Event Information

Guilford Art Center's Craft Expo 2019

Guilford Green, Broad and Church Streets
Guilford, Connecticut (Northeast)

Phone: 203-453-5947
Event Dates: 7/19/19 - 7/21/19
Application Deadline: 1/21/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is NOT required)

Fee (Application fee ): $40.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary

Guilford Art Center’s Craft Expo 2019, held on the historic Guilford Green, is one of the top ranked and longest-running craft shows in the Northeast. Located half way between Boston and New York, this landmark outdoor show is held at the height of the shoreline’s summer season and showcases high-quality works by 180 exhibitors, including glass, clay, leather, jewelry, fiber arts, wood, paper and metal. Customers are loyal and knowledgeable; attendance is approximately 7,000. Proceeds benefit the Art Center’s educational and community programs.

General Information
Guilford Art Center welcomes your application to Craft Expo 2019
Exhibition dates: July 19, 20, 21, 2019

Application Deadline: January 21, 2019
Late Application Deadline January 23, 2019

Craft Expo 2019,  held on the scenic and historic Guilford Green, is a high-quality, outdoor juried show featuring contemporary crafts from 180 artists, in a variety of media including glass, clay, leather, jewelry, fiber arts, wood, paper, metal, and sculpture. (See complete categories below.) The show, which has a long history at this location, will be celebrating its 62nd year in 2019. It offers a choice of booths: exhibitors may be situated inside a large tent, or outdoors in their own, smaller free-standing tents.

Guilford Art Center is a non-profit school, shop and gallery established to nurture and support excellence in the arts.  Through classes for adults and children, gallery programs, a shop of contemporary crafts, and special events, the Center fulfills its mission to provide opportunities for the public to participate in the arts, to experience their cultural and historical diversity, and to appreciate the process and product of creative work.  Additional information can be found on our website: guilfordartcenter.org/expo/.

$40 if purchased online or postmarked by January 21, 2019
$60 late application fee if purchased online or postmarked after January 21, 2019
For Emerging Artists only, please call 203-453-5947 and leave a message to recieve a coupon code for a discounted application fee.

Application fees are non-refundable.

Applications should be filed online at https://www.zapplication.org/event-info.php?ID=6913. This is the preferred method of receiving applications, and we highly encourage all applicants to use zapplication.org for 2019.  All communication and payments for the show will be done through the email address provided to us through zapplication.org.

JURORS 2019-
  • Denise Lebica - Director of Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA, a leading institution in the American contemporary craft community.
  • Kristin Muller- Executive Director of Peters Valley School of Craft. Ceramic artist specializing in wood fired ceramics. Author of, The Potter’s Studio Handbook: A Guide to Hand-Built and Wheel-Thrown Ceramics and co-author, Making Good an Inspirational Guide to Being an Artist Craftsman.
  • Susan Silverman- An Associate Professor at Franklin Pierce University teaching Ceramics, Printmaking, and East Asian painting courses. She has shown her ceramic work, ink paintings, and prints in many regional, national, and international shows.
October 1, 2018            Application process opens
January 21, 2019          Application Deadline ($40.00)
January 23, 2019          Late application deadline
February 11, 2019        Notifications emailed, booth purchases begin
March 8, 2019              Corner booth discount expires
April 1, 2019                 Acceptance and Booth Fees Due
May 15, 2019                Exhibitor Contract Due
Refunds only according to cancellation policy below. No refunds will be made after May 15, 2019.

Craft Expo hours: Set up Times
July 18, Thursday, 12:00 pm to 8:30 pm*
July 19, Friday, 7:00 am to 11:00 am
*Exhibitors may set up earlier in the day on Thursday, beginning at 10 am, if they are able to find a legal parking space to do so. Delivary of rental equipment is not guarenteed before 6:00 pm as well as police assisted load-in and designated parking spaces.

