Event Information

Halifax Art Festival 2018

Historic Downtown Riverfront Park on Beach Street
Daytona Beach, Florida (South)

Phone: 386-405-2140
Event Dates: 11/3/18 - 11/4/18
Application Deadline: 7/21/18 Midnight PST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Jury Fee): $40.00

You can submit up to 6 applications for this show.


Event Summary
Greetings To You! The Guild of the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach, Florida welcomes applications to the 2018 Halifax Art Festival!

​The 56th annual Halifax Art Festival located in the historic downtown waterfront of Daytona Beach is the 2nd oldest continual art festival in Florida. The Festival attracts over 45,000 art lovers annually, continuing its tradition of providing the community a showcase of fine artists, a Student Art Show for K-12th grade, as well as a children’s interactive art experience known as Little Van Gogh.  This Festival is presented entirely by the members of the Guild of the Museum of Arts and Sciences, a dedicated group of volunteers who work nonstop, yearlong, to provide artists with an exceptional opportunity to showcase their work. 

The two day festival features the juried works of 252 artists, predominately of Fine Arts.  Artists booths, positioned on the street, back up to a grassy median dotted with palm trees. Artists may request booth spaces with either east or west facing views.  An east view includes food vendors, music, and children’s activities, while a west facing view includes shop and restaurant venues. 
International street cuisine and good old-fashioned festival food are available with Beach Street cafes and restaurants featuring Festival specials. There is live entertainment by musicians playing a variety of popular music. This year we're expanding the entertainment and food vendors to the full length of show!

General Information
      Saturday, November 3rd 2018    9 AM to 5 PM
      Sunday, November 4th 2018      10 AM to 4 PM

     $40    Jury Fee
     $250  Competitive Fine Artist Booths
     $175  Noncompetitive Artist Booths
Late entry applications will have an additional $20 late fee. Applications after July 20th may be downloaded from our website at (Artist Informtion Menu)  www.halifaxartfestival.org

     July 20, 2018  Application Deadline
​     July 23 - August 3, 2018 - Jury Panel
     August 4, 2018 - Artist Acceptance Notifications begins

     August 13, 2018-  Artist Acceptance Deadline / All Payments Due

     September 1, 2018–  80% Refund of Booth Fee by Sept 1 for cancellations. No refunds will be given after this date
·         Fine Art cash awards totaling more than $38,000 plus additonal HAF Patron Monies
·         Saturday Night Pizza Party November 3rd  with Fine Art Prize Winners announcement
·         Discounted accommodations at select local hotels via web link
·         "In-Booth Judging" of Fine Arts for cash awards
·         Best of Show will be a Judge Selection of a single piece of work
·         Friday Registration and Set up begins at 2:30PM on November 2, 2018
·         Saturday, November 3rd early morning set up permitted
·         Winner’s Full Breakfast Sunday morning at  Halifax Yacht Club (invitation)
·         Booth sitting available both days by MOAS Guild volunteers
·         Morning coffee and bakery goods available both days
·         Complimentary Parking
·         Festival Security including Friday and Saturday nights
·         No additional charge for corners/ end booth locations

FESTIVAL ADVERTISING:    Extensive multi-media marketing campaign to the Volusia/Flagler area to reach locals and "snowbirds" as well targeting the I-4 corridor to include Orlando and Tampa.  Advertising includes Cable, Newspapers, Magazines, Outdoor, and Transit Buses, Radio as well as Internet and Social Media.  Budget provided by the Guild of the Museum of Arts & Sciences, the Downtown Development Authority, and a Grant from the Halifax Area Advertising Authority

ARTIST AWARDS and PATRON DOLLARS:  $30,000+ Cash awards. Listing of prize awards will be posted on our website.  Please check our website frequently for updates. We have an active and growing HAF Patron Program which provides patrons with HAF Patron Dollars. All artist exhibitors are eligible for Patron Dollars; however, only Competitive Fine Artists are eligible for cash prize monies.

JURY FEE and JURY EXEMPTIONS:  Please note that all applicants, except those with jury exemptions, must pay the $40 Jury Fee.   Jury fee exemptions are for HAF Fine Arts cash winners of last year. We will contact exempt artists with a jury fee exemption code to use with the ZAPP application.

