Event Information

Local 14 Art Show and Sale 2018

The Leftbank Annex, 101 N. Weidler Street, Portland, OR 97221
Portland, Oregon (West)

Event Dates: 9/29/18 - 9/30/18
Application Deadline: 3/20/18 Midnight PST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $35.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary


Celebrating 51 years, the Local 14 Art Show & Sale is an annual, high-quality, indoor art sale held at one of Portland's premier venues. We invite all Northwest artists to apply to be part of our 90 artist event.

LOCAL 14 Art Show & Sale is:
  • A two-day sale; Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 29-30, 2018
  • Held at the Leftbank Annex; this spacious industrial venue has a central Portland eastside location  Check it out at http://www.leftbankannex.com
  • A commission-based sale with a central cashier system
  • A simplified event from previous years with lower volunteer work hours
  • Consists of 40 member artists who work throughout the year to produce this event, hosting 45-55 guests artists
  • Supports emerging artists by awarding scholarships to outstanding students

General Information

Show Open:      Saturday, September 29, 2018, 10 am – 7 pm                         
                        Sunday, September 30, 2018, 10 am – 5 pm
Set Up:             Friday, September 28, 2018, hours TBA
VENUE   Leftbank Annex, 101 North Weidler St., Portland, Oregon 97221.  http://www.leftbankannex.com
ELIGIBLE ARTISTS: Open to all Northwest artists from California to Alaska, including British Columbia and Idaho.

January 8, 2018 - Artist applications available on www.zapplication.org
March 20, 2018 - Artist applications due midnight PST
April 3, 2018 - Notification of jury results
April 15, 2018 - Accept or decline deadline
May 12, 2018 - Show fees and completed contract due
August 15, 2018 - Last day to cancel from show without forfeiture of $100 cancellation deposit
September 28, 2018- Setup of show at Leftbank Annex
September 29, 2018 – Open 10 am – 7 pm
September 30, 2018 – Open 10 am – 5 pm
September 30, 2018– Take down after show closes at 5 pm
$35 jury fee:  Paid by credit card through Zapplication (non-refundable)
$80 acceptance fee:  Paid by check upon accepting invitation (non-refundable)
$100 cancellation deposit:  Check held and then returned after the show. If an artist withdraws from the show after August 15th, the cancellation deposit is non-refundable.
25% commission:  On all work sold plus low group-rate credit card fees through a central cashier system. Oregon has no sales tax.

$100 cancellation deposit check will be returned if an artist withdraws before August 15, 2018.
Other fees are non-refundable.
Each guest artist, or their proxy, is required to volunteer four (4) hours on show tasks such as wrapping purchases, restocking displays, door security, show floor assistance, show set-up, and/or show tear down. With our new two-day event, less work hours are required than in previous years. With these changes, we encourage all artists to spend as much time with their work as possible.  Because of the central cashier system, jewelers are required to be in their booth during show hours.  Therefore, jewelers can contribute the required four hours at set up, take down or with a proxy. Local 14 hosts a hospitality and rest area for all particiapting artists.
All applications must be submitted through ZAPPLICATION.  Slides, photos, links to websites, and/or paper applications will not be accepted.
Two (2) categories maximum.  Artists wishing to exhibit work produced in two medium categories must apply separately for each medium including digital images and jury fees for each category.
For more information on how to apply digitally, please review the tips, FAQ’s, and imaging techniques found at: http://www.zapplication.org/imagingtips.phtml.   
1.              Images:

Four (4) images of your artwork are required plus one (1) image of your body of work as you typically display it for sale.  This can be a booth/display shot, an image from a show or gallery, or a set-up of your display apparatus with your work on it.  If you are planning on using your display apparatus during the show, we must see it in this image.   The non-refundable jury fee is $35.00, payable through ZAPPLICATION. 
2.              Artist Statement
An Artist Process Statement is required to be submitted with your application. Explain to the jury how you create your work and what makes it unique. We are looking for process, not philosophy.  Limit your statement to 100 characters or less.
3.              Jury Criteria
Within the jury process. the jury will consider original thought and intent, overall concept, demonstrated excellence in craftsmanship, and consistency of style and presentation.
Because of our need to present a balanced show we are not able to accept all of the high quality work submitted.  We will maintain a waitlist of qualified applicants within the medium categories. 
All work must be original and executed within the last 18 months. Work may not have been exhibited previously in a LOCAL 14 show. The following categories will be considered (some mediums have specific requirements). While LOCAL 14 does not have specific numbers for each category, it is important that there is diversity in mediums both for the patrons and the selling artists.

Two-dimensional (2D) works are designed to be displayed on walls with a one-sided orientation. All images must be original in composition. No copies or derivative work allowed. Specific hanging details will be given to 2D artists upon acceptance.  All displayed work must be for sale.  Only original work may displayed on the wall.  Appropriately labeled reproductions may go into browse bins.
1.              Drawing:  Original compositions drawn by the artist’s hand incorporating ink, wax, crayon, charcoal, pastel, pencil, ink etc.
2.              Painting:  Original compositions that are created by the artist’s hand in oil, acrylic, or watercolor.  Painting over prints or pre-existing images (regardless of the substrate) is not considered an original. These are considered “altered reproductions” and must go in browse bins and be labeled as outlined below.
3.              Printmaking:  Prints are defined as multiple originals where the artist’s hand has manipulated the plates, stone, blocks, composite reliefs, or screens and are properly signed and numbered in limited editions.  Photocopies, giclees, or offset reproductions, machine-produced images are not considered print originals. They are considered reproductions and must go in browse bins and labeled as outlined below.
4.              Photography:  All photographic processes which begin with a camera lens. The photographic process (including any digital alteration and or hand painting, over painting etc.) must be displayed with the photograph. All pieces must be signed, numbered and dated, in a limited edition.  Photographic prints must meet “archival quality” standards and must have been processed by the artist or under artist’s direct supervision by a reputable service.
5.              2D Fiber:  Wall hangings and framed works of fiber art that are designed to be hung on a wall.  Pieces may be woven, felted, stitched, batik dyed or created by other means appropriate to the fiber.
6.              2D Mixed Media:  Work that incorporates the use of two or more media such as ink and pastel, or painting and collage-type of materials that are combined in a single original work.

