Event Information

Evergreen Fine Arts Festival - 51st Annual!

Heritage Grove Park
Evergreen, Colorado (West)

Phone: 303-349-3464
Event Dates: 8/26/17 - 8/27/17
Application Deadline: 3/15/17 Midnight MST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $30.00

You can submit up to 5 applications for this show.


Event Summary
The 51st ANNUAL EVERGREEN FINE ARTS FESTIVAL on August 26-27, 2017, is located in historic Heritage Grove Park, in Evergreen, Colorado. The original fine arts event for the Evergreen area, this high quality arts festival provides the affluent bedroom community of Denver the best of the best in art. Ranked in the top 100 by Art Fair Source Book, an estimated 10,000 collectors from Ft Collins to Colorado Springs find their way to this free event nestled in the heart of the foothills west of Denver.

General Information

The Evergreen Fine Arts Festival (EFAF) is located in a lovely, forested historic park in the small mountain town of Evergreen, Colorado, in the foothills of the front range. The EFAF was started and continues to be run by artists, for artists. Show hours are from 10am to 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday.


The EFAF is run and managed by the Evergreen Artists Association (EAA), a non-profit organization that has provided the mountain community with cultural events for over fifty years. Proceeds from the festival provide art-related programs and classes, and an on-going scholarship program for mountain area youth.


Artist amenities include a catered dinner on Saturday night for the artist and one guest, booth sitters, free water delivered to artists throughout the show, overnight security, free parking, and early set-up on Friday.


Advertising and bringing the public to the event are a top priority.  We will continue to put a large focus on social media and getting local buyers to the event - this has been very successful for the last few years! There will also continue to be extensive use of newspapers, magazines, posters, banners, and signage in the region to increase attendance of qualified buyers.


Ribbons and monetary awards are awarded at the artists dinner on Saturday night.




Images - 5 (a booth shot is required)


Application fee - $30.00


Each participating artist must complete an online application with only one artist per entry, unless you are entering as collaborating artists. You may apply in multiple categories but a separate online application must be completed for each medium for which you are applying. Each application must include a jury fee and its own set of images.


CALENDAR - Important Dates!


March 15, 2017 -Deadline - Entries must be submitted by midnight


April 15, 2017 - Artists notified of jury decision by email


May 15, 2017 - Deadline to pay booth fee and accept invitation to participate


June 30, 2017 - Last day to cancel and receive a 90% refund of booth fee. After this date, no refunds will be processed.


August 25, 2017 - Set up begins!


August 26-27, 2017 Evergreen Fine Arts Festival is open to the art-buying public!




Five (5) images are to be submitted for each individual media category entered by the artist.

Four (4) images must be of individual pieces of work. Image number five (5) must be of a display of the artist's work, showing the overall continuity and presentation of your current body of work. The fifth image of the booth is mandatory. The purpose of the booth image is to ensure that the artist has a complete body of work which is representative of the first four images. The booth image also helps the jury to identify the scale of the artist's work. Since a blind jury process is used, you must avoid submitting booth images with any identifiable sign or photo of the artist themselves in any of the images.


*PLEASE NOTE: Slides with personally identifiable information in them will be disqualified from the jury process - no refunds will be issued.

Jewelry submissions must be existing, already created pieces of artwork created by the artist. Computer generated designs or CAD/CAM images of jewelry are not acceptable.

Jewelry artists submitting computer generated work in their application will not be considered for participation in the festival.



A panel of 4 to 5 jurors chosen from professional artists, gallery owners, and art educators will conduct a blind jury in early April. The jurors will score the artwork displayed in a quick preview followed by a slower viewing. They will not know who the artists are, where they are from and whether or not they have participated in the festival before. Decisions of the jury is solely based on the quality of the artwork. Information on the images is given to the juror if requested. All jury scores are final. Due to the shear volume of applicants, we are unable to give individual critiques or feedback.


Try to match your media as closely as possible to the listed media. If there is a problem, the director will contact you to make changes prior to the jury process so that you can most fairly be judged.


5 award winners from 2016 have been invited to participate in the 2017 Festival. Award winners must submit their application and images also, however the jury fee is waived.


A wait list in each category will be established based solely on jury scores. Artists will be notified via email and/or telephone. Our experience is that we do pull from this list up until the last week.



