Event Information

Bellevue Festival of the Arts 2017

10300 NE 8th St. Bellevue, WA 98004-Located along NE 8th in the lot of Cost Plus World Market
Bellevue, Washington (West)

Phone: (206)363-2048 Voicemail
Event Dates: 7/28/17 - 7/30/17
Application Deadline: 3/20/17 Midnight PST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee & Application Processing): $40.00

You can submit up to 4 applications for this show.


Event Summary

The Bellevue Festival of the Arts is a juried fine art and craft fair located just across Lake Washington from Seattle in beautiful Bellevue WA. Its prime location outdoors along NE 8th St and Bellevue Way by Cost Plus World Market, is in the heart of a vibrant city.
Founded and run by artists, our mission is to provide an equitable and profitable venue for artists and to support a variety of non profits with proceeds from the Festival. Presented by the Craft Cooperative of the NW, we continue to support artisans and craftspeople by charging a flat booth fee and taking no sales commission. You can learn more about our story and the organizations we give back to by visiting our website, bellevuefest.org

Celebrating 33 years in 2017, the Festival features nearly 200 of the most talented and popular artisans and crafts people from the Northwest and beyond and takes place the last full weekend in July in downtown Bellevue and is free to the public. Two other art fairs take place that weekend in the same neighborhood for an amazing weekend of art! 

Applications open • December 5, 2016
Applications Close • March 20, 2017 
Notifications of Acceptance • April 1, 2017
Booth Assignments • April 1-15th, 2017
Payment Window Closes • May 25th, 2017
Load-in • July 27th, 2017
Bellevue Festival of the Arts • July 28-30th 2017


General Information

The BFoA is a regional favorite and a top-rated festival, attracting tens of thousands of attendees every year. The BFoA features distinctive and beautiful original art from some of the nation's most talented craftspeople and offers the chance for artists and patrons to meet face-to-face while also enjoying a variety of food and drink and listening to local musicians.

This show is for artists who create unique artwork by hand and enjoy meeting, sharing and selling. We market this as an opportunity for clients to meet the artists themselves and this is a good place to develop a strong following. We want to thank you in advance for your interest in the Bellevue Festival of the Arts! The artists and their spectacular creations are truly at the heart of this endeavor, and we are honored to collaborate with you in creating and continuing this event.

Jury Information

Artist applications are juried each year by a diverse group of artists, gallery owners, art educators, curators, and former Legacy Artists. Each application is seen by 5-7 jurors and is scored with focused attention to mastery of skill, technique, originality, and presentation.

Mediums and Descriptions

You may apply in more than one medium/category, up to 4 applications, but you must apply individually and as a separate user for each category. You must be accepted in each medium to exhibit that medium in the Bellevue Festival of the Arts. All submissions must be original works created by the artist or artists applying. In all categories, no mass or factory produced work is allowed, no commercial molds or components and no production studio work. The artist applying must be part of the entire production process of their artwork and must be transparent about their creative process and materials used. The journey is as valued as the finished work.


2D Mixed Media: Original work from multiple materials to create a work with a one-sided, wall-mounted visual orientation. Recycled materials must be used in a manner different from their original purpose.

Digital Art: Original work created solely by computer, with each component created by the artist. Any work incorporated that is not originated by the artist is strictly prohibited. All work must be archival quality and limited editions that are signed and numbered. Photography is not accepted in this category.  

Drawing/Pastels: Original compositions hand-drawn by the artist using ink, pastel, charcoal, pencil, crayon, wax, ink wash, or chalk.

Painting: Original compositions created in acrylic, oil, and watercolor.  Reproductions must be limited to 250 and must be numbered and signed. Originals only allowed on wall space, reproductions must be in browse bins and properly labeled. Reproductions may not take up more than 25% of booth content.   

Photography: Inclusive to all photographic products that begin with the camera lens. All  pieces must be signed, numbered, and limited edition. Photos printed on canvas are allowed for originals only. Prints must be done by the artist themselves or under the direct supervision of the artist by a reputable service. All prints must be archival quality.  

