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Event Information

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Art Under the Elms 2018

Lewis-Clark State College Campus, Library Lawn, Corner of 6th St. & 7th Ave., Lewiston, Idaho
Lewiston, Idaho (West)

Phone: 208-792-2447 or 800-394-4189
Event Dates: 4/27/18 - 4/29/18
Application Deadline: 4/20/18 Midnight PST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $35.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary

Art Under the Elms (AUE) began in 1984 as a celebration of the arts in north central Idaho.  AUE is one of the largest outdoor shows in Idaho, featuring over 100 Artisan vendors, food court and live entertainment with two stages showcasing regional musicians and performance artists. The International Food Court, located next to the amphitheater stage, is open to the general public and offers a variety of dishes from food vendors from throughout the northwest.

Children are encouraged to create their own art with the Center for Arts & History in the Interactive Art & Entertainment Tent on the Artisan Green. This annual three-day event is held on the Lewis-Clark State College campus in Lewiston the last full weekend in April. AUE is the signature event of the month long Dogwood Festival of the Lewis-Clark Valley and welcomes over 13,000 for this one event.   

All proceeds from Art Under the Elms benefit Continuing Education personal enrichment programming at Lewis-Clark State College.

Over 200 volunteers from the community join with staff from LCSC to make this event a success each year.

General Information

Art Under the Elms exhibitors enjoy the following amenities:

  • Load in – Load out assistance
  • Free Artisan Parking
  • Free Overnight and RV Parking
  • Shower Facilities - Available at the LCSC Activity Center
  • Hospitality Tent - Providing light morning and afternoon refreshments
  • Wireless Internet - Available on the Artisan Green
  • Security - 24-hour roaming security provided by LCSC and local law enforcement from 8 a.m. Thursday to 6 p.m. Sunday. (Artists remain responsible for their own materials and equipment.)
  • City of Lewiston Operating License provided by event promoter
  • Booth Sitters
  • Dogwood Festival T-shirt
Important Dates (dates subject to change)
10/15/17             Application Process Begins
01/16/18               Application Process Ends – Midnight PST 
01/30/18             Jury Process Ends
02/1/18               Jury Award and Wait List Notifications Sent
02/1/18               Registration Process Begins
03/01/18             Booth Fee Due - Midnight PST - $50 late fee hereafter
03/15/18             Last Day for 70% refund 
04/26/18             Setup Thursday, Check-in 8-6pm
04/27/18             Setup Friday, Check-in 7-10am – Show opens at noon to 7pm
04/28/18             Show opens Saturday at 10am to 6pm
04/29/18             Show opens Sunday at 10am and ends at 4pm
Artists, 18 years or older, from fine art and fine craft disciplines are welcome to apply.
Artwork must be original, hand-crafted, family appropriate, and produced by or under the direction/supervision of the artist. Commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms, mass-produced and imported goods are not eligible. Media Categories and descriptions are listed below.
Participation Agreement
Submitted applications signify that, upon acceptance to Art Under the Elms, participating artists agree to be present during all show hours and follow all LCSC, State of Idaho and festival rules, regulations, guidelines and legal agreements. See below for Event Regulations and Legal Agreement.

Application Process
Artists may apply in more than one category, with separate application, fees, and images for each medium; only booth image may be repeated. Artists may exhibit only in categories to which they have been accepted. Individual categories may remain open until full and an active waiting list will be maintained. Check category status with show coordinator.
As part of your application you will be required to submit the following:
  • Images
  • Artist Statement
  • Application Fee (non-refundable)

Tutorial Videos and detailed image specifications may be found through the ZAPP Help Center.

Submit a total of four (4) images: three (3) product images and one (1) booth image per medium.

Work depicted in all images must be representative of most current works.
Images must remain anonymous for the jury process. Please remove all identification from photographs. Do not include people in your booth presentation. Images submitted for the jury process with identifiable information may disqualify artist's submission.