Craft Expo hours: Open to the Public
July 19, Friday, 12:00 pm to 8:30 pm
July 20, Saturday, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
July 21, Sunday, 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Admission Fees
Adult $9.00
Senior (over 65) $7.00          
Children under 12, Members and Active Military with ID: FREE
Multi-day Pass: $15.00
$1.00 off coupon will be widely distributed in the media and will be posted on the Guilford Art Center website.
Note: There will be no discounts offered on the multi-day pass

New Emerging Artist 2019 Program – A juried showcase of emerging artists who demonstrate excellence in their work and a commitment to their careers that are seeking an opportunity to apply to an established marketplace at a reduced rate. This program will offer Emerging Artists opportunities to build their customer base, establish relationships with fellow master craftsmen, and provide a pathway into Guilford Art Centers established competitive fine arts craft show.
Eligibility - An Emerging Artist is an Artist who is at the beginning of their artistic careers (regardless of age) who have never shown in Guilford Craft Expo. The applicant has not established a solid reputation by receiving regional or national recognition and is not recognized as an established artist by other artists, curators, critics, or art administrators.


All work submitted for application must be original and made in North America. It must be created by hand or with the use of appropriate tools, by an individual artist and/or with help from a limited number of assistants/apprentices. Works must be of high quality, be well-designed, and convey artistic originality and vision. Work will be accepted based on these criteria. Exhibitors must warrant that all work is handcrafted and produced in North America. Only work of the same medium, quality and nature as that submitted for jurying may be displayed and sold.

Works that will not be accepted: objects from commercially available kits, parts or patterns; any objects/works made from pre-manufactured molds; embellished commercial objects and clothing; factory-made items; assembled jewelry, or dried flower arrangements. Such items and/or others that are deemed unacceptable for exhibit may be removed from the show at the discretion of the Art Center without prior notification and/or refund. Painting, photography, sculpture and hand-pulled prints are acceptable. Reproductions of two-dimensional artwork may not exceed 25% of available work and must be labeled as reproductions.

1. Works will be accepted in the following media categories:
Baskets, clay, fiber (wearable and non-wearable), glass, jewelry (metal and non-metal), leather, metal, mixed media, paper, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and wood. If your work falls outside of these categories, but is still considered a fine craft, please use the “other” category.

2. Applications must include images of 5 different individual pieces of your work.  
• Detail shots of the same item are not admissible as separate application photos.
• Application photos should not contain any text unless it is an integral part of the artwork, such as words in a collage or painting.
• The artist’s name and company name or logo or any other identifying words should not appear in the photo itself, or in the photo description, so that the jury process is impartial.
• Returning applicants are encouraged to submit new images of their work; marketing and promotional materials will feature new artist works. If you have used the same images for 2 or more years, or if your work has changed since your last application to the show,  you will need to submit new images of your work.

3. Artist Statement: This is not a marketing or promotional statement, and it should not include your name or company name. It should describe your artistic method or process. It may state how your work has developed and what makes it unique. For printmaking and photography, include how your work will be presented: matted and framed, acrylic mounted, etc.

Artists who wish to show work in more than one medium must apply in both appropriate categories and complete two separate applications. This requirement will be waived for previous exhibitors who have already been juried into, and have exhibited in, both categories in a prior year.
1. JEWELRY: If an exhibitor does not apply as a jeweler, but intends to sell jewelry, he/she must submit an additional set of 5 images of the jewelry.
2. OTHER: Likewise, artists who wish to show work in more than one medium must apply in both appropriate categories and complete two separate applications.
To apply in more than one category on www.zapplication.org, you must apply twice, which you can do using one artist profile. All you have to do is log in to your ZAPP account, apply, and check out as normal. Then, repeat for the second category you are applying in.

The jurors will review the artist’s digital files and score each artist’s work with a numerical score. Exhibitors are chosen from those applicants with the highest numerical scores in each category. Individual scores will not be released. Those scoring just below the cut off score will be added to a waiting list in case booth space becomes available. Cut off scores may vary from one medium to another, and Guilford Art Center reserves the right to balance the show. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out on February 11, 2019.
If an exhibitor is placed on a waiting list, he/she will be notified immediately if a space becomes available. Booth fees will not be required until an exhibitor is notified of his/her acceptance.

