Event Information

Sausalito Art Festival 2017

Marinship Park
Sausalito, California (West)

Phone: 415-332-3555
Event Dates: 9/2/17 - 9/4/17
Application Deadline: 3/17/17 Midnight PST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee (After 3/1 Late Application Fee of $100 applies)): $100.00


Event Summary
One of the oldest, most prestigious Art Festivals in the country -- for 65 years, the Sausalito Art Festival has set the standard for quality, variety, innovation and sheer scope of artists, as well as for a celebrated entertainment lineup, gourmet food and beverages and special exhibitions.

Application Deadline: MARCH 1, 2017

Late applications accepted through March 15, 2017 with a $100 late fee applied.

General Information
2017 Artist Prospectus and Application
The Sausalito Art Festival Foundation invites you to apply to participate as one of 260 premier artists showcased at one of the top outdoor Fine Art shows in the country. Held over Labor Day weekend, September 2 - September 4, 2017 on Sausalito's spectacular waterfront, the Sausalito Art Festival attracts more than 30,000 Art Collectors to celebrate the virtuoso talents of the finest local, national, and international Artists.
The Foundation’s mission is to encourage, promote, and support the arts for the community. Proceeds from the Festival are returned to the community in the form of grants and scholarships.

Required Artist Presence:
Friday, September 1, 2017 from 4-7pm Opening Night Preview Gala
Saturday, September 2, 2017 from 10am-7pm Sausalito Art Festival Day 1
Sunday, September 3, 2017 from 10am-7pm Sausalito Art Festival Day 2
Monday, September 4, 2017 from 10am-5pm Sausalito Art Festival Day 3
NEW! Important Deadline Changes to the Registration & Payment Process:
April 15, 2017 Deadline to Accept Invitation - $70 Fee Due*
*$70 fee secures your spot in the festival and will cover your Temporary Business License fee. The Sausalito Art Festival will file your temporary business license with the City of Sausalito.
May 15, 2017 Deadline to Complete Registration & Payment
*NEW! Please note, booths will now be assigned only upon full completion of payment & registration.
July 1, 2017 Last day to cancel participation with full refund