Product images- must accurately represent the artist’s work intended for exhibit and be representative of the price range of saleable items. Art Under the Elms reserves the right to ask vendors selling any non-juried type items to remove the item from saleable inventory or leave immediately; all fees will be forfeited.

Booth image- preferably an image of a recent outdoor booth presentation, must be a display of the artist's work, showing overall continuity and presentation of most current body of work. If a booth image is not available, an image of a grouping of works representative of the scope of works to be exhibited at the show is acceptable.

All images submitted to Art Under the Elms may be used for promotional and affirmation purposes before, during and after the event unless otherwise agreed upon, in writing, with event management prior to image submission. Art Under the Elms will not use submitted images for personal gain. 

Artist’s Statement
This statement describes the materials, techniques and creative processes used to produce artist's work and include any details, materials and processes that are unusual or not easily determined by viewing your submission images. Artists are required to disclose any use of ready-made objects. This statement must be able to support your hand-crafted status and is made available to the jury committee.

Application Fee
A completed application for each medium must be accompanied with a $35 non-refundable application fee.  Late applications may incur additional fees. Application fees are payable online through ZAPP®

Note: ZAPP® does not store your card information and all card transactions are processed through a secured server.

Payments made by check or money order may be mailed to:
Art Under the Elms 415 Main Street, Lewiston, Idaho 83501.

Lewis-Clark State College will impose a $20 returned check fee on checks returned for any reason.

Media Category Descriptions
Media categories are used as a tool for organizing artist's images into logical, related groups for jury review and festival diversity. AUE may change your media category at their discretion.
  • Ceramics - Original clay and porcelain work, excluding jewelry. No machine-made, mass-produced, commercially molded or purchased greenware allowed. If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed, each must be signed.
  • Digital Art - Original work that utilizes digital technologies in the production of artist's art. Work in this category must be in limited editions, signed and numbered on archival quality materials. Disclosure of both creative and printing processes is required. Traditional photographs taken through a digital media must apply in Photography.
  • Drawing - Original works created using dry media including chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil, wax crayon, pen, ink, etc. Work in this category must be in limited editions, signed and numbered on archival quality materials.
  • Fiber/Wearable - All work crafted from fibers including basketry, embroidery, weaving, yarn, leatherwork, tapestry and papermaking.
  • Fine Craft - Soaps, lotions, candles, folk art, quilting, signage, and toys.
  • Furniture - All original handmade furniture.
  • Glass - Blown, fused, cut or sculpted original works in glass. Glass jewelry must apply in Jewelry category. No pre-manufactured, molds or mass production work is permitted, regardless of additional modification or enhancement.
  • Jewelry - All jewelry, regardless of medium, must be entered in this category. All jewelry displayed must be designed and made by the artist; work which has been designed by the artist, but with no subsequent hands-on work, is not acceptable. No commercial casts, molds, settings or production studio work is allowed.
  • Metalwork - All non-sculptural, non-jewelry works crafted from metals. No production studio work is allowed.
  • Mixed Media - Non-sculptural works that incorporate more than one type of material.
  • Mixed Media 3-D -  3-dimensional works that combine one or more materials to form an original work of art visible from 360 degrees.
  • Music/Instruments - Musical compositions and handmade instruments.
  • Painting - Original works and limited edition prints on museum quality paper; signed and numbered, created in oil, acrylics, watercolor, etc.
  • Photography -  Traditional film photography, hand-colored images and emulsion transfers that have not been excessively manipulated to achieve results beyond what could be done in a traditional darkroom. Prints of photographs made from the artist’s original negative must be processed by the artist or under the artist's direct supervision. Any commercial reproductions must be limited to 10% of artist’s stock. Photographers are required to disclose both their creative and printing processes.
  • Pre-Packaged Food - Original recipes prepared and packaged. Food demonstrations are encouraged. Artist must adhere to all applicable food and fire safety regulations.
  • Printmaking - Hand pulled original prints that are signed and numbered in limited editions by the artist. Printed works for which the artist hand manipulated the plates, stones or screens and which have been properly signed and numbered as a limited edition may be entered in this category.
  • Sculpture - 3-D art objects made from one material.
  • Woodworking - Original works in wood that are hand-tooled, machine-worked, turned or carved, excluding furniture.

