Event Information

Excelsior Art on the Lake 2019

Excelsior Commons
Excelsior, Minnesota (Midwest)

Event Dates: 6/8/19 - 6/9/19
Application Deadline: 3/9/19 Midnight CST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Non-refundable jury fee): $25.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary


Announcing the 39th Annual Excelsior Art on the Lake, June 8th and 9th, 2019. Excelsior Art on the Lake is an engaging creative event that connects the artist's personal story with a vibrant lake community, while showcasing an array of outstanding artistic work from multiple disciplines.

This year, we welcome our Non-Profit Arts Partner, FilmNorth, to our event. We are excited combine efforts with this innovative Non-Profit to welcome the addition of film and filmmakers to our event. 

FilmNorth’s mission is to empower artists to tell their stories, launch and sustain successful careers, and advance The North as a leader in the national network of independent filmmakers. They achieve their mission by nurturing a vibrant, diverse community of film and media artists; providing education and resources at every stage of their careers; and celebrating their achievements.

Both Excelsior Art on the Lake and Film North strive to tell an artist’s story.  Therefore, we are thrilled to work in partnership to expand the scope of art to include film, and the art of filmmaking.  

General Information

EVENT: Saturday, June 8, 10 AM - 6 PM & Sunday, June 9, 10 AM - 4 PM, 2019


The historic lakeside village of Excelsior draws art enthusiasts from across the Minneapolis/St. Paul area with its unique shops, galleries and restaurants. Excelsior Art on the Lake provides an inspiring experience for both the artist and the public.  



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  • Ceramics (10%)
  • Drawing and Printmaking (10%)
  • Eco Art (5%)
  • Glass (5%)
  • Jewelry (10%)
  • Leather (5%)
  • Metal (5%)
  • Mixed Media (10%)
  • Painting (10%)
  • Photography (10%)
  • Sculpture (10%)
  • Textiles (5%)
  • Wood (5%)


  • Complimentary coffee and pastries each morning at Chamber Headquarters
  • Booth sitters – display pink flag in front of booth to alert need for sitter
  • Free shuttle service between Excelsior Elementary and Commons park
  • Overnight police security
  • Load-in/out Boy Scout assistance available for a fee of $48 for 1 - 3 loads - for more info, email Troop 424 at: fundraising@mntroop424.com


  • Artist name and booth number listed in the 2019 Excelsior Art on the Lake program and website.
  • Each artist's work is featured on the Excelsior Art on the Lake Facebook page two months prior to start date of the show.
  • Exhibitors are provided marketing support in local print media, Facebook, Instagram and Art on the Lake website.
  • Email blast to distribution list of 5,000+ residents and shoppers in the regional area – throughout the upper Midwest.


Excelsior Art on the Lake utilizes a blind jury. The jury panel is made up of art professionals with a broad range of experience and perspective. In choosing participants, the jury will look for artists whose personal creative story is reflected in their originality, creativity and mastery of work.

Jury fee: non-refundable $25 per entry

Jury requirements: 3 images of your current artwork and 1 image of your booth display

If your work is in more than one category, you must apply separately in each category. Each category will be juried separately and require its own jury fee. A single booth fee will cover accepted categories. You may only show work from the accepted juried categories.


In memory of the Art on the Lake's Founder Debbie Hart, and her ideation of Art on the Lake, awards will be given to four artists whose creativity and contribution fulfilled Debbie’s vision of making extraordinary artwork accessible to the public. Judging for the 2019 awards will take place Saturday, June 8th at 9:00 am.  Each winner will be given a cash prize of $250, a handmade award, and automatic entry and jury fee waiver for the 2020 show.



Accepted artist cancellation within 90 days of show: 50% refund. Accepted artist cancellation within 60 days of show: 25% refund. Accepted artist cancellation within 30 days or is a no-show: 0% refund.




The Standards Committee, in an effort to help artists determine whether their specific artwork complies with Art on the Lake’s Exhibition Standards, has prepared the following list of artwork that does not meet the  requirements. This list is a guideline to help artists determine whether or not their artwork is Standards eligible; it is neither exhaustive, nor is unacceptable work limited to the items listed.