2017 Sausalito Art Festival - Important Dates & Deadlines
Call to Artists - 12/1/16
Application Available - 12/1/16
20% discount until December 31, 2016 (use coupon code: EXHIBIT17)
Application Deadline - 3/01/17
$50 fee (non-refundable)
Late Applications accepted until - 3/15/17
Late fee rate $100 applies (non-refundable)
Jury Panel Meeting - 3/21/17  – 3/22/17
Artist Notifications -  On or before 4/1/17
Deadline to Accept Invitation – 4/15/17 
All fees and forms due by 5pm PST – 5/15/2017
Last day to cancel participation with refund of booth fee - 7/1/17
California Board of Equalization Seller’s Permit Due - 7/1/17
Artists Check-In and Set-up/Load-In by Appointment – 8/30/2017, 8/31/2017, 9/1/2017
Festival Dates – 9/1/2017 (Gala Opening Preview), 9/2/2017 – 9/4/2017 (Festival)
Artist Load Out – 9/4/2017 at 5pm (*full golf cart assistance) OR 9/5/2017 before 12PM* (*no golf cart assistance)
About the Festival
  • Rated consistently in America's Top Ten Outdoor Fine Art Festivals by Art Fair SourceBook
  • Rated in Sunshine Artist’s “Best of Shows” for over a decade
  • Winner of multiple Pinnacle Awards from the International Festival & Events Association
  • National and regional advertising, promotion, and social media campaign
  • Attended by Art Collectors from around the world
  • Qualified buying audience:
    • ------69% of patrons have an average household income of $100k or more
    • ------62% are returning art festival patrons
    • ------67% rated the SAF the #1 Art Festival they have attended
  • Top musical entertainment
  • Children's entertainment and hands-on art activities
  • Gourmet food, fine wines, champagne and premium beers
  • Beautiful waterfront setting
Invited Artists Receive
  • Flat booth fee, NO commissions
  • Booth fee includes: white canopy, assisted load-in and load-out
  • Highly praised VIP Artist Hospitality, including complimentary continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks from top Sausalito restaurants
  • Artist Relations Concierge Services and Booth Sitters
  • 24-hour on-site security
  • Artist information included in Official Festival Program and onsite signage
  • Artist listing and link to website on www.sausalitoartfestival.org 
  • Opportunity to purchase low-cost four-color advertisements in the official Festival program
Artist Awards
All award winners will receive an invitation to exhibit the following year in the Sausalito Art Festival.
Artist Notification
Notifications will be emailed and posted to each Artist’s ZAPP profile on or before April 1, 2017. 
Telephone notification will not be provided under any circumstances. Please do not call to inquire about your status.
Jury & Selection Process
A jury panel of Artists select participants for the current year’s Festival. Artist selections are based on quality of workmanship, originality, artistic conception, as well as overall booth display.
The identities of the Artists are not known to the Jury panel who view the digital applications in random sequence. Jurors evaluate the Artist’s work, booth image and Artist Statement.
Artists are scored on a scale of 1 (low) to 7 (high), with no 4 used, and given a score of the combined points from each Juror. Sausalito Artists will receive one bonus point in the selection process. The number of Artists accepted in each category is based upon the number of applicants for that category. The top scoring Artists are invited to participate in the Festival. Selections by the Jury are final.
Award Winners from previous years, Jurors, and exceptional local and national Artists, are brought to the show by invitation. However, everyone must complete the application process.
A Wait List is selected from the Jury’s scores in each medium, and Wait Listed Artists are invited as cancellations occur in that particular medium.
The competition for the Festival is very keen. There are usually nearly 1,000 applicants for the approximately 260 spaces, and unless images clearly illustrate the quality of the work, chances of acceptance will be reduced. Digital images are the only basis on which the Jury Panel may make a decision. The works intended for exhibit(s) must be represented by the images submitted.
Application Category Definitions
You may apply in more than one category, but you must submit a separate application and separate images for each medium. If you apply in more than one category, only the Booth slide may be repeated. PLEASE NOTE: If you are accepted, you may exhibit only in that category for which you have been juried in. Artists may not apply more than once in the same category.
2-D Mixed Media
Art using MULTIPLE media that has a relief depth of LESS than 1/8” of an inch thick. This category includes collage, handmade paper, fiber that is not wearable, etc.
3-D Mixed Media
Art using MULTIPLE media that has a relief depth of MORE than 1/8” of an inch thick. This category is for objects which are "decorative" rather than "useful” (see FUNCTIONAL ART Category.)
Art that is Original Clay Work. No machine made or mass produced work will be accepted.
Digital Art
Work in which the original image was created by the artist, using a computer. Work must be in limited editions, signed and numbered, on archival quality materials. Photographs taken through a digital capture device (i.e. camera) must apply in the "Photography" category even if it has been manipulated in post processing using a computer.  Reproductions must be in signed editions of no more than 450.
Art that is created with pencils, charcoal, chalk, pastels, etc.
No machine tooling, machine-screened patterns or other forms of mass production accepted. This category is intended for handcrafted fiber, straw, leather, or other similar materials. No studio production work will be accepted.
Functional Art
3-D creations which serve a purpose such as implements, furniture, dollhouses, wind chimes, kaleidoscopes, etc.
No molds or other forms of mass production allowed.
No commercial casts, molds, or production studio work.
Works created using oil, acrylic, or watercolor paints on canvas, archival paper, or handmade paper.  Reproductions or giclées may not exceed editions of 450.  50% of the booth display must be original artwork.  Artists must define their work in their Artist Statement and must disclose their process.  
Art using a camera, including black and white or color digital or original prints from negatives. Prints must be made from the Artist's original work, be processed by the Artist or under the Artist's supervision, properly signed and numbered, and in editions of not more than 450. 50% of the booth display must be original artwork
Printmaking is defined as multiple originals where the artist’s hand has manipulated the plates, stones, blocks, composite reliefs, or screens and which are properly signed and numbered in limited editions.  Photocopies, giclées, or offset reproductions are not permitted.
Art that is 3-dimensionally sculptural and is original work done in any medium.
Original hand-tooled, machine worked or carved work. If painted or inlaid with a different material, applicants should choose 3-D Mixed Media or Functional Art.