1. Contract: Contracts will be sent with notice of acceptance. Each exhibitor will be required to sign and return an Exhibitor’s Contract and provide a State of Connecticut Sales and Use Tax Permit number as a condition of acceptance. All contracts are due by May 15. Exhibitors on the waiting list will be contacted after the April 1 deadline should a spot become available.
2. Sales Tax: All exhibitors must have a valid Connecticut tax identification number and will be responsible for collecting and remitting CT sales tax. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to find out if their work qualifies for exemption. Exhibitors may submit an application without a tax certificate, but they must have their certificate before they can participate in the event. Exhibitors can apply for a tax number online at:
www.ct.gov/drs/cwp/view.asp?a=1477&Q=269922&drsPNavCtr=|40829|. The registration fee is $100, and it will take approximately 15-20 days to get your permit once you register online. For more information, call 860 297-5962.
3. Exhibited Work: Only work of the same medium, quality and nature as that submitted for jurying may be displayed and sold. Guilford Art Center reserves the right to ask for removal of work that is not consistent with the work that was juried or that does not conform to the show’s merchandise requirements. Exhibitors must plan to have sufficient stock for all three days.
4. Staffing: Exhibitors and/or representative staff or assistants must be on hand and available to the public for all public hours of the event. Any exhibitor who closes their display early on any day may be disqualified from future participation in the event.
5. Display: Craft Expo takes place rain or shine, under tents. Exhibitors should prepare for every type of weather. Exhibitors may be situated inside a large tent, or outdoors in their own, smaller free-standing tents.
• Exhibitors are required to provide a self-contained display: backdrops or enclosures, such as pipe and drape, Pro-panels, hard walls, etc.
• Some, but not all, of the big tents can accommodate a 10 x 10’ easy-up tent in your booth. Corner spaces generally do not, because of the slope of the tent roof.  Tented corner booths should be prepared for a loss of 6-12" in height near the edges. If you intend to erect an easy-up tent under a big tent, your display must be designed to be flexible, so that the top canopy can be removed in order to fit. Please be sure your display does not interfere with your neighbor’s space or extend into the aisles.
• Pipe and drape materials are available for rent by call General Rental at 203.288.8271.
• Exhibitors should bring their own display lights. All large tents have some overhead lighting, but exhibitors should bring additional lights (preferably LEDs) for their booths.
Rugs or other flooring covering the grass in your booth are not allowed per town regulations.
• Booth displays and signage should be consistent with the quality of the exhibitor’s work as represented in his/her application photos. Displays should be neat, and uncluttered.  Booth signs are provided by the Art Center, and should be hung in your booth.
• All stored inventory and crates must be out of public view and must fit within the designated booth boundaries; no expanding into the aisles.

Booth Information
Upon acceptance, booths may be purchased on zapplication.org. All booth fees are due, paid in full by April 1. Special booth location requests may be made when booths are purchased and will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Preferred booth location can only be honored if booth is purchased by the April 1 deadline. A working map of the 2019 show can be found here.

Please note: All 2019 booth fees include the $30 Town Green fee.

1) Freestanding Booth. Exhibitor provides his/her own tent
10’ x 10’ Outside space      $680
15’ x 10’ Outside space*   $1005
20’ x 10’ Outside space*   $1330
             *Limited availability
2) Booth inside tent. Show provides tents, which vary in size from 4 to 18 booths.
Non-corner Booth
10’ x 10’ Space in tent     $680 
15’ x 10’ Space in tent*  $1005
20’ x 10’ Space in tent*  $1330
            *Limited availability
Corner Booth                     Purchased                    Purchased
in tent                          before March 8                after March 8   
10’x10’                                  $780                            $830
15’x10’*                              $1,105                         $1,155
20’x10’*                              $1,430                         $1,480
            *Limited availability

Emerging Artist Space
- (specific rules apply)
5'x10'                                    $315

Electricity: 500 watts included with booth fee; $20 per additional 100 watts. Please note:  outdoor freestanding booths do not have electricity unless requested. Please indicate whether or not you need electricity for your outdoor booth at the end of your application.

If an exhibitor wishes to share a booth with another craftsperson, each must submit an application, go through the selection process and be accepted. Both applicants should indicate sharing preferences on both application forms.

Payment may be made with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express or a check payable to Guilford Art Center. Zapplication does not accept American Express; if you want to pay with AmEx, please contact the Art Center, and we will process your payment here for you. Your check will be deposited or credit card charged according to your choices at check out on zapplication.org or by phone. A $35 processing fee will be assessed for all checks returned by the bank for insufficient funds.  IMPORTANT NOTE: The application form and jury fee serves as a contract with Guilford Art Center affirming that the exhibitor is ready, willing and able to participate in the event.