The fine art/fine crafts categories are:

  1. Clay

  2. Digital Art (not photography)

  3. Drawing and Pastel

  4. Fiber and Textiles

  5. Functional Art - furniture, wearable art, etc.

  6. Glass

  7. Jewelry

  8. Leather

  9. Metal

  10. Mixed Media 2D

  11. Mixed Media 3D

  12. Painting - Acrylic or Oil

  13. Painting - Watercolor

  14. Photography - Traditional Film or Digital

  15. Printmaking - Intaglio, Relief and Planographic

  16. Sculpture 3D - 1 medium (Clay, Glass, Metal, Stone or Wood)

  17. Wood - Decorative




Jury fee - $30 (non-refundable)


Standard booth fee - $385

Double booth fee - $770 (Limited availability on a first paid basis)

Corner booth fee - $90 (Limited availability on a first paid basis)


Do NOT pay booth fees until accepted. Fees may be paid via credit card through zapplication or via check mailed to:


Evergreen Fine Arts Festival

Attn: Josh Trefethen

8257 Zev Ln

Evergreen, CO 80439

All applications must be made through Zapplication.org


1. Artists MUST be present both days of the Festival.  No commercial dealers or agents are permitted to represent the artist.  The Festival reserves the right to close down or remove any booth in which the artist is not present.


2. All artists will be checked in upon arrival at the parking lot.  Photo ID will be required at check in.


3. NO BUY/SELL - All work must be the artist's original work.  No work from molds or kits is allowed.  T-shirts and sweatshirts are not allowed unless completely designed and sewn by the artist as part of their fiber entry.


4. REPRODUCTIONS of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs or any other media are allowed only if they are the original design of the artist and must be labeled as such.  No copies of the Old Masters or other artists not in attendance are permitted.  The Festival strives to present a high quality event and in that light asks that artist bring as many originals as deemed possible.  We do not require a percentage trusting that the artists will use their best judgement.


5. Artists may only exhibit in the category in which they were accepted.  If artists produce more than one media and intend to exhibit and/or sell both, separate applications and jury fees must be made.  If accepted in both, they may both be shown in one booth or they may purchase two booths which will be adjacent to each other.  Artists intending to exhibit and/or sell jewelry MUST apply in the jewelry category.


6. Artists who break down displays or depart before closing time on any day of the Festival will not be allowed to return the following day or to future shows unless proof of an emergency is presented.


7. Artists who sell their entire body of work must remain with their booth for the duration of the show.


8. Artists are responsible for obtaining a Colorado Special Events tax license and collecting and paying the appropriate sales tax.  Information will be included in advance emails to accepted artists.  No commission on sales is collected by the Evergreen Artists Association.


9. Artists are responsible for their own display.  No electricity is available and generators are not allowed.  Colorado mountains traditionally have afternoon showers so artist need to be adequately prepared.  Artists are responsible for adequate weights for their booths.  No stakes are allowed by the park commission due to the sprinkler system.  Artists will be held liable for any damage made by their tents and each artists is responsible for his/her own display in case of damage or loss.


10. During the show, artists MUST park both vehicles and trailers in the artists' parking lots during the show hours.  RV parking is also available.  A free artists' shuttle is available at all times.  Not adhering to this rule guarantees not being allowed back in the show.


11. An ARTIST STATEMENT disclosing the methods and reproduction policy, if applicable, of the artist must be displayed in the booth.

Jewelry submissions must be existing, already created pieces of artwork created by the applying artist. Computer generated designs or CAD/CAM images of jewelry are not acceptable.  Jewelry artists submitting computer generated work in their application will not be considered for participation in the festival.


Any breach of the rules forfeits all rights of the artist and will result in immediate removal from the show without a refund.

Booth Information

All booths are 11 x 11, many with extra storage space behind them.  There are a limited number of double booths available on a first paid basis.  There are 30 guaranteed corner booths available on a first paid basis.  Park maps and space assignments will be posted PRIOR to the event to improve set up.


Set up is allowed the day before starting at 8 a.m.  All set up times are pre-assigned based upon request and occur in two hour increments.  There will be no setup prior to checking in on Friday. This policy is strictly enforced.  Saturday morning set up is also allowed.  Other pertinent information will be emailed to accepted artists prior to the event.

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