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Event Information

Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair 2018

State Street District
Ann Arbor, Michigan (Midwest)

Event Dates: 7/19/18 - 7/22/18
Application Deadline: 3/6/18 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $50.00


Event Summary
The Ann Arbor State Street District Art Fair is one of the four contiguous art fairs that transform downtown Ann Arbor for 4 days in July.  The State Street District Art Fair takes over the city streets within the State Street District and brings the art world to the District.  The State Street District Art Fair is known for its eclectic style and wonder as it joins fine art and the vibrant downtown District neighborhood.  With the addition of the Emerging Artist section, the Fair is looking forward to reinventing our next 50 years and continuing to provide the midwest with the best art event.   

General Information


Fair Dates:  Thursday, July 19, 2018 - Sunday, July 22, 2018


Application Deadline:  All applications are due no later than February 22, 2018

Application Fee: $50.00

Notification of Results will be made in mid- March, 2018.




The State Street District Art Fair works jointly with the other three art fairs to market the overall Ann Arbor Art Fair.  The power of the collective gives a large amount of area marketing for the event.  Marketing pieces include:

  • The Ann Arbor Art Fair Official Event Guide: lists each artist by media, booth and alphabetically with ad space available for purchase by artists

  • Feature opportunities on the State Street District Facebook page as well as the Ann Arbor Art Fair Facebook page and other social media platforms

  • Listing on the StateStreetDistrict.org website, the District's mobile website

  • Additional website listing on TheAnnArborArtFair.com website





2-D Mixed Media
3-D Mixed Media


Digital Art

Emerging Artist *


Painting (Oils, Acrylics, Other)

Wood/Wood Crafts




Two (2) Best of Show awards (one each in 2-D and 3-D) for $700 each

Eight (8) Honorable Mention Awards (4 each in 2-D and 3-D) for $175 each
Best Emerging Artist Award (1) for $500


All awards are determined by Jury scores

People Choice Award: First, Second and Third place are chosen by the public as they vote for their favorite artists.




  • Submit 5 images (four of your work, one of your booth is required) Any application missing a booth image will be returned to await the booth image.

  • All artwork exhibited must be original work, done by the Artist.

  • Only work representative of the artists’ slides will be permitted. If exhibited works differ significantly from the images submitted, the artist may be asked to leave and forfeit fees.

  • Buy/Sell or imports will not be tolerated.

  • The following are not eligible for exhibit:  works which are mass-produced or manufactured; works made from molds, kits or other commercial methods; taxidermy; velvet painting; manufactured or kit jewelry; or candles. No commercial reproductions or embellished commercial products are allowed.

  • The State Street Art Fair prohibits the exhibition or sale of any commercial reproductions of Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Digital Art, Photographs or any other fine art media (including offset reproductions which have been hand colored). However, we do allow each 2-D artist (Painting, Drawing, etc.) one bin inside their booth of reproductions during the show.

  • For printmakers, if you handcraft the plates, stone or screen, the printed result is considered an Original Multiple, to be properly registered, signed, and numbered. Editions of a single work must not exceed 250, and must be signed and numbered by the Artist.

  • All photographs and digital artwork must be signed and numbered by the Artist in a limited edition, not to exceed 250.

  • All Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings, Prints, Digital Art and Photographs must be framed or matted and displayed in a suitable portfolio or stand.

  • Ceramics must be handmade and individually designed by the Artist. No works made from commercial kits, molds, patterns, stencils or prefabricated forms are allowed.

  • Jewelers shall not use any commercially fabricated forms or settings. Only artists accepted in the Jewelry category may display and sell jewelry.

  • Leatherworks shall not be crafted using machine tooling, machine-screened patterns or other forms of mass production.

  • Functional ceramics is considered a “fine craft,” therefore multiples of essentially the same item such as bowls, cups, plates and tiles may be exhibited.

  • Artists must represent their own work and be present the entire four days of the Fair. No agents allowed.

