Event Information

Funky Ferndale Art Fair 2019

Nine Mile Road west of Woodward, Ferndale, MI
Ferndale, Michigan (Midwest)

Event Dates: 9/20/19 - 9/22/19
Application Deadline: 5/19/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $25.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
Fashionable Ferndale’s downtown is a thriving business community with distinctive boutiques and bistros. The lively atmosphere attracts young upwardly mobile professionals. This show is designed to provide a showcase for artists that have work that appeals to that group.

We feature art that shows more than a bit of creativity, that challenges the mind, or simply sparks the imagination. Artwork that does not sit quietly, but invites a reaction. Overall however, keep in mind, this is a high quality juried fine art show.

Integrity Shows avoids the everything for everybody concept of shows. Our marketing is designed to bring people with the means and ability to buy your artwork. Our shows are widely praised for the effort placed toward supporting participating artists. We understand that your success is essential and we do what it takes to meet your needs.

We average 40,000 shoppers attending over the weekend.  You are required to have liability insurance.  If you don't have a policy we can help you obtain it at $39 for the event.

Friday 3-7
Saturday 10-7
Sunday 11-6

Move in is available on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  Booths are about 11 foot wide and most have additional space behind.  RV parking with advance notification a few blocks away (no electric or water connections).

General Information
Integrity Shows works hard to earn your trust.  Artists rank us high for service, for marketing and for results.  We feature artwork as the focus of our marketing.  

The following are the rules applicable to your participation in the art fair. You may participate in the art fair only in accordance with these rules. No other document, including your purchase orders or similar documents (even if signed or acknowledged by Integrity Shows), shall modify these rules. If you do not agree with or abide by these rules, you may not participate in the art fair.
1. Your work must be original and created by you as the artist. If we have reason to believe that your work is not original and created by you, we reserve the right to make reasonable inquiry into the origin and authenticity of your work. High quality prints are acceptable as long as they were included in your application. If you fail to cooperate in our investigation or if we determine that your work is not original and created by you (e.g., if the work was created by another artist and purchased for resale by you at the art fair), you may, at your election, either (a) immediately and completely exit the fair without refund, or (b) remain at the fair but re-classified as a "commercial" booth, the rent for which will be adjusted to the commercial rate of $2500. If you elect to re-classify your booth, the difference between your initial rent payment and the adjusted commercial rent will be immediately due and payable.Some artists prefer to be in a very quiet area, while others prefer to have some music.  While we cannot always control what the adjacent businesses are doing, we endeavor to keep those requesting a quieter spot away from our buskers.
2. Your work may only be in the medium and styles as presented to and accepted during the application process. This includes a proportional representation of the medium and styles presented to and accepted.
3. You must provide your own tent and display as presented in the application process. All tents must be staked or have a minimum of forty (40) pounds of weight securely attached to each corner.
4. Electricity is only available of ordered and paid for in advance.
5. Your booth area will be designated by lines or other demarcation. Your tent and displays must remain in the booth area assigned to you at all times.
6. You may not share a booth, unless all artists sharing the booth have been accepted by the jury and prior arrangements for sharing have been made and accept by us.
7. All art must be available for sale. You acknowledge and agree that you are required by law to collect and remit Michigan sales taxes. Call the Treasury Department, (517) 373-0888, to register.
8. Integrity Shows reserves the right to cancel your acceptance to the art fair at any time prior to the show with no further obligation to you except a refund of your previously paid booth fees (if any).
9. You authorize us to use your name, image, and likeness, as well as representative samples of your work, for purposes of promoting and advertising the art fair.
10. You may cancel your participation at the art fair at any time and for any reason. If we receive your cancellation before July 2, you will be entitled to a full refund. Refunds will be made within 30 days after receipt. If we receive your cancellation between July 2 and July 19, you will be entitled to a credit in the amount of your fees which may be applied to the next Funky Ferndale Art Fair.  No refunds after July 19.
11. Your booth must remain open during all event hours. At least one of the artists listed on your application must be present during the event.
12. You acknowledge the inherent risks associated with outdoor, public displays of your art work. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROPER INSURANCE AND PROTECTION OF YOUR WORK AND SETUP. Integrity Shows, and its partners are not responsible for loss or damage. You must list the following with a minimum coverage of $1 million.  "Integrity Shows Inc., Box 21667, Detroit, MI 48221; The City of Ferndale, 300 E 9 Mile Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220"
Please contact us if you need assistance in obtaining annual or show specific insurance coverage.
13. The show will be held unless the event management (or city or municipal official) determines that there is a threat to safety. If show hours are reduced or the event is canceled there is no refund.
14. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Funky Ferndale Art Fair, Integrity Shows Inc. and The City of Ferndale for any damages.
15. We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time with prior written notice to you. You acknowledge that the venue may have rules of its own and agree to abide by those rules as well.

Booth Information
Application Fee $25

Booths are tight.  Our fire marshall is quite strict on maintaining lanes at all times.   We have added a mid-sized option for those that need a little breathing space. DOuble booths are not available.

10 by 10- $355
10 by 15- $525

Corners- Add $75

Electricity- Add $100.
Very few artists use electric as the show closes at dusk.