Ineligible work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cut coin jewelry
  • Enamels on manufactured representational copper shapes
  • Jewelry made of manufactured components
  • Jewelry made from flatware
  • Beads, not made by the artist.  There are only two exemptions to this rule:
  • If the beads are not made by the artist, they must clearly play a subordinate role in the finished piece; and
  • The requirement that beads must be made by the artist does not apply in the technique known as bead weaving; however, commercial bead weaving kits are not permitted
  • Stud earrings in commercial settings
  • Pearls whether in necklaces or bracelets.  Note: Simple-strung or hand knotted-strung pearls are not eligible even if the pearls have been simple-strung or hand knotted-strung by the artist.  Pearl necklaces and/or bracelets may be included if they have an ornament or fastener that is both intricate and a focal point of the piece, handmade by the artist and is of greater value than the piece from which it is hung or attached. Drilled pearls or pearls that have been altered, but not by the artist, are not eligible; such pearls are considered to be purchased beads and are subject to all purchased bead rules. Pearl earrings are permitted as long as the setting has been designed and handmade by the artist.
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other commercially manufactured clothes, no matter how embellished by the artist
  • No manufactured seams allowed in clothing blanks and upcycled clothing, including ties, pillow covers, etc.
  • Scarves made from scarf blanks are limited to 20% of the booth
  • Manufactured belt buckles sold separately from the belts
  • Manufactured tiles with a design as a major component of the piece
  • Enamels on manufactured representational copper shapes
  • Commercially made glassware, flatware or serving pieces no matter how embellished by the artist
  • Dried flowers, in groups, arrangements, or bouquets
  • Wreaths
  • Anything made in a commercial mold, in any medium
  • Tole painting
  • Dough art
  • Country crafts
  • CDs and tapes
  • Food

There are two rules that are considered to be a violation under any circumstances:

  1. Engaging in “buy-sell” practices, that is, buying the work done by another and selling it as your own; or selling commercially produced reproductions of the work of another artist.
  2. If it is discovered that an artist has engaged in either of these practices, that artist will lose Art on the Lake exhibiting privileges immediately and permanently.


  • Vehicles are not permitted on the Commons property.
  • All booth material, tarps and other coverings shall be fire-retardant or fire resistant.  Open flames are not allowed.
  • No gasoline, kerosene or motor oils are permitted in the event area.
  • Unless artists are officially notified of a fair emergency, booths must be open at the fair starting time and not close before the fair closing time.  Artists concerned with their personal safety may close. Artists are expected to reopen as soon as the dangerous situation has ended.
  • Rude, obscene or abusive language and/or threatened, actual physical restraint and/or abuse of another Art on the Lake member, Art on the Lake staff or general public are prohibited.
  • On-site consumption of alcoholic beverages during fair hours is prohibited.
  • No debris may be left behind after tearing down.
  • Artists must be present and must show their work for the duration of the show. No commercial dealers or agents are permitted to represent the artist.
  • Only work that was juried into the show can be present and all artwork must be available for sale.
  • Artists may exhibit artwork only in the category in which they are accepted.
  • Artists must have a Minnesota Tax ID number and submit a completed Minnesota ST-19 form to the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce within 30 days of acceptance to the show.
  • Artists are responsible for the collection, reporting and payment of all taxes. TAXES: 7.525 % Hennepin County, Minnesota Sales Tax.
  • Artists must provide the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce with proof of General Liability Insurance by June 1, 2019 - you can send to event email by clicking here.
  • Studios involved in volume production are not permitted to exhibit.

Booth Information


Single Booth Fee (10' X 10'): $275
Double Booth Fee (20' X 10'): $500 
Corner Fee (Additional): $75 (limited availability)


Before going to the Commons Park at your assigned check in time (the time you will be assigned in your artist packet), you MUST check in with the AOTL volunteer at the Excelsior Elementary school parking lot entrance (see map inset); you will park here and receive a ticket to load in. A Picture I.D. is required at artist check in, and must be presented upon the request of Rules Committee members or AOL staff at any time during the fair. You will drive down Water Street to Lake Street, turn left and continue until you are directed by another volunteer to park and begin unloading. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated - this will help alleviate traffic congestion at the Commons Park.



Tents must be assembled and securely anchored by 7:00 a.m. Saturday for Fire Marshall inspection. For tent requirement information, click on Tent Code Enforcement

You are responsible for any fines incurred if not compliant. If your tent does not pass inspection, you will need to do what is necessary to be compliant, or else you will be asked to pack up and depart.



Coffee and rolls will be served at a centrally located AOTL Headquarters – look for the Chamber Information flag each morning at 7:00 a.m. Have a treat courtesy of the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce and local merchants. Please use enclosed tickets.



Volunteers wearing Art on the Lake T-shirts are available to serve as booth sitters. They will be walking up and down the rows continually during the show. Place your pink flag in front of your booth if you need a booth break.  We will do our best to get a volunteer to your booth as fast as possible. If your needs are urgent, please contact the director of the day at the phone number available in your artists packet you received at check in.



There is approximately a two foot allowance behind your booth to allow for storage of packing boxes and

excess materials.



Handicapped parking is available for legally marked vehicles only in the Excelsior Elementary School lot and at the Commons Park.



Artists are required to park in the designated lot at Excelsior Elementary School only-no exceptions. Artist vehicles parked on the streets will be ticketed by the city of Excelsior and meters will be enforced.



Upon completion of the show, check out with the Artist Liaison, they will be found throughout the Commons Park grounds at the close of the event. To receive an exit pass, your booth must be completely packed up and ready to load. Once you receive your exit pass, a shuttle will take you to the parking lot to retrieve your vehicle to re-enter the loading zone.

You must show your exit pass at the check-in station in order to be admitted. Parking is not allowed on the West side of Lake Street. Police will be present and enforcing this.

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