Event Information

Issaquah Salmon Days 2018


Issaquah, Washington (West)

Event Dates: 10/6/18 - 10/7/18
Application Deadline: 8/15/18 Midnight PST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $30.00


Event Summary
Salmon Days has been the Northwest's premier outdoor arts festival for 49 consecutive years. Salmon Days' artists are among the best in the industry due to an organized and experienced jurying process. The quality of vendors is what regularly draws over 150,000 to Issaquah each year.
Our artists are what has made Salmon Days a winner of multiple international awards and we ensure that you, the artist are our number one priority. 

General Information
After the artists have been juried, they will either be accepted to the show, denied for this year or placed on the wait list. Continue to monitor your status through your Zapp profile.

Hours of Operation
  • Festival hours are 10am - 6pm, Saturday and Sunday. BOOTHS MUST REMAIN OPEN DURING THIS TIME. Tearing down prior to 6pm will result in a one year suspension from Salmon Days.
  • Is NOT available for Artist booths.
Jury Selection
  • All applications are juried on quality and originality within each jury category.
  • Past participation does not guarantee acceptance.
  • The Issaquah Salmon Days Festival reserves the right to refuse any application.
  • A waitlist is established during the jury process.
  • Applications received after the deadline are not eligible for the waitlist.
  • Salmon Days does not accept product samples for the jury.
  • Applications are only accepted from Artists who personally handcraft the items they sell and who can be present in their booth for both days of the festival.
  • Commercial or imported items are not allowed at Salmon Days. 
  • Only one product category can be sold in the vendor's booth unless in the Greenbelt Gallery or Field of Fun.
  • All merchandise must be consistent with the photos submitted with the application and reviewed by the jury.
  • Booth sharing with another vendor or organization is prohibited.
  • Leaving a mess or trash after the festival will incur a $100 clean up fee.
  • Your booth is not confirmed or held until paid.
Sales Tax & Washington State UBI
  • The Festival purchases a temporary city business license from the City of Issaquah for each artist. Artists are responsible for collecting, reporting and paying WA State sales tax under Sales Tax Code #1714. Washington State requires a UBI even if you are out of state. To obtain a UBI please go to www.dor.wa.gov.
  • Booth structure and contents, including inventory are the sole responsibility of the Artist. The Festival, Chamber of Commerce and City of Issaquah do not assume any responsibility for injury to persons, loss or damage to any property of the Artists, including theft, accidents or acts of God.
  • Artists are not allowed to 'rove' with their merchandise at any time.
  • No alcoholic beverages, loud music, televisions or 'hawking' are allowed within or in the vicinity of your booth.
  • The Issaquah Salmon Days Festival name, logo and theme are trademarked. Any use must be pre-approved by the Festivals Office.
  • Artists understand they cannot sell or promote other artists work in their booth.
  • Artists must be present in their booth both days of the festival. Representatives or agents are not allowed.
The festival reserves the right to close any booth not adhering to any of the above regulations

Booth Information
While we do our best to grant each artist their desired booth type and location, booth selections are ultimately left to the discretion of the festival. 
There are no booth refunds once a vendor has been accepted and paid. In an ever-growing effort to be fair to all applicants, there is no exception to this rule. 
  • Front St. / Sunset Way 10x10 - $375
  • Front St. / Sunset Way 10x10 Corner - $435
  • Front St. / Sunset Way 10x20 - $750
  • Front St. / Sunset Way 10x20 (one corner) $810
  • Greenbelt Gallery 10x10 - $285
  • Greenbelt Gallery 10x20 - $570
Set up & Take Down
  • Artists will be advised of the load-in time (early on Saturday morning) after acceptance. Set-up must be complete and vehicles must be removed from the street by 8:30am on both Saturday and Sunday. Booths must be set up and open for business by 10:00am. Late arrivals must walk in their supplies. Load-out begins after 6:30pm on Sunday.
  • Vehicles are allowed access as soon as the Issaquah Police Dept. declares that it is safe to open the streets. All booths, vehicles and vendor debris must be removed from the Festival grounds by 8:00pm, Sunday. If booth area is not left clean at the end of the Festival, vendor will be charged a $100 Booth Clean Up Fee.
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