Printmaking: The process of making multiple originals from the manipulation of stones, blocks, plates, screens, and composite relief to pull an original image to a surface. The image may be deposited on multiple surface mediums such as paper, foil, cloth. All prints must be limited edition and signed and numbered.

3D Mixed Media: Original work from multiple materials to create a work viewed at 360 degrees. Recycled materials must be used in a manner different from their original purpose. 

Ceramics: Original works accepted in clay, porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware. Works can be functional or decorative. Work from commercial molds and machine are prohibited. No more than 15% of slip cast work is allowed and designs must be artist originals. Multiple pieces of the same design must be signed. 

Glass: Original work that has been hand-crafted by the artist by glass blowing, fusing, casting, or kiln forming. No pre-manufactured items are allowed. 

Jewelry: All types of materials are accepted and jewelry must be designed and made by the artists, including the components. Design work must be original and display a distinctive and matured skill level. No more than 10% of materials can be commercial findings.  Commercial casts, molds and production studio work are not allowed. 

Metal: Original work by way of forging, twisting, and fabricating. The artist must be the primary executor of the work in the full process. The focus of this category is function rather than sculpture. This category does not include jewelry. Production studio work is not accepted.

Textiles & Fiber: Original hand processed work in wearables, such as clothing and haberdashery and non-wearables like leather, basketry, & weaving. 

Sculpture: Any three-dimensional original work incorporating one or multiple materials the artist’s hand has formed. Any reproductions must be signed and numbered limited editions. Any recycled materials must be altered or manipulated in a way that is different from their original purpose.

Wood: Original work in wood that have been machine-worked, hand-tooled, carved, or turned. Pieces can be functional or non-functional.

INSURANCE: Participants are required to have at least $1,000,000 of liability coverage with the Craft Cooperative of the Northwest named as additional insured on their policies. The four days for coverage are July 27th-30th, 2017. Booth numbers will not be assigned until a copy of the insurance certificate is mailed or emailed to CCNW. Details can be found on our website FAQ’s on the Artist page.


Wait list: Each medium has it's own separate wait list.


Promotion:  Each year the Bellevue Festival of the Arts launches a high-end comprehensive publicity campaign to bring the fair & its talented participants to an established and ever-growing audience. Our focus is sharing what sets the BFoA apart - its heart, its commitment to the artists who participate, and giving back to the community around us. The BFoA is nationally recognized and our media campaign engages with reporters, news anchors, directors, editors, and bloggers with great success in both national and local features, artist spotlights and more.

We post regularly on social media to showcase our participating artist's work and share our greater press coverage. We welcome and encourage our participants to engage with us on these platforms to cross promote and excite our worldwide audience! Artists participating will receive a digital press pack for online engagement and email blasts, as well as our beautiful postcards for promotion.


Age: Must be at least 18 years old to apply.


Hospitality: A hospitality booth will be open for artists throughout the weekend for light refreshments and a chance to chat with fellow artisans, volunteers, staff, and community partners. Spontaneous dance parties are encouraged. 


Load-in: The load-in and set-up for the festival occurs the night before the show, Thursday July 27th 2017 beginning at 6pm. Participants must be available to set up Thursday July 27th, 2017. All artists must come through the staging area/artist parking lot to begin. Our fair site is located in a bustling dense urban downtown setting and with you we build a mini art city in the middle of it for the weekend! Our load-in process is designed to meet City codes and participant convenience, it's specific but efficient, and we have a large staff to manage the process and provide assistance.  Failure to abide by load-in instruction (such as line cutting, refusal to work with staff, etc) will result in removal from the festival with no refund given. A staging area is used for artist check-in and check-out to ensure adherence and to ensure the most efficient use of the fair site. This process is three easy steps, check-in, unload, and setup, as listed below:

1. Check-in: Participants arrive at the artist parking/staging lot at their pre-assigned time and check-in with their section leader to receive a welcome packet, load-in parking passes and queue for fair site entry.   

