Event Information


ArtFest of Scottsdale 2017

Scottdale Civic Center
Scottsdale, Arizona (West)

Phone: 480 968-5353
Event Dates: 11/18/17 - 11/19/17
Application Deadline: 8/1/17 Midnight MST
69 day(s) and 16 hour(s) remaining


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (application fee per category): $35.00


Event Summary
ArtFest™ of Scottsdale is a two day celebration featuring fine art, continuous live music, a variety of international food, and an interactive family area featuring hands-on art activities for children.

175 select artists and craftspeople from across the nation will show and sell one-of-a-kind artwork. These works include paintings, sculpture, ceramics, fashion, furniture and jewelry. The festival is held in a spectacular setting of rolling green lawns, sparkling fountains, gorgeous flowers, stately trees, and meandering walkways.

Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza - In historic Old Town Scottsdale 7380 E. Second Street.



General Information
Saturday, November 18 &
Sunday, November 19 2017
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.
Weekend before Thanksgiving.

175 booths featuring fine art,
along with a mix of crafts, food,
hands-on children’s activities,
jazz and contemporary entertainment.

The festival is held in a spectacular setting of rolling green lawns, sparkling fountains, gorgeous flowers, stately trees, and meandering walkways of the Scottsdale Civic Center bordering Scottsdale’s Downtown shopping area, which attracts a high percentage of Scottsdale’s annual 6.4 million visitors. Scottsdale residents are the most affluent citizens in Arizona.
PARKING is close and FREE.

FEES vary by space size and other requests:
5’X15’ $300    10’X10’ $450
10’X15’ $625  10'X20' $800

Special location requests (including corners) are an additional $150
Map is on website.
Electric & Equipment requests include additional charges.

JURY considers Quality, Creativity and Presentation based on 4 images of art
and one image of display:
Artistic skill and/or craftsmanship,
Degree of excellence,
Inventive or stimulating features
Originality, ingenuity, or imagination
Visual perception or attractiveness
How well is work represented


More information contact us at
(480) 968-5353 
e-mail us at info@888ArtFest.com
or visit our website www.888artfest.com.

We look forward to seeing you in Scottsdale, Arizona!

See legal agreement for rules and regulations.

Booth Information
All applications require a $35 Processing Fee, which is NON REFUNDABLE.

Space fee is only for space and does not include any equipment.   
Canopies, displays, tables and chairs are charged extra.
Booth set-up/canopy must not exceed allotted space.  

Set-up will begin Friday afternoon.  Saturday morning set-up is also an option.  Artists must check-in BEFORE setting up.  Additional information with specific times will be provided with your space assignment letter.
All spaces are outdoors and some spaces you WILL NOT be able to drive to.  For these spaces, you will be expected to dolly or carry in your work to your booth.  Spaces that you can drive to are limited (vehicles may only be on the premises during specific hours) and we will not be able to accommodate all requests.  Additional instructions and information will be provided with your acceptance email/letter.                                  

SPACE options:
5’X15’ $300 (irregular space size, 10x10 canopies will NOT fit in allotted space)
10’X10 $450
10’X15’ $625
10’X20 $800
Special Location Requests (SLRs) will be billed a service fee of $150 when you pay for your booth space (after the jury process has been completed).  If your booth location is extremely important to you or if you must have a certain space, I would recommend for the Special Location Request (SLR).  We place all of these applications first, in the order in which we receive them.  This will greatly increase your chances of getting a certain booth or being placed in a certain location. 
If you are making a general request, there will NOT be an additional fee.  We will try to accommodate as many general requests as we possibly can.  Making a general request DOES NOT guarantee that you will be placed in the area you have selected.  All general requests will be placed in the order we received them, AFTER we place all of the Special Location Requests.
All space requests will be submitted AFTER the jury process is complete, when you pay for your booth space.  Additional instructions will be provided with your acceptance email/letter.
Additional fees (optional):
$35.00- Electric (15 amps or less)
$125.00- 10x10 Canopy Rental (no sides)
$185.00- 10x10 Canopy Rental (with 4 sides)
$10.00- Per Table Rental
$3.00- Per Chair Rental
(A $100.00 deposit check required for all Equipment Rentals)
All Equipment and Electric Requests will be submitted and billed when you pay for your booth space (after the jury process has been completed). 

Tax Licensing Requirements:
Please note the additional requirements if you are accepted into the event (prices & requirements are subject to change based on local laws, up-to-date information will be sent with your acceptance letter).  No refunds will be granted after acceptance, so please make sure you are able to meet all requirements prior to applying to the event.  You will need to obtain:
Sales tax license (Transaction Privilege Sales & Use Tax License) for the City of Scottsdale:  Temporary licenses are available for $25.00 and require proper documentation to prove you are authorized by federal law to work in the United States.  If you have any questions please contact, 480-312-7625 or visit http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/taxes/specialevents. 
Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax License for the state of Arizona:  You can fill out the application on-line at www.aztaxes.gov.  If you have any questions concerning taxes please call 602-255-2060 or visit the website at http://www.revenue.state.az.us.
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