Event Information


Summit Art Festival 2017

Downtown Lee's Summit, Mo
Lee's Summit , Missouri (Midwest)

Phone: 816-888-0051
Event Dates: 10/6/17 - 10/8/17
Application Deadline: 8/10/17 Midnight CST
77 day(s) and 0 hour(s) remaining


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury fee): $30.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
The Summit Art Festival is a 3-day high quality fine art event in the heart of historic downtown Lee's Summit, MO. This event is organized and hosted by Summit Art in collaboration with Downtown Lee's Summit Main Street.  It is managed and operated by the volunteer efforts of Summit Art members, Downtown Main Street members, and community volunteers.

Downtown Lee’s Summit has a unique variety of over 40 specialty retail shops plus several options for casual dining and entertainment.  Included is the historic train station.  A recently completed streetscape project has transformed downtown with new street lighting, banners, trees and landscaping.

General Information
Summit Art Festival
Lee's Summit, MO
Show Dates
October 6, 7, & 8
Friday, 4 pm to 8 pm
Saturday, 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday, 12 pm to 4 pm

Ceramics, Digital Art, Drawing, Fiber, Furniture, Glass, Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media, Painting, Pastels, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

General Information
The Summit Art Festival is proud to announce its 10th year of operation.  This festival, organized and managed by members of Summit Art, is located in the heart of historic Lee's Summit, MO.   Lee’s Summit, the 5th largest city in the state, coupled with having the highest median income in the Kansas City metro area, is committed to attracting professional artists while increasing both variety and quality of art for its 100,000 residents. The Kansas City Metro area has seen a growth in population of more than 10% since 2000, which brings the total area served to just over 2 million people. 

2016 Calendar
January 24, 2017:  Online Application Available
August 10, 2017:  Application Due by 11:59 pm. CST
August 19, 2017:  Jury Notification sent via email
September 8, 2017:  Contract and Booth fees due
September 22, 2017:  Last Day for cancellation of booth fees (less 10% administration fee)

A total of $3,000 will be given in cash and awards.
Awards will be given for Best in Show, First, Second and Third Place, as well as a President’s Choice Award, a Directors Choice Award, and up to 3 Juror Merit Awards.  
Artist Amenities
·       90 plus exhibitors
·       Booth sitters
·       Artist lounge area with snacks and beverages
·       Free, close artist parking
·       24 hour security
·       Electricity included in booth fee
·       Large portion of show budget committed to marketing and advertising
·       Complimentary lunch delivered to booth
·       Large volunteer base to assist artists
·       Planned by artists with experience in outdoor festivals

Eligibility & Rules
  • This event is open to all artists 18 years of age and older.
  • All work must be of original design and created by the accepted artist(s).
  • NOT eligible for entry are mass-produced items, items made from molds, kits, or other commercial methods. Selling of promotional items (t-shirts, mugs, magnets etc.) is not allowed.
  • Invited artists must be present to exhibit and manage their displays during the Art Fair. Representatives may not attend in place of the artist.
  • Invited artists may display work only in the media categories in which they are accepted. 
  • You may apply in up to two categories. If you would like to exhibit work produced in a second media category, you can apply again in a different media category using the same artist's profile. A separate jury fee will be charged. Exceptions apply in Ceramics, Glass, Metal, and Wood.  Please see media category descriptions.  
  • If two or more persons collaborate to produce original work, each person must be identified on the application. A collaborative team producing a single body of work may qualify as a single exhibitor.
  • The jury committee reserves the right to move work to the appropriate category if it has been entered in the wrong category.
  • Artists are limited to the booth space(s) they were assigned; booth spaces are non-transferable. Any artist who has not been juried into the Summit Art Festival, or has not paid the jury and booth fees, will not be allowed to exhibit.
  • In the event that the sponsors cancel the Summit Art Festival, artists will be notified as soon as possible and all fees will be refunded.
  • Each exhibitor's work will be screened by the Art Festival organizers during the Summit Art Festival to determine if the art displayed differs from the slides submitted. 
  • The judgment of the organizers will be final, and no refunds will be given.
  • The application jury committee consists of experienced artists using a well-defined scoring system.
There are a limited number of corner spaces available, so requests will be filled by order of payment received.
Electricity is included in the booth rental space.

