Event Information

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ARTfest on Main 2018

Downtown Historic Springboro
Springboro, Ohio (Midwest)

Event Dates: 6/16/18 - 6/16/18
Application Deadline: 6/3/18 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is NOT required)

Fee (Application Fee): $10.00

You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.


Event Summary
The Inaugural ARTfest on Main will be held in the charming Springboro Historic District – with gorgeous tree-lined streets and beautiful historic buildings. Thousands of people travel down South Main Street daily. The ARTFest has easy access, spacious booth layouts, and many artist amenities. The 2018 Inaugural  ARTFest is a much-anticipated event. Supported by the City of Springboro, regional businesses and thousands and patrons it is sure to be a fabulous event and crowd pleaser. With the use of active advertising campaigns, the ARTfest on Main will attract crowds from all over the region! We love our participating artists. Each artist will be treated like family. This is an event you will always remember.
 Springboro ARTfest is always held the third Saturday in June.  This is a JURIED fine art and fine craft show.  Artists amenities include parking and easy access to the booth. We believe in our artist and understand the hard work it takes to produce their masterpieces and the work it takes to present their work. Therefore, artists will receive a free lunch, booth sitters if needed and assistance from our friendly all-volunteer staff.  And maybe a few other loving surprises along the way.

General Information
We anticipate a large crowd this year. Springboro and the surrounding area is one of the highest incomes per capita in the state of Ohio and the top 40 incomes per capita in the United States. Springboro is an elegant backdrop for this display of fine arts and fine crafts as it boasts one of the most charming collections of historic homes in the area.  Event organizers work diligently to cater to all artistic preferences and budgets. The result is a tasteful selection of high-quality original works that include paintings, sculpture, pottery, leather, woodcrafts, photography, textiles, glass art and other fine arts. Admission is free, and this outdoor event is held rain or shine.

The annual show is June 16th, 2018. The official hours are from 10 am to 6 pm. Street jury starts at 9:30 am on Saturday, so artists must be open for business at that time. 

In order to maintain our ARTfest as a premier regional event, we will use the following rules and regulations. Thank you for reviewing and honoring these regulations. As in all "rules", there can be some exceptions that we have not thought of yet. We are happy to discuss your unique and creative requirements and concerns. Rules and regulations can sometimes be disconcerting. Don't let these rules hinder your creative determination to participate. This event is for the artist and the art lovers. We encourage you to apply and we will call you if we have questions.  
  • One application per artist/medium. Business partners or spouses working in different media must apply separately; those working as partners to create the same body of work and occupy the same booth space may submit one application. Single artists may apply for two spaces either to display work in two separate media or to display one medium in a double space. We would love for you to bring two different media's in separate booths. We will do everything we can to put these booths side by side. The number of double spaces is limited and there is no guarantee regarding their availability. 
  • Artists applying in two different medium categories must submit a separate application, handling fee and ZAPP photos for each media.
  • All work MUST be original and of the artist’s own crafting. Commercial or imported items, items made from kits or greenware, or mass-produced items are not accepted.
  • The artist may only exhibit work in the category in which they applied.
  • The representation of the art submitted with the application must generally match the actual pieces exhibited at the show. Any indication of misrepresentation in the application will result in immediate dismissal from the show.
  • Prints and mechanical offset reproductions (e.g. calendars, note cards, stationary) are allowed but the intent to display them must be clearly stated on the application. Prints must be properly signed and numbered, and prints/ reproductions may be the displayed. However, some original work must be displayed. This restriction is not applicable to artwork produced via traditional printmaking techniques.
  • Photographs are also accepted but offset reproductions of the photographs must be limited to 25% of the display.
  • For artists who handcraft musical instruments, at least 75% of the exhibit must be original instruments which are for sale and not display only. Musical recordings made using the artists’ handcrafted instruments may not be the focus of the booth.
  • Artists MUST be present and have the booth open for business during all hours of the event
  • Agents for artists, including dealers, frame shops, and galleries are NOT allowed.
  • Artists may not share booth space unless they have submitted a joint application and have been accepted as such, nor may they sublet or apportion spaced to anyone else. We can work with those who want to share a booth
  • No food products may be sold by artists.
  • Artists will cause no noise which can be heard beyond the perimeters of their own booth space without previous written permission of the council.
  • Booths may not close early unless event leader closes the show early due to severe weather.
Thank you for reviewing these regulations before applying. We look forward to having you participate in our event.

There will be no refunds this year.

Booth Information

10X10 booth fees are normally $125.00 but we have received funds that will help us reduce the artist cost for one booth to $60.00 in 2018. Special requests can be made for corner, double or for extra wide spaces (which incur additional booth fees), subject to availability. Purchasing a "prior approval required" booth via credit card without prior approval will result in a canceled transaction and the artist will be responsible for any fees incurred. Booth fees for new artists must be received by May 15th, 2018.  Credit cards are accepted, and booth fees can be paid online at Zapplication.

BOOTH NUMBERS will be assigned the day of the show.

Artists are responsible for providing their own 10x10 tents and displays, which should be sufficiently sturdy to withstand weather and crowds. The show is held in a busy business/residential neighborhood.  The spaces may vary since it is an outdoor show where natural and man-made obstructions can limit or increase usable space. The display height should not exceed 12’ to clear overhead tree branches. Booth spaces are located mostly on both street and grassy areas, with some straddling curb cuts, walkways or driveways; there are only a few spaces with perfectly flat ground. Artists must abide by all local fire regulations.

Returning artists will be given preferred booth space whenever possible and every effort will be made to accommodate the special needs of the physically handicapped. Booth numbers may stay the same but may move according to environmental needs (trees growing, etc.) New artists will be placed in available booths after returning artists have been assigned. Special requests will be considered, but the Artfest has the right to deny a request or change an artist space if it is deemed necessary. The artist’s full cooperation is expected in this matter. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs

Electricity is not available. Silent, odorless, and non-gas-powered generators and battery-powered lights are acceptable.

We are very excited to meet you. Booth setup is required the morning of the show. Registration and setup are between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, before the show starts. YOU MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO SETTING UP YOUR BOOTH. Loading and unloading are permitted in close proximity to both locations.

All storage must be neatly concealed within or around your booth.

Reserved street parking in close proximity is available for our artists and each booth will receive a parking permit at registration. Artists must display the parking permit signs in their vehicles. Additional parking is available, and information will be included in the artist packet.