Jury Process
Artists are required to go through the jury process once every 3 years, unless work changes substantially.
In order to qualify, artists must be accepted to show on first round, not waitlisted and then accepted.
If artist is waitlisted and then accepted, he/she must go through the jury process the following year.
Submitted images are reviewed by a panel of 5 - 9 anonymous jurors with professional knowledge about and/or background with festival. No more than 120 artists will be chosen to participate in Art Under the Elms. The identities of the artists are not disclosed to the jurors. The process, materials, price ranges and artist statements will be made available to the jury.  Late applications will be juried individually. AUE reserves the right to refuse or include any artist at its own discretion. 

Scoring is based on a scale of 1-5 for quality, creativity, originality and craftsmanship. Scores are totaled for one cumulative score per artist. Jurors are asked to provide helpful feedback for all artists with concentration on non-selected and low scoring submissions. Juror comments, if submitted, are available upon request. The decision of the jury committee is final with AUE reserving the right to refuse or include any artist at its own discretion.

Award Notifications
E-mailed to artists upon completion of the jury process.

Wait List
Established based on jury scores. Applicants will be notified if they are on the wait list after the initial jury process. Art Under the Elms organizers may issue invitations to any artist at their discretion. 

Registration Process
Registration for Art Under the Elms begins directly after award notifications are emailed.
Accepted artists receive additional event specific information via e-mail in March.

Booth fees are due by Midnight, March 1, 2018 PST.  There will be a $50 late fee after the deadline.

Booth fees are payable online through ZAPP ® Please note that ZAPP® does not store your card information and all card transactions are processed through a secured server.

Payments made by check or money order, postmarked by March 1, 2018 to avoid late fee, may be mailed to: Art Under the Elms 415 Main Street, Lewiston, Idaho 83501.

Lewis-Clark State College will impose a $20 returned check fee on
checks returned for any reason.

A 70% Refund is available until March 15, 2018 and there will be no refunds given after this date.

Booth Assignments
Booths spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis upon booth purchase. Juried-in artists will have the option to purchase booth space before the application process closes. AUE will manually confirm juried-in artists. Zapp event administration page is updated during business hours. 

AUE allows each artist to request their top 3 booth preferences during the registration process.

AUE will not guarantee particular booth spaces, but does make every effort to accommodate all artist’s preferences and special requests. 

Please note that the layout is subject to change without notice. Section layout map will be available after application process ends. Please email requests to aue@lcsc.edu 

See Booth Info for more information

Artists retain all revenue from their sales; Art Under the Elms collects no commission on works sold. 

Note: Although Lewiston is noted for its mild weather, it is recommended that artists come prepared for inclement spring weather. No refunds will be issued due to adverse weather conditions. No payments for damages due to weather. See Legal Agreement.

Art Under the Elms is promoted, in part, under the major marketing campaign of The Dogwood Festival of the Lewis-Clark Valley. Marketing may include but not limited to: direct mailings, social media, newspaper, television, radio, event posters as well as online listings and promotions.
Select artists may be featured in the Lewiston Tribune. Artists are encouraged to promote this event through their own social media and other channels.

If you are selling goods of any type, a permanent or temporary Idaho State Tax Permit is required.
You will receive an Idaho State Tax Declaration Form ST-124 upon check-in.
Correct sales tax for exhibitors at Art Under the Elms is 6.5%. Six percent goes to the State of Idaho and .5 percent to Nez Perce County.

Contact Patricia Gilmore at the Idaho State Tax Commission, P.O. Box 1014, Lewiston, ID 83501 
(208) 799-3491 for additional information.