Participants can expect a short wait between check-in and site entry and will be directed by their section leader. Snacks and high-fives will be provided by our staff and volunteers. The pre-assigned times are staggered and traffic on site is one way to ease the flow.

2. Unload: Section leaders will direct participants to their proper entry point to the festival site and stamp a pass for entry authorization. Participant then drives to their booth site to unload vehicle. 30 minute time slots are allowed for unloading vehicle.  We understand larger sculpture work will take additional time to remove from vehicles and trailers and we will accommodate.

3. Set Up: The participant, after unloading their vehicle, drives their vehicle back to the staging lot and is then quickly returned to the fair site via our shuttle to set up their booth. The shuttle runs back and forth until the last artist is finished.



  1. Break Down/Pack: Participants must pack up as much as possible and get staff approval before bringing their vehicle onto the festival lot for load out. This means all tents deconstructed, artwork packed, boxes filled, and materials stacked in as small an area as possible.

  2. Staff check-in: After packing up as much as possible, participants must then check in with staff in their section. Staff will check over booth area to see that it is sufficiently packed, and upon approval, staff will give participant a “good to go” pass to take to artist parking.  You MUST check in with staff and receive your pass in order to bring your vehicle onto the lot. NO vehicles without a pass will be allowed in. Once you have received your “good to go” pass, take the shuttle up to Artist Parking at the Bellevue Christian School.

  3. Return with Vehicle/Load: At artist parking, with your "good to go" pass, check in with staff in your color lot. Staff will radio down to see if there is clearance to bring your vehicle onto the lot and which driveway to enter. When approved and given a driveway pass, drive your vehicle to the lot, load up and have a safe drive home!

Cancellation Policy: Registration is final, however if you are forced to cancel you may receive a refund of up to 50% of your booth fee by informing us by May 25th, 2017.  No refunds will be given after May 25th, 2017


-All products sold by participants must be handcrafted by the participant and comparable in quality to the products submitted in jurying. Embellished objects, imported or production work is not accepted. No manufactured work or work from commercial kits or molds is allowed. CCNW representatives will be conducting quality control efforts throughout the weekend and CCNW reserves the right to ask for removal of non juried mediums, production work, and questionable items and/or that the participant leave the show. Invitation for participation is at the discretion of the CCNW staff and can be revoked due to unprofessional behavior. No refund would be provided should the participant be found in violation of the listed rules and guidelines in this application.


-Participants may only show work in the categories approved by the jury (example: if a photographer makes jewelry from their photos, the jewelry must have a separate application with a different Zapp ID number, and be approved by the jury to be sold alongside the photography work).


-Greeting cards of original work must be pre-approved, T-shirts, pins and magnets are not accepted.


-Reproductions must be labeled "reproduction", signed and numbered as limited edition and are not to exceed 30% of work exhibited in the participant's booth. All original work ( 70% of booth or more) must be gallery quality in presentation.


-Sales Tax: Out-of-state participants are responsible for obtaining a temporary license required to collect Washington State sales tax. Participants must also have proper licensing to collect sales tax. Info on obtaining these licenses will be provided upon acceptance to participate. A $15 City of Bellevue Special Event fee is included in the booth fee. 


-Booth assignments are determined by the Festival organizers and may be used only by those to whom it is registered. No portion of your booth may be sublet to another person or company. Booth sharing is at the discretion of the jury and may be permitted by organizers, however applicants must apply separately. 


-If two people collaborate to produce original work, each person must be identified on the application and present at the festival. No work by more than two collaborators, employees or apprentices will be accepted.


-The artist(s) must be present in their booth all three days and remain if sold out.


-Artist(s) may not show in other fairs or festivals in Bellevue on the same dates. 


-Booths may be left up overnight but at the sole risk and responsibility of the participant. Products should be removed from booths left overnight. The Craft Cooperative of the NW provides additional security during the off hours, but know that this is located in a busy urban neighborhood.


