Event Information


Winter 2019 Fine Craft Fair Gettysburg PA Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen

All Star Complex
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Northeast)

Event Dates: 11/16/19 - 11/17/19
Application Deadline: 11/15/19 Midnight EST
88 day(s) and 4 hour(s) remaining


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $20.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen (Est.1944) (PGC) proudly announces a NEW VENUE and NEW EVENT showcasing American-made Fine Craft in historic Gettysburg, PA at the climate-controlled All-Star Sports Complex. This NEW fine craft fair is targeted to draw customers from Baltimore, Washington DC and its environs, northern Virginia, as well as south-central and western PA, including the Harrisburg/York/Hershey/Gettysburg area.

Master Artisans of the PGC are eligible for consideration by the Floor Jury for monetary Benchmark Awards.
The PGC's Winter Fine Craft Fair is geared to offer a fine handmade craft market experience during the holiday shopping season in a location with interested and able customers that have not been offered such opportunity to purchase from fine juried artisan-exhibitors.  The Fine Craft Fair is open to artists from across the country who are members in good standing of the PGC. 

General Information

Submissions representing the finest quality original fine craft are welcome.

You are not required to be a Pennsylvania resident to participate in PGC Fine Craft Fairs; you must be a member of the PGC.

Membership in the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen is required and must be current (you may apply for or renew your membership with your application)

Each Fine Craft Fair is juried to offer our collectors a broad array of media, best quality fine craft, and variety of styles and voices.

Applications are due by 2/1/2019; Notifications will be posted on Zapplication by 2/15/2019 and artists will be notified by email.


All items must be the hand-crafted work of the craftsperson of record and must conform to PDC standards: excellence in craftsmanship, resolved design, and a unique voice or style.

The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen's focus is on work made by hand by individual craftspeople.  Works created using commercial production methods, technological advancements, or automation used solely for high volume are not permissible at our Fine Craft Fairs; exceptions may be made if the following criteria are met:

The artist of record shall maintain significant and direct hands-on involvement in the creation and production of each piece.

The finished product must demonstrate a high aesthetic and technical quality as well as integrity.
The finished piece's originality and artistry transcend that of mass-produced objects. Prototypes and masters for work produced by these methods are designed and made by the artist of record. The artist of record possesses the knowledge and skill to create the finished product offered for sale at the show by means of technique within his or her juried media category as well as the knowledge and skill to utilize and operate the technological tools.

Fine art is only accepted to the Fine Craft Fair at the Chase Center, Wilmington DE and our Fine Craft Fair at the Gettysburg Expo Center, Gettysburg PA.

Photography must be signed limited edition only. At least one third of booth must be ready to hang. The balance must be matted and sleeved.

PGC Fine Craft Fairs feature original works by fine craft professionals, therefore these categories are NOT acceptable: commercial products, buy – sell items, work made from kits, consumables, such as, but not limited to: soaps, lotions, perfumes, candles, or food products of any kind. Exhibitors are prohibited from selling non-original promotional items (e.g., postcards, calendars, catalogs etc.)

All Fine Craft Fairs are onsite (floor) juried the first day of the event. All work displayed must be representative of work submitted in your application or you will be asked to remove it. Failure to comply with PGC rules or misrepresentation of work may result in expulsion from the Fine Craft Fair.

Onsite jurying:
(Floor Jurying) at shows is done for 2 purposes: 
1) To ensure that exhibiting members work is consistent with their application and Guild standards.
2) To determine Benchmark Award winners.

All exhibitors must be current members of the PGC. PGC Membership must be paid and current, for an exhibitor
participate in a Fine Craft Fair. The PGC reserves the right to cancel acceptance to a Fine Craft Fair if the artist’s annual membership is not current (paid in full) at time booth payments are due. You may apply to the Fine Craft Fair and pay annual membership upon acceptance.

Jewelry as Adjunct: Any artist who wishes to offer jewelry in addition to, but not to exceed ten percent (10%) of their primary medium product offering at a Fine Craft Fair must separately apply and be accepted in the Jewelry Category. Artists are not permitted to offer jewelry unless they have specifically applied to and been accepted in the jewelry category. Unless you have been accepted in the jewelry category, you may not display or offer for sale any jewelry items at a Fine Craft Fair.

Sales Tax: You are required to have a valid Pennsylvania sales tax certificate and it must be visible in your booth for events in Pennsylvania. Delaware has no state sales tax, so no tax certificate is required for our Summer Fine Craft Fair at the Chase Center.

Attendance & Set-up: The maker of the work to be offered must make application and will be deemed the artisan of record. The artisan of record must be present during the entire Fine Craft Fair. Registration is required prior to set-up. Artisans may be asked for I.D. Booths must be set-up, staffed by the artisan of record, and open on time and during all show hours. If two names are on the application, both must check in and be present for the entire show. Representatives may NOT attend in place of the artist.

All loading and unloading must be done during specified / assigned times. Exhibitors’ cars must adhere to posted local parking regulations and park only in specified locations. Exhibitors and any booth set-up assistants must abide by direction given by on-site security and/or Fine Craft Fair personnel.

Weather Policy: All events by the Pennsylvania Designer Craftsmen are planned and promoted as rain or shine. As such, no event is cancelled due to weather; however, severe weather may pose safety concerns for participating members and the general public that may require modifications to the event. In such extreme cases, based on current conditions and best judgment, the Fine Craft Fair Manager, in consultation with the PDC President and PGC Executive Director, may postpone the opening of an event, announce an early closure, or temporarily close an event. Circumstances that justify amending shows include but are not limited to: sustained winds in excess of 40 mph, tornado warnings, flood warnings, and other severe weather conditions. No refunds are afforded to participants if such an incident occurs. This clause is noted in the terms and conditions of the event application.

Payments:  Application fee must be paid at time application is submitted. Booth fees must be paid by or before stated due date. All payments must be made via Zapplication. No booth will be confirmed until payment in full is received.

Cancellation Policy:  Payment of booth and/or other fees to the PGC or its representative for a PDC event are binding on the applicant and the PDC. If an accepted exhibitor elects to withdraw from an event, there will be no refunds of any fees associated with the event. Emergency Exception Provision: The PDC recognizes that certain catastrophic events outside the applicant’s control, unforeseeable, and of a significant nature warrant review and consideration for exception to the refund policy. Such situations might include, but not be limited to, serious illness requiring hospitalization, death of immediate family member, or catastrophic loss of inventory due to fire, flood, or other disaster. In these cases, the accepted exhibitor or their representative should make a detailed request to the Fine Craft Fair Manager, including the reason for the withdrawal. The Fine Craft Fair Manager will present the request to the PDC board, who will review and determine the response. The decision of the PDC board will be final. ​

Insurance for loss, damage, injury, or liability is the applicant/exhibitor’s responsibility.

Pets are not permitted at the show or in exhibitor’s booth.

Booth Information
Exhibitors are expected to have a professional display for their work.  All boxes, additional stock and supplies
must be stored so they are not visible to customers or unsightly for neighboring exhibitors.

No signs advertising "Seconds" or "Sale" permitted. No raffles.

All booths must have a back drop on 3 sides (corner requires 2 sides) providing a visual barrier the entire width, depth, and height of the booth. You may use your tent frame and add your own drape.  YOU MAY NOT USE YOUR TENT WALLS AND TENT TOP INSIDE.  If you do not have fabric drape for your tent, you will need to rent pipe and drape.

10x10 $375.00 Includes Electric
10x15 $550.00 Includes Electric
10x20 $700.00 Includes Electric
Corner ADD $75
Pipe and Drape ADD $120
​Annual PGC Membership ADD $75