Event Information

ACAC-Autumn Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts - 28th Annual 2017

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts , 64th Street at Columbus Ave, New York
New York, New York (Northeast)

Phone: (973)746-0091
Event Dates: 9/9/17 - 9/17/17
Application Deadline: 5/28/17 Midnight MST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 6 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $30.00


Event Summary

The 28th Annual Autumn Crafts Festival takes place at Lincoln
Center for the Performing Arts,
the most prestigious arts centers in the world. That association has always connoted the highest level of craftsmanship which attracts, year after year, a very large, astute, and enthusiastic audience capable of supporting beautiful work at all price points.

The show takes place on two consecutive weekends, September 9,10 and September 16,17,  2017. You can apply to either or both weekends.

The annual Crafts Festivals at Lincoln Center traditionally host over 100,000 visitors each and are consistently the best crafts festivals in the New York City and tri-state metropolitan area. In addition to robust sales, often-exceeding $8,000 per weekend per capita, significant wholesale purchases have also been made at those events. Record sales due to visitors from the entire Megalopolis have made the Autumn Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center the event of choice, in the autumn, in the New York Area. New Yorkers, suburbanites, tourists and theater constituents all contribute to its banner sales. 

In addition to our own enormous mailing list , there are thousands of theatre goers that afford expensive tickets, tourists from all over the world who come to Lincoln Center, a tourist must see destination and buy an abundance of unique American crafts. 

General Information

Work must be original, hand-crafted and expertly executed.
Manufactured products, products assembled from kits, products made outside North America are all unacceptable to these standards and should not be submitted for screening. BUY-SELL VENDORS WILL BE Removed With NO Refund.
Categories NOT accepted: items made primarily of dried flowers, shells and items that are commercially manufactured and then embellished, such as T-shirts. Manufacturers, importers and agents other than craft artists should not apply.


A comprehensive promotion campaign will incorporate all media including T.V., radio, periodicals, banners, full color posters and more.
Free printed programs and full color postcard invitations for your customers will also be available.

There is a 6% commission on gross sales utilizing the honor system

Complete instructions plus reasonably priced hotel accommodations and parking facilities will be sent with acceptance notifications. Free printed programs and full color postcard invitations for your customers will also be available.

Security will be maintained 24 hours a day. Booths may stay up overnight. Nighttime security utilizes former NYC police officers.

If upon acceptance an artist is forced to cancel his or her participation, 100% of booth fees minus the $175 deposit per weekend will be returned upon written receipt of cancellation before May 1st  for  the Autumn Crafts Festival.
No refunds will be given thereafter.

PLEASE NOTE: The American Concern for Artistry and Craftsmanship exclusively produces the craft events at the Lincoln Center Complex and the Nassau County Museum of Art, and is not affiliated in any way with events at any other locations.

Dear Friend:

As always, we value your participation and recognize your need for shows that are profitable and well organized. We recognize your personal need to be treated with courtesy and to have all of your concerns not only heard, but also resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. Thus, we are again including our Statement of Values and Ethics as part of our commitment to you. In addition, we reiterate our pledge to the following:

a) Shows will be held in dignified and secure settings where all booths can remain set up overnight.

b) We will hold down and even reduce booth fees.

Fees for these events will not be raised except to cover increases in expenses.

c) We promise professional, accessible and sympathetic relations with each and every participant.

We hope you will consider these events for the year 2017. We promise to make every effort to be worthy of your trust. We know how hard you work and we are committed to being a partner in prosperity. We look forward to speaking with you if you have any questions.


ACAC Staff


SERVICE: We will never forget that what we do and how we do it has an important effect on the hundreds of crafts people who count on us to perform our service and that we also need you. We know you want results (i. e. - a high return, good contacts, and growth).

HONESTY: We will conduct our professional relationships with honesty, and integrity. We will foster trust and emphasize our commitment to a professional approach that does not exclude human considerations and humane treatment.

CONCERN: We will show concern for the welfare of our clients and constituents, the people we work with, the facilities that we use, the environment and the men and women who put their trust in us.

COURTESY: We will be courteous to our clients, to each other and to all those whose lives we touch. We will consider how we would like to be treated when interacting with our patrons and clients.

EXCELLENCE: We will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do. We will find satisfaction only in the highest level of performance and in the best possible results.

TEAMWORK: We will see the crafts world as a community working as a team. We will attempt to engender harmonious interaction within this enterprise by recognizing our interdependence and combining our best thinking and efforts towards making the American Crafts Festivals , Autumn Crafts Festivals and Craft and Fine Art Festival among the best Crafts Festivals in the Nation.


1.  Enclose a $175 check or money order currently dated, plus a check for the balance of booth fees which may be post-dated to May 1, 2017. Make separate check(s) or money order(s) for each weekend payable to the American Concern for Artistry and Craftsmanship . If upon acceptance an artist is forced to cancel his or her participation, 100% of booth fees minus the $175 deposit per weekend will be returned upon written receipt of cancellation before May 1st 
2.  Check appropriate boxes on application forms.
3.  Request(s)
4.  Please mail your payment to: ACAC.  P.O. Box  650, Montclair NJ 07042             

Booth Information

An individual may have more than one booth space. One and a half booth spaces are available-see various booth space sizes.
Two craftspeople may not share one space.
This is an outdoor event, but booth displays may be left up overnightLarger booths are available.

Booth Fees for the Lincoln Center show are as follows (per weekend):
Deposit of $175 per weekend required upon acceptance.Balance Due May 1st.

10x10 ($775)
15x10 ($1162)
20x10 ($1550)
Electricity is available ($85) for 250 Watts
Corner booths are $120 additional.