-Electricity is not provided. Summer light will keep booths visible during fair hours. Battery-operated lighting is permitted and encouraged for load-in and load-out. Generators are not permitted. 


-Participant agrees to set up booth within restricted boundaries set forth by CCNW. Chairs and portable display items may not extend beyond the booth boundaries and aisle-ways must be kept clear at all times.


-Participant will abide by loading and unloading procedures as prescribed and provided by CCNW. No parking on the streets or sidewalks at any time. No loading, unloading, set up or tear down from the streets or sidewalks. The City of Bellevue enforces these strict requirements. Participants further agree to park only in authorized areas as assigned by CCNW.  Failure to comply with the rules and guidelines of load in and load out provided by CCNW can result in immediate removal from participation in this and future CCNW sponsored events. 


-Insurance: Participants are required to have at least $1,000,000 of general liability coverage with the Craft Cooperative of the Northwest named as additional insured on their policies. The four days for coverage are July 27th-30th, 2017


Booth Information

Booth Payments can be made by check or credit card. We prefer checks to credit card payments in an effort to keep operational costs as low as possible.


Booth assignments are determined by the festival organizers to ensure the best in overall presentation and diversity in mediums throughout the festival. Our application will ask for booth size preference and area preference in our “Questions” section of the application. We will make every effort to accommodate booth requests, however final placement is at the discretion of the festival coordinators.

We have a limited amount of corner booths and double booths. A dynamic display and great booth shot will be a determining factor in all applications and especially for corner booth assignment, given their high visibility. The booth prices are as follows.


 8x10 booth $735.00*

10x10 booth $ 775.00

10x10 Corner Booth $925.00

10x10 Double Corner $975.00**

10x20 Booth $1560.00

10x20 Corner Booth $1700.00


*8 x 10 foot booths will hold a 10 x 10 foot canopy if the legs are adjustable. Some of them will have the back legs up on a sidewalk or over a parking bump, the actual usable floor space is 8 x 10 ft.


**10x10 double corners are two booths back to back forming a little island so each of the booths can be open on up to 3 sides.


-Canopy/Tent is required for each booth space and must be provided by the artist. Booth must include props for display, cover incase of bad weather (i.e. rain, wind, extreme heat) and weights to anchor the booth. The pavement is uneven in some spots and participants must have shims to accommodate.

-All booths, tents and display fabrics must be flame-resistant and be labeled as such.  

-Booths may be left up overnight but at the sole responsibility of the participant. All products should be removed from booth overnight. Extensive security is provided, however there is no fence around this urban site. 

-No blue poly tarps shall be used in your booth. Unpainted materials (pegboard, plywood, raw building material) will not be permitted. Booths must be pre-built and assembled onsite. 

-Booths must have sides and a back. Do not depend on your neighboring booths to form your back side and be prepared to cover your neighboring booth sides. 

-Rusted or well-worn galvanized pipe booths must have pipes covered with fabric covers.

-Any booth along the sidewalks of NE 8th or Bellevue Way are prohibited by the city from selling from the backside (or sidewalk facing) of booths.

- No storage of boxes, stock, etc, will be permitted behind the booths on NE 8th, Bellevue Way, or in front of any businesses including Cost Plus.

-Participant agrees to set up booth within restricted boundaries set forth by CCNW. Chairs and portable display items may not extend beyond the booth boundaries and aisle-ways must be kept clear at all times.

-Participant will abide by loading and unloading procedures as prescribed and provided by CCNW. No parking on the streets or sidewalks at any time. No loading, unloading, set up or tear down from the streets or sidewalks. The City of Bellevue enforces these strict requirements. Participants further agree to park only in authorized areas as assigned by CCNW.  Failure to comply with the rules and guidelines of load in and load out provided by CCNW can result in immediate removal from participation in this and future CCNW sponsored events. 

Event Site Map

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