  • A two-person partnership producing a single product may qualify as a single exhibitor.

  • Artists may not exhibit in any of the other fairs in Ann Arbor that take place at the same time as the State Street Art Fair.

  • Artists may jury in more than one category, but not with the same body of work. Only one application may be submitted per body of work with a jury fee for each category. Artist must use the same name for both applications.

  • All booth material, tarps, and other coverings shall be fire retardant or resistant. All roofs, walls, panels, coverings and tents shall be fire retardant or resistant. A manufacturer tag or paperwork certifying fire retardance or resistance must be available on site.

  • Any artist leaving prior to the end of the show will be unable to exhibit for two years.

  • Artists whose work is selected in multiple categories will exhibit in one booth space.

  • Picture ID is required for registration and must be presented upon the request of Fair Staff at any time during the fair.

  • Artists shall abide by all local ordinances, regulations and rules.  Including but not limited to No Firearms within the Fair boundary, no open flames in tents, etc.

  • All exhibiting artists are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism. The SSAF reserves the right to remove the vendor if regulations stated in this prospectus and otherwise made contractually are not adhered to; or whose conduct and merchandise is unacceptable.

  • Artist violating the rules of this fair may be asked to leave and will become ineligible for readmission to future events.

  • Waitlist Artists - In the event space does become available, artists will be notifed and all fees will be due immediately.

  • Artists are not permitted to relocate space during the event.  Any relocation of assigned booth location will be at the discretion of the State Street District.

  • Submitting this application is a commitment to Fair rules.

  • Any additional Rules/Regulations for on-site exhibition and jurying will be provided on-site at registration.


*The Emerging Artist program

This program is designed specifically for artists who have only exhibited in 1-3 shows previously before applying to the State Street Art Fair.

  • Artists have not participated in any fair associated with the Ann Arbor Art Fair(s)

  • Artists may apply as an Emerging Artist or a Regular Artist, but they may not apply to both.

  • The application procedure and fees are the same as the regular show, however, upon acceptance a booth fee reduction will be given.

  • Artists accepted as an Emerging Artist will be placed in a designated area of the fair as determined by the State Street Art Fair.

  • Emerging Artists will receive a 10’ x 10’ space at a discounted rate. Basic 10x10 Booth Fee of $400.

  • You may bring your own 10’x10’ canopy tent and weights for this program or for a fee, one will be provided.

  • Provide us with an Artist Statement about your work and starting out in the industry.


Booth Information
  • Artists will be given the opportunity to request amenities and booth space that meets their needs during the application process.  Once fees are paid, State Street Art Fair will do everything possible to meet everyones’ requests.  Amenities will be billed separately from the base booth fee of $675.00.

  • Reinvited Artists wanting the same booth location are priority placed. If you are a returning artist wanting a specific booth space, please follow the instructions in the invitation email.

  • Though we cannot guarantee all artists will receive their booth location choice, we make every effort to place the artist in the general location that is requested.

  • Artists must supply their own booth structures with weights, or rent one for the 5 days through the State Street Art Fair.

  • Weights are mandatory throughout the fair and the responsibility of the artist.

  • E-ZUp canopies will no longer permitted on portions of Maynard and William.

  • Fees

    • $675    Basic 10x10 in-line booth

    • $825    Basic 10x10 Booth on North University (once the initial payment of $675 is received via ZAPP and you are assigned the North University booth, you will be sent and additional invoice for the additional $150.)

    • Add-on Fees

      • $50    Electric - (limited availability, we will do our best to assign you a booth with electric if you request one)

      • $70    Corner Booth

      • $185    Carport w/ electric (limited availability)


All additional fees above the $675 base price will be billed directly by the State Street District upon booth assignment.




Cancellations with refund, less $100 administration fee, will be honored until May 15th. Extended to May 31, 2018.

Refunds are issued by check and will be mailed to the artist's address provided in ZAPP.

All cancellations/refund requests must be made via email with a brief explanation for cancellation.

Event Site Map

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