Notice of your intent to withdraw from the event and requests for refunds must be in writing. If an exhibitor cancels after April 1, the booth fee will be refunded only if the space can be filled from the waiting list. No refunds will be made after May 15, 2019.  All refunds will be made by Guilford Art Center check.  If original payment was made by credit card, any credit card processing fees incurred by Guilford Art Center will be deducted from the refund.

Cancellations that occur due to emergencies or hardships will be handled on an individual basis. The exhibitor may be asked to provide proof of the circumstance before a decision can be made about a refund. The amount of the refund is at the discretion of Guilford Art Center and will vary by case.

If Guilford Art Center is forced to cancel the show due to Acts of God, Extreme Weather Events, Governmental Order, War, Civil Unrest, Terrorism, etc., there will be no refund of booth fees. Nor will refunds be issued for any other liabilities whatsoever concerning the failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons of the venue being destroyed by fire, weather, or other calamity, or by any act of God, public enemy, strikes, statutes, ordinances, or any legal authority, or any cause beyond our control. If we cancel the show by our own choice, we will completely refund your payment to that show.

Twenty-four-hour security is provided during the event. However, Guilford Art Center assumes no responsibility for damage, theft or loss of exhibitor work, personal property or display. We urge all exhibitors to carry their own insurance. Exhibitors must comply with all applicable state and local laws regarding the sale of their work and with local fire codes with regard to flammability of booth and display materials. Please click here for fire code information.

• Craft Expo is conveniently located in downtown Guilford near many restaurants and shops. The main entrance is across from 33 Whitfield Street, Guilford, CT 06437.
• Reasonably priced parking is available close by, including overnight parking, if necessary, and parking for trailers and RVs is available by special arrangement with St. George Church.
• There is free shuttle bus service and free parking at the two commuter lots at Exit 58 of I-95, and also at Adams Middle School, 233 Church Street, Guilford (Rte. 77).
• Food and drink is available on site at the event food court, including beer and wine.
• Free bottled water is available for exhibitors each day at the Whitfield Street Gate (Headquarters).
• A complimentary Artist’s dinner will be held on Saturday night at Guilford Art Center campus.
• Volunteer booth sitters are available during the event, so that exhibitors may take a 15 minute break if needed.
• Detailed set-up instructions and complete list of FAQs about the event will be sent to exhibitors upon acceptance and are also posted online: guilfordartcenter.org/expo.
• Exhibitors are provided with up to 4 exhibitor, assistant or associate badges.
• A list of accommodations is available on our website: http://guilfordartcenter.org/expo/craft-expo-lodging-information/. Craft Expo exhibitors are eligible to use the Guilford Art Center discounted rate at Baymont Inn in Branford.
• A small number of local residents may make their homes available to host an exhibitor during Craft Expo. This free housing is limited and absolutely first come, first served. Please contact the Art Center for details.

Guilford Art Center will provide you, free of charge, with up to 200 promotional postcards and/or stickers (for your own postcards). All promotional materials will offer $1.00 off admission, excluding the multi-day pass. You may order these materials when you purchase your booth and check out on zapplication.org. All postcard and sticker orders must be received by April 21. A digital file of the sticker and postcard will also be made available to you for distribution to your email list or facebook friends.

In addition, Guilford Art Center will provide a “Marketing Toolkit” that will include social media graphics, a customizable press release, event hashtag information and links to Guilford Art Center’s Craft Expo social media sites.  You will receive this information approximately 4-6 weeks in advance of the event.  We hope these “tools” will help you engage your customer base and ensure they know to find you at Craft Expo 2019!
Guilford Art Center’s promotional efforts on behalf of Craft Expo include detailed press releases, paid print, radio and digital advertising, direct mailing, broadcast media events, and extensive use of social media networking and email campaigns. Exhibitors are also given the opportunity to advertise in the event program. Craft Expo is widely recognized on a regional and national level. Unless permission is refused in writing, it is understood that the Exhibitor authorizes the Guilford Art Center to reproduce application images for publicity and advertising.

To submit your application in the mail, please click here for forms and instructions.

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