Quality reproductions are allowed. Reproductions must be consistent with the style and quality of the juried work. A reproduction is any work that is reproduced by machine (instead of the hand of the artist). This includes glicees, photocopies, offset lithographs, prints, etc.  No reproductions may be hung.  2D artists are allowed one small basket or tabletop display for greeting cards with images of their own work. No more than 15% of the work shown can be reproductions and these must be in browse bins.
Reproductions must be labeled as such on each piece along with the kind of reproduction it is. The word “print” cannot be used unless it is a hand-pulled print. A reproduction of an original that has been altered by adding paint or other media is considered an “altered reproduction” and may not be sold as an original.

1.              3D Mixed Media:  Three-dimensional work incorporating multiple materials.  If recycled materials are used, it must be altered or used in a way that is different than their original purpose.

2.              Ceramics:  Original functional and/or non-functional works created by the artist from clay: porcelain, stoneware, and/or earthenware.  No factory-produced work, painted slip cast or RAM pressed work allowed. Clay work from commercial molds is prohibited.
3.              Glass;  Work that has been handcrafted by the artist by glass blowing, fusing, casting or kiln forming. No pre-manufactured items, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by artist, are permitted.
4.              Fiber – Wearables:  Clothing and accessories other than jewelry.  Garments, scarves, hats, purses and other items may be constructed from fiber, leather or recycled goods that are suitable for wearing.  No mass- or factory-produced work is allowed regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artist.
5.              Fiber – Non-Wearables:  Basketry, papermaking, leatherwork, and fibers made into non-wearable items such as rugs, towels, pillows, boxes etc.  No mass- or factory-produced work is allowed regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artist.

6.              Jewelry:  All jewelry must be designed and handmade by the artist using metals, gems, stones, clay, wood, fiber, glass and beads. 

7.              Outdoor/Garden Art:  Any work, 2D or 3D, that is primarily created for outdoor display including water features, illuminations or mosaics, garden wall art, etc.

8.              Sculpture:  Three-dimensional works incorporating any material that is carved, modeled, constructed or cast.  If recycled materials are used, they must be altered or used in a way that is different from their original purpose.

9.              Wood:  Functional or non-functional work crafted primarily from wood by the artist.  Painted and/or wood assemblages where the artist did not make the primary piece should be entered in 3-D Mixed Media category.


LOCAL 14 considers the enforcement of its rules to be our exclusive right and responsibility. Adherence to these rules during the show is necessary to maintain the quality of the show at a high level for the artists and the patrons. Non-compliance with the Rules and Guidelines can result in requests for work to be removed from display and for sale, and/or expulsion from the show and ineligibility for jurying into future shows. If an artist is removed from the show for non-compliance of the rules, no show fee refunds will be issued. LOCAL 14 also reserves the right to determine how the artist work is displayed and may or may not use artist’s own display apparatus.
1. All work exhibited must be original art produced by the artist. Work done by a production studio is not acceptable. Buy-sell and/or imports are not allowed. Work from kits, commercial designs, done in classes or workshops are also prohibited. Derivative work is also prohibited.
2. All work exhibited must be for sale. LOCAL 14 is not a sample show. All artists who make sales within 30 days of the LOCAL 14 show as a direct result of artwork seen during the event shall pay LOCAL 14 the required 25% commission as if the work was actually sold at the show.
3. Artists may exhibit work only in the category in which they were juried. Exhibited work must be consistent in style, quality, and method with juried images.
4. No more than two (2) artists may collaborate on work. Both must sign the application.
5. Guest artists will volunteer for four (4) hours during the show. Exceptions can be made for jewelers and others who need to be with their art during show hours by working all or part of the 4 hours during set-up and/or take down.  

6. To the full extent required by the Oregon Art Consignment Act, LOCAL 14 shall use the highest care concerning consigned works of art in Local 14’s possession. The artist agrees that works of art are not in LOCAL 14’s possession during delivery to or removal from the Left Bank Annex by the artist. Works of art and proceeds derived from sales of art listed on the inventory sheet shall be deemed trust property in the hands of LOCAL 14, but a separate trust account shall not be established for each artist. The artist is urged to insure any works of art being placed in LOCAL 14’s possession because LOCAL 14 does not guarantee the works of art against any or all loss, destruction or damage. If LOCAL 14 is found liable for loss, destruction or damage to works of art, LOCAL 14 shall be responsible to pay the artist no more than the sales price of the work of art as listed on the inventory sheet provided by the artist at set-up, minus commission.  Fair market value is agreed to be the percent agreed upon in this paragraph.
7. Only artists accepted in the jewelry category may display and sell jewelry.
8. Reproductions:  All reproductions must be clearly labeled “reproduction or giclee” on the back of the piece with a detailed description of the process. See Medium Categories for more information. Reproductions should not be labeled “prints’, unless they are hand-pulled prints.  No reproductions may hang on the wall, only originals.

Booth Information
LOCAL 14 Art Show and Sale is set up on both floors of the Leftbank Annex.  Though space size varies, the average size of a guest artist's display area is 6' by 8'. ​There are a limited number of larger spaces available. Space for sales and wrapping is taken care of, since there is a central check-out. LOCAL 14 has a limited collection of props available to guest artists on a pre-arranged basis.  


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