Festival Eligibility & Rules
Eligibility: The Festival is open to all applying Artists. No work by apprentices or employees will be accepted. Commercial agents, dealers, or manufacturers are not eligible to enter. No kits, molds, tumbled stones, embellished objects, or edible art may be submitted.
  • Application fees are non-refundable.
  • Booth fees are 100% refundable until July 1, 2017. After that time, booth fees are non-refundable. Cancellations must be in writing (email is acceptable).
  • Sausalito Temporary Business License Fee is non-refundable and must be paid via ZAPP in order to accept invitation to exhibit.
  • Cancellation by SAF: There is no rain policy. The Festival will operate as planned in the case of rain or adverse weather conditions unless deemed unsafe. Artist understands in the case of Force Majeure, the Sausalito Art Festival will not be liable for any damage sustained.
Artist Presence: All Artists must be present on site for the Gala Preview Opening on Friday, September 1, 2017 from 4 - 7 pm, as well as during all posted hours of the Sausalito Art Festival, September 2 – September 4, 2017. Festival hours are 10 am - 7 pm Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 5pm on Monday.
Artist Check-In and Load-In: All Artists will load-in on Thursday, August 31, 2017 or Friday, September 1, 2017 between the hours of 7AM - 2PM. Artists will receive a specific arrival date & time. Golf-carts and the festival load-in team will be onsite beginning at 7AM both days to assist. Artist agrees to comply with the Load-In Schedule. Artists may elect to check-in and receive their information packets on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 if pre-arranged on Artist Acceptance Form (*please note, there is NO load-in assistance available during early check-in). Festival grounds close at 6 pm on Thursday and 4pm on Friday.
No commission on sales is collected by the Sausalito Art Festival.
Artist Statement: Exhibitors are required to submit an Artist Statement.  Materials and processes used must be disclosed in this statement.
Artist Representation of Original Artwork: Artist agrees that all work submitted to the jury process and displayed and represented for sale to the public at the Sausalito Art Festival has been designed and executed by the Artist. All work exhibited must be for sale. Artist certifies that all jury images submitted represent his/her original work. Artist may display only work juried in the medium accepted. The Sausalito Art Festival reserves the right to advise Artist of any work that does not meet Festival standards and may take any action deemed necessary for compliance.
Fine Art Multiples: Only limited edition, signed, and numbered reproductions of artworks are allowed. Artists must define "limited edition" through their Artist Statement and must disclose their process to the buyer. Editions may not exceed 450. Original art must occupy more than 50% of the applicant's booth space. In the case of photographers and printmakers, this means gallery quality framed work. The Sausalito Art Festival reserves the right to monitor displays of multiples and request Artists to remedy violations to the satisfaction of the Sausalito Art Festival. No postcards, books, note cards, posters, or any offset reproductions are permitted.
Safety: Exhibiting Artists must comply with all safety requirements, and local and state laws.
Parking: One parking space is provided for each Artist free of charge. Artist vehicles may be parked only in designated areas. Artists are forbidden to park in public parking operated by local charities. Noncompliance will result in elimination from consideration for any future Festivals.
Required Licenses, Permits and Tax:
1. City of Sausalito Temporary Business License
Participating Artists are required by the City of Sausalito to purchase a City of Sausalito Temporary Business License and comply with all City regulations. The proper form is part of the Artist Acceptance Form supplied by SAF to invited Artists.  The fee for this license is $70 and is non-refundable and is due when the invitation to exhibit is accepted. 

2. California Seller’s Permit
  • All participating Artists must have a CA Board of Equalization issued Seller’s Permit on hand. Proof of said permit MUST be received by the Sausalito Art Festival’s office no later than July 1, 2017.
  • If the Festival has not received your California State Seller's Permit by the deadline, the invitation to exhibit may be rescinded and no refunds will be offered. Artists who do not comply will not be allowed to participate in future Festivals.
  • If you do not hold a current license, a link to the standard B.O.E. form will be provided on our website.
  • Link to California Seller’s Permit electronic registration: http://www.boe.ca.gov/elecsrv/esrvcont.htm
  • Participating Artists are responsible for collecting and paying current California sales tax on all sales made during the Show.
  • All Artists are required by the State of CA to file a Sales & Use Tax return no later than December 31, 2017, or per their business calendar.
  • Due to SAF’s contract with the City of Sausalito, Artists are required to provide a copy of their Sales & Use Tax return or a copy of the filing number to the Festival Office by December 31, 2017 as proof of payment. Artists who do not comply jeopardize eligibility for future Festivals.