Media Categories
  • Ceramics: All original clay work, either functional or decorative, made by shaping and then firing, is entered in this category. If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed, the artist must sign each piece.  If you include ceramic jewelry in your work, you do not need to submit a separate application for jewelry, as long as jewelry is less than 20% of your body of work.  
  • Digital art: Original work using computer technology to craft or manipulate images. (Traditional photographs taken through a digital medium should apply in the photography category).
  • Drawing: This category includes drawings made with pencil, crayon, ink, charcoal, and a variety of other marking media.
  • Fiber: All work crafted from fibers such as basketry, embroidery, weaving, leatherwork, or tapestry is included in this category. No machine-tooling, machine-screened patterns or miscellaneous forms of mass production are permitted.
  • Furniture: Unique, original, handcrafted items, either functional or decorative.
  • Glass: Glass work; functional or decorative; kiln-formed or created by glass-blowing, molding or casting. Work may be etched or engraved.  If you include glass jewelry in your work, you do not need to submit a separate application for jewelry, as long as jewelry is less than 20% of your body of work. 
  • Jewelry:   Artwork created through the forging, twisting and fabricating of various materials. All jewelry produced from metal, glass, clay, fiber, paper, plastic or other materials should apply in this category. No commercial casts, molds or production studio work is permitted. 
  • Metal: Decorative, functional, or sculptural metal artwork created by forging, twisting, or fabricating of various metals.  If you include metal jewelry in your work, you do not need to submit a separate application for jewelry, as long as jewelry is less than 20% of your body of work.  
  • Mixed media: Included in this category would be a two or three-dimensional piece that incorporates more than one type of physical material in the same piece, including (but not limited to) paint, pencil, watercolor, photographs, prints, or found objects. 
  • Painting: Work in this category includes creation of an image on a flat surface using oils, watercolors, or acrylics.
  • Pastels: This category includes work using dry or oil pastels.
  • Photography: Images must be from original negatives or digital files that the artist has created and processed. Production of prints must be directly supervised by the artist. Photographers are required to disclose both creative and printing processes.
  • Printmaking: Hand pulled original works from a brick, plate, stone or other object are acceptable. Prints must be properly signed and numbered. Reproductions are allowed but must be marked as such.
  • Sculpture: Three-dimensional original work done in any medium.
  • Other: If your work does not fit into any of the above categories or if you have questions about the rules for a category, please email the show director to discuss at info@SummitArtFest.org.

Your booth shot is very important in the selection process! Booth shots should include a representative sample of the work you present, and should NOT include your name, any signs, or images of people. Your booth should show a professional display of your work and will count heavily towards your acceptance in the festival.
Note: the booth image is a reference, and you are not juried in for ALL work represented in the booth image. You are juried for the body of work represented in the 4 images submitted.
All work exhibited must be comparable to work shown in submitted images. The organizers reserve the right to ask that any work that is inconsistent with the juried subject be removed.

Booth Information
Exhibit space
Electricity (included in the booth fee) will be available for each booth.  Usage is limited to 300 watts per booth, and the use of energy efficient CFLs or LEDs is encouraged.
Exhibitors must provide their own display set-up, including a white 10' X 10' tent. All booths and displays must be within the specified space. No displays are allowed in the public aisles.
Exhibiting artists will be responsible for ensuring the stability and weatherability of their booth and displays. Sandbags or weights are required for stability (no stakes or screws).
Any hazardous displays or offensive art violations will be closed and booths removed from the art fair as determined by the organizers. All fees paid will not be refunded. This is a family event.
Artists are responsible for insuring their own artwork and displays. The organizers and/or sponsors will not be held responsible for damage due to weather or other unforeseen incidents.
Artists' pets, open flames, or loud music played in your booth will not be permitted.
Sale or discount signs and any handwritten signs are prohibited.
Exhibitors must park in designated artist parking area during show hours.
All decisions by the judges and organization officials are final.

Fees for this event include a $30 jury fee and a $255 fee for a 10x10 booth space.  Corner booths are available for an additional $75.  Corner booths are limited and requests are filled by order of payment received.  Double spaces are also available for $490. 

Shared Tents
This year artists may opt to share a rented tent with another artist. The fee for ONE HALF of a 10' x 10' tent is $165. Fee for half of a shared tent includes the tent rental (including tent set up and tear down),
electricity, 5' x 10' floor space, and two display panels approximately 7' x 7'. Artists should bring fabric to cover the metal wire panels, extension cords, and their own lighting. No tables will be provided. The final decision about pairing of artists and location of tents will be determined by the show management, but efforts will be made to honor partner requests. Artists in shared tents will be paired with artists having complementary work.