TWO EXHIBITOR  SECTIONS: Competitive, Fine Arts and Noncompetitive Artists 
 Competitive Artists
Fine Arts
Noncompetitive  Artists
Jury Fee: $40 For All Applications
Competitive Booth Space: $250    Noncompetitive Booth Space:   $175
The Competitive Fine Art booth spaces will be available throughout the length of the show. A change from last year!
 "Noncompetitive" booth spaces are at a reduced booth fee. Not eligible for cash awards.
The Jury Panel will convene the week of July 23 to August 3rd to select artists for the show. Artists will be notified of the panel's decision by email beginning August 4th. 
The Jury Panel will select artists for the show based on scoring, and will approve the artist's requested exhibitor section. There are no quotas used for individual categories of media, however the jury strives for balance in the show. Beside jury scoring, the “application receipt date” and previous years in HAF will be used as an additional consideration to settle ties in waitlisted rankings.

1) Applications - Due July 20th. 
  • Artists must identify their desired exhibition selection: ​Competitive or Noncompetitive
  • Our emphasis on Student Art at HAF prohibits us from including art of nudes and weaponry.
  • One application, per category, per artist (or 2 artist working as collaborators)
  • When applying under multiple categories (i.e. oil, acrylic, etc.) and utilizing the online ZAPP application process, it is best to set up a separate USER ID for each application.
  • Please note that emailing of images to us to complete a hardcopy printed application will not be accepted.
Please do not send us a booth fee with your application if you are applying via mail. 
Booth fees will be requested at time of the artist's jury acceptance to show (August 2018). The booth fee payment indicates the artist’s confirmation to exhibit in our show.


Three (3) images of artists recent work (created within the last 3 years), in the same medium that the artist is applying, is to be submitted with each application. The quality of these images is important for the jury selection process.

​**Please know that images that are at least 2 MG are considered for use in our festival’s advertising and publicity
One (1) Booth image:  The image must display an outdoor booth with white tent.  The booth image must display only the artwork medium(s) for which applications have been submitted.  Tables, if used to display art in photo, should be of a quality to accurately demonstrate the professionalism of the artist.

The booth photo is not to include the image of the artist or the artist's name. The booth photo is used in the scoring process of an artist application.

3)   ARTIST SIGNATURE OF AGREEMENT to follow our Halifax Art Festival Policies, Rules, and Legal Agreement. As an applicant to the Halifax Art Festival your name/address/email address will be automatically retained on our mailing list. Please notify us of address changes or if you prefer to be omitted from our listing. We do not share your personal contact information without your approval.

4) FEES:
Jury Fee is non-refundable. 100% of booth fee payment will be refunded if artist does not receive Jury Panel acceptance for show.  Sorry, we cannot accept credit card payments by phone.

     Jury Fee for all applicants:   $40 prior to July 20th 2018
     Competitive Fine Arts Booth Spaces : $250 per booth space
     Noncompetitive Artist space: $175 per booth space

     Late fee for applications after July 20th: $20
     Bank Fees for returned checks: $25.00

5) Please provide a background or description of the work submitted including the techniques used in creation of your arts.

6) Judges For Competitive Fine Arts: The announcement of judges participating in our show will be posted on our website at www.halifaxartfestival.org or www.halifaxartfestival.com

1. All artwork must be the original work of the accepted artist only. No agents, proxies, or commercial dealers are permitted.

2. No Buy/ Sell exhibitors are permitted. We appreciate the efforts of all exhibiting artists to help us to identify buy/sell violators. This is a violation of our rules and exhibitors will be told to pack up and leave. No refunds will be made.

3. Juried exhibitors (including collaborators) MUST BE PRESENT during the entire 2 day festival

4. Collaborative Work- Artists accepted as a team may only exhibit the collaborative work

5. Exhibitors who dismantle their booths early- before 4PM Sunday- will likely not be invited to return to the festival.

6. Artists will be provided with Booth Cards that must be on display throughout the festival.  The cards will identify artist name, hometown, category, and space number. The Booth Cards must be on display for fine artists to be judged on Saturday morning.
7. Exhibitors are responsible for paying the Florida sales tax (tax reporting forms will be provided in the artist registration packet)

8. Jury Fee of $40 is required of all applicants. Jury Fee exemptions are awarded to the last year's winning fine artists (31).