Application Guidelines
1. Application fees are non-refundable.
2. Images:
  • All applications MUST contain (4) digital images representing the Artist’s work to be exhibited and (1) digital image of their booth set-up.
  • Neither the Artist nor their gallery/business name may be visible in any of the images.
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a Photoshop or other digital drawing representation of an Artist’s booth be accepted. The image submitted must be an actual photograph.
  • If you do not have an image of your actual booth set-up, please photograph a "mock booth" against plain walls, showing a grouping of your work and interaction (in order to reflect scale).
ZAPPlication has many resources available to assist with artist applications. Please click here to access their help center.

3. Artist Statements must NOT contain the name of the Artist or their gallery/business name. 

4. Collaborating Artist Policy:
  • A collaborating Artist is defined as participating in the creation of artwork; not a business manager/partner, spouse, or assistant.
  • Assistants, employees, office, or other support staff are NOT considered to be collaborators. If an artist has a helper who assists the artist with frames, set up, selling, paperwork, etc. but she/he is NOT producing the work under his/her own or team name, this person is NOT a collaborator. This person may be your assistant at the Festival.
  • If a collaborating artist name is not listed on the application, it cannot be added at a later time, and will not be listed in the program or on the Artist list.
  • Collaborating artists may apply as a single entry only. No more than two (2) artists working as a team may collaborate in the design and creation of any art work submitted with the application or chosen to display at the Festival.
  • If accepted, only one (1) booth will be issued, and only finished work that is the result of the collaborative process may be displayed and sold at the festival.
  • A description of each member’s involvement in the creation of the artwork must be in the Artist Statement.
  • Both artists are required to check-in and to be in attendance all three (3) days of the festival, unless other arrangements are requested in writing and agreed to, prior to the festival.
  • Whenever possible, all work displayed at the Festival must bear the signature or mark of both collaborators.
5. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the Jury for review.
6. An Artist may NOT apply more than once in the same category.
7. Artists applying in more than one category MUST use new images that reflect the work in that category. Only the booth image may be repeated.
8. Artists will be accepted to exhibit works in ONE category ONLY.
9. All Applications will be made online via ZAPP at https://www.zapplication.org/

10. Instructions on the use of ZAPP can be found at https://www.zapplication.org/
If you have previously set-up a Portfolio with ZAPP, you do not need to set up a new one in order to apply.
11. Application fee due at time of processing.  $50 fee due no later than 11:59pm on March 1, 2017, or at the Late Fee rate of $100 through 11:59pm on March 15, 2017.
For payment of fee by check, mail to:
Sausalito Art Festival
PO Box 10
Sausalito, CA 94966

Booth Information
Participation Agreement and Booth Fee:
The Artist agrees to return a completed and signed Artist Acceptance Form, including full booth fee and fee for City of Sausalito Temporary Business License no later than May 15, 2017.

NEW IN 2017 - Booths will now be assigned only upon full completion of payment & registration.
2017 Booth Fees for Invited Artists
Single Inline (10x10 without corners) $1,425
Single aisle-aisle walkthrough (10x10 with 2-10 ft open sides) $1,725
Single Corner (10x10 with 2 10ft open sides) $2,025
Double Inline (10x20 without corners) $2,925
Double aisle-aisle walkthrough (10x20 with 2 20ft open sides) $3,125
Double Corner (10x20 with 1 10ft open side and 1 20ft open side) $3,125

Additional Information: 
  • NEW IN 2017 - Booths will now be assigned only upon full completion of payment & registration.
  • If registration and booth fees are not received by May 15, 2017 at 5pm PST, this will be considered as automatic cancellation.
  • Previous year’s Award Winners and Jurors are invited to participate the following year.
  • Exhibition in previous Festivals does not guarantee acceptance, nor are previous booth placements guaranteed.