without the express written permission of myself and the Leesburg Art Festival. The Leesburg Art Festival reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules.

Only original work may be displayed and offered for sale. The work must be attributable solely to the exhibitor and created after 2014. Artists must be with their exhibits during the entirety of the festival. Sales agents or business representatives will not be allowed.

The Leesburg Art Festival is a family-oriented event. The work exhibited must be appropriate for viewers of all ages. The Festival Committee shall have the sole, exclusive and final authority to determine any work not acceptable for display at the Leesburg Art Festival. Any work determined to be unacceptable will be removed so as not to be viewed by the public during the Leesburg Art Festival.

We reserve the right to refuse any application for any reason.

Booth Information
Each space measures 11'x11' with ample room for a 10'x10' canopy. Your displays and viewing bins must be contained within this space. A double space may be available for a double fee. All artists must provide an attractive display, sturdy enough to withstand crowds, wind and weather conditions. Professional display tents are required. A Booth Identification Card will be provided at check-in and must be attached to the upper left corner of the display at all times during the Festival. The Festival Committee reserves the right to ask any exhibitor for identification. Please note that not all spaces are level.

Jury fee is $25 and is nonrefundable. Booth Fee is $150 and Corner Booth Fee is $175. All funds are deposited when recieved. A fee of $40 will be charged for checks returned for insufficient funds. There are no refunds for artist cancellations after December 12, 2016.

Space requests are accepted only with application. Consideration will be made in order of receipt of application and requests are not guaranteed.