City of Lewiston Operating License is provided by event promoter.

  • Idaho State Law prohibits the carrying of firearms at an event the size of AUE. This includes Concealed Carry and those who carry an Enhanced Concealed Carry License. The restriction applies to all parts of Art Under the Elms, including the Activity Center, the Artisan Booths, the Food Court, the Show and Shine, and all other areas being utilized by the event while it is open to the public.
  • No Smoking on LCSC Campus - except in designated parking lots. (See campus map for allowable smoking locations.)  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in maintaining a Smoke Free Fresh Air campus.
  • No alcohol is allowed at Art Under the Elms or on the LCSC campus.
  • No driving on campus lawns – (Load & Unload assistance may be requested in advance of event.)
  • No artist vehicle shall remain parked on either side of the streets immediately surrounding the artist green during show hours including 1 hour prior to event.
  • Designated exhibitor/vendor parking is provided in the 11th Avenue parking lot. See map as required.
  • No music shall be played at your booth unless music is your craft.
  • Artists may not use microphones or amplification devices unless pre-arranged with management.
  • All children must be closely supervised.
  • Only licensed service animals are allowed on the LCSC campus during Art Under the Elms.
  • Overnight campers please inquire about regulations and pet accommodations. No RV hookups available on campus.
Please also see Legal Agreement.

Booth Information
Space Rental
Each booth space measures 10’ x 10’, including frontage. 11’ space between booths.
If your set-up exceeds 10’ x 10’ you must purchase additional space(s).
10x10 1 side open  -  $315
10x10 2 sides open - $365
10x10 3 sides open - $415
10x20 1 side open -   $630

Bring a Friend Incentive
  • Returning Artisans referring a new artist who is successfully juried into the show, will receive a 5% discount on booth space rental.
Booth Specifications:
  • Artists provide their own booth structures.
  • Tents must be white or cream and of professional quality.
  • All booth spaces are located outside on a grassy surface.
  • Booth stakes must be no longer than 8 inches.
  • All tents must be weighted down and staked. Substantial weights are encouraged.
  • Electricity is available for an additional $45 on a limited basis and only along the LCSC Library wall, contact us for details. If you purchase electricity, a 20-amp receptacle will be provided within 100' of your booth space. Recommend a minimum of 14-gauge extension cord.
    • However, electricity cannot be guaranteed. Neither AUE nor the college are liable for any loss of income or damage due to the loss, or use, of electricity.
  • Generators are not allowed.
  • Vendors along the Library wall have an additional 10’ X 5’ of storage behind their booths.
  • Perimeter booths must have all merchandise contained within their booth space and may not allow patrons to enter AUE through their booths.

      Check-in begins Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm and continues Friday from 7 am to 11 am at the AUE Information Booth. All vendors are required to complete the Idaho State Tax Declaration Form ST-124 before booth set up. Please bring required information.
       Required parking passes are distributed at check in. No vehicles may occupy the campus loading area without an Art Under the Elms parking pass. Parking in the loading area is restricted to two (2) hours per booth space purchased. Parking passes must remain visible in vehicle windshield during load in/out.

Thursday, April 26, 8-5pm and Friday, April 27, 7-10am
Vendors may set up only after first checking in at the information booth.
Driving on LCSC campus lawn is strictly prohibited.
Vendors are responsible for equipment needed for set-up and take down. Assistance in moving booth(s) and inventory is available if requested in advance.

Major product restocking is allowed only before or after show operating hours.
Minor restocking during the show is allowed on a limited basis - please consult the information booth attendant for instructions.

Sunday, April 29, beginning no earlier than 4pm.
Artists may not enter the loading area until after show hours. Artists who break down displays or depart before closing time on any day of the show will not be allowed to return the following day or to future shows unless proof of an emergency is presented to the director. Artists who sell their entire body of work must remain with their booths for the duration of the show.
Event Site Map: View Site Map