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Event Information

Cantigny Art in Bloom 2018

Cantigny Park
Wheaton, Illinois (Midwest)

Phone: 630.536.8416
Event Dates: 6/16/18 - 6/17/18
Application Deadline: 2/1/18 Midnight CST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee ): $25.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
Cantigny Park is pleased to announce Art in Bloom, an outdoor arts festival on June 16 and 17, 2018. More than 80 juried artists will showcase their work amidst Cantigny’s beautiful gardens, grounds and museums. 

Last year we had over 10,000 patrons visit this event. Quality of artwork will take precedence over quantity of artists so the show may vary in size somewhat. Art in Bloom 2018 promises to be Cantigny’s best arts fest ever!

Please visit our website and find out about our other events on ZAPP

General Information

Participation is open to all fine art and fine craft.  All work represented must be of an original concept executed and designed by the artist in attendance.  No artist’s representatives are allowed in place of artist. In addition, work done by a production studio is not accepted. No work which has been made with commercial kits or pat­terns allowed. Exhibitors may not sell promotional items such as t-shirts or books.

Ribbons awarded where excellence is determined regardless of media. Ribbon award winners selected by professional judge(s). Judges change each year. Call for additional details.


·          Water, snacks, morning coffee and light breakfast

·          Easy loading and unloading

·          Flexible booth fee payment schedule

·          Event marketing & publicity: web, social media, print

·          Close artist parking reserved

·          Booth sitters and volunteers

·          Overnight security

·          Air-Conditioned break room

·          Festival programs with listing of attending artists


The following cancellation and refund policies are in place for each event: 

  • Deposits are non-refundable. In the event of cancellation, $100.00 cancellation fee in effect immediately upon receipt of booth fee payment or deposit. 
  • No refunds available 60 days prior to the start date of each event. Start date is considered the Friday night before the weekend of each event.
  • In the event that a refund is granted, processing fees will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • All refund requests must be submitted in writing. E-mail requests are accepted.

If you are in need of a payment plan for this event please contact Erin Melloy at 630.536.8416 so that we can discuss what will work for you. 

Both Photographers and Printmakers are required to disclose their printmaking process.  Artist’s hands must have manipulated the plate for printmaking.  For Photography, no prints on canvas are allowed.

Reproductions are not prints. We define reproduction as a copy of an original image. This includes giclee prints. 

For Cantigny all reproductions must be labeled as reproductions not prints in your booth.  Reproductions may not take up any more than one wall (10 x 10 space) in your booth.
No photo copy or off set reproductions will be accepted.  Please call if you have questions as to if your work will be accepted for jury.

Only one exhibitor per booth except for galleries and collaborative events or work. No card carousels are allowed at any event even if they hold original works of art. Only those artists who have been juried in jewelry may have jewelry in their booths.

EM Events and their client’s reserves the right to remove any and all works deemed not suitable at the time of the festival. It also reserves the right to select or invite other applicants in order to ensure balance of medium. In addition, this show, reserves the right to not accept an artist for jury. In the event of this happening, your jury fee shall be returned, less a $10 processing fee. Submitting this application implies on your part commitment to all show rules.

Each show has a minimum num­ber of artists needed in order to proceed with an event. If it is deemed the minimum number of artists has not been reached two months out from the start date of any event then the event will be cancelled and a full refund of booth fees paid to date will be issued. Jury fees will not be refunded.

Booth Information
10' x 10' booth space - $300.00
10' x 20' booth space - $600.00
Corner request - $75.00

It is helpful for us if your booth image is from an actual show. Fabricated booth images are strongly discouraged. If we feel that your booth image is not a true representation of your display you will not be juried.  During the show, you will be held to the standard of your booth display.

The footprint of each display space is 10’ x 10’. Larger display spaces are available for an additional fee.  No wings are allowed unless preapproved and paid for.  Show will attempt to honor specific space requests; however, final booth location will be determined by the needs of each show.

All areas will be patrolled by security both Friday night and Saturday night. Most display spaces are free from obstruction. All spaces are easily accessible to patrons’ traffic flow.

Booth location and number are subject to change. Booth numbers are used for logistical purposes only and are not listed in our programs.  Please be aware that you must register at registration before setting up your booth, as placement and number may have changed due to show needs.

All shows are a drop and go for set-up.  You are expected to unload and move your car before setting up.
For tear-down you must be completely torn down before you are allowed onsite with your vehicle. You will be given a pass to enter the show site once you have torn down.