9. Each artist must enter individually unless the art is a collaborative effort.

10. Artists may only exhibit the media categories which the HAF Jury Panel approved

11. Artists submitting in additional categories using one booth will pay one space fee, but a separate application/jury fees must be provided for each artistic category.  Artists must exhibit a minimum of four (4) pieces per qualified category.

12. Work eligible for FINE ART judging must be original work done since 2016. No art work that has been previously awarded in this festival will be eligible for judging. This rule will be enforced.

13. Prints must be signed and numbered and limited to 1000. No laser prints.

14. Ceramics that are hydraulic pressed are not permitted.

15. All displays will be viewed at intervals throughout the Festival to assure that all rules are being followed. Violation will result in the artist being asked to remove his/her unacceptable material from the show.

16. One jury artist exhibitor per space, unless juried into the Festival as collaborative team

17Judging of Competitive Fine Art begins on Saturday at opening of show. Please remember that having the artist booth card posted is a requirement to be eligible for judging

18. Vehicles will not be permitted in the exhibit area until 4:30PM Sunday-- dependent on the safety of pedestrians inside the Festival. Artists must breakdown booth prior to bringing vehicles into show area

19. No affiliation, ribbons or publications about the artist may be displayed prior to judging.

20. Unacceptable to show: Decoupage, commercial photographs, mass produced jewelry, manufactured bags or belts, non-original or kit work, or commercially produced products

21. Only artists accepted in the jewelry category may display or sell jewelry

22. Exhibitors who fail to show to the Festival without notifing us, and artists who leave the event early, will not be re-invited for up to 3 years.

23. Any breach of the rules/regulations, and policies, forfeits all rights of the artist, and will result in immediate dismissal from the show without a refund.


Cancellation By Artist: After August 13th, artist cancellations must be communicated to us in writing / email by the artist by September 1st to receive an 100% booth fee refund.  No refunds of booth fees will be made after September 1st.

Booth Information

Tents must be professional, 10 x 10 foot with white top canopies and secure side curtains ONLY. The minimum tent weight is 45 lbs. Booth space is 12 ft by 12 ft

1.    No camping tents allowed

2.    Weights are required: Minimum weight (professional) is 40 lbs. each on all tent legs. Please ensure that your displays are strong enough to withstand crowds, wind and possible poor weather conditions

·         Not permitted:  Raw concrete blocks or bricks, water containers, grid only or stabilizer only without weights, dumbbells

·         Permitted:  Tube weights, sand bag weights, concrete filled buckets, stabilizer bars with sandbags, weight plates.

3.    The booth spaces will be marked by the use of tape or flags.  Please refer to festival map for booth layout and numbering.

4.    Booths may be set up starting Friday when the city closes streets for Festival set up which is around 2:30 PM.

5.    Exhibitors should be prepared with rain covers, tie-downs, and weights. Each exhibitor is responsible for his/her own display in case of loss or damage. Not all booth locations are totally level so levelling devices for displays may be needed. Sorry, but we cannot provide assistance with booth setup.

6.    Booths spaces back up to a grassy median of plants and trees which may limit storage area. 

7.    Power is generally not available to artists. The use of generators is prohibited by exhibiting artists due to disturbance to guests and other exhibitors.  

8.    Booth Assignments: Please indicate on your application whether an east view or west facing view is desired and or preferred booth location. 

9.    Booth assignments and additional festival information will be sent by email in September after booth payments are received.  Information will also be posted on our website at www.HalifaxArtFestival.org 

10.  When an artist receives an acceptance to this year’s show and has exhibited in the prior year’s show, we will make every effort to position the artist at or near the location of the previous year’s booth location. Please note that we provide our returning winners with first choice of booth locations.

11.  No changes of booth assignments will be made unless directed by Festival Chairperson or Artist Contact. (Please know that security is not to direct booth changes!) 

12.  The show layout is designed to ensure a balance in the show, with available corners and ‘ends’ locations assigned as based on the artist's total points scored in the jury panel selection process. Previous HAF winning artists have first choice of booth locations.

13.  We do not provide tents but can assist artists in locating a tent.

​14.  A corner booth (currently #43) is reserved for the previous year's Best of Show winner


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