Event Information

100 American Craftsmen - 2019

Kenan Center Arena
Lockport, New York (Northeast)

Phone: 716-433-2617
Event Dates: 5/31/19 - 6/2/19
Application Deadline: 2/15/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $45.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
Since its inception in 1970, 100 American Craftsmen has focused exclusively on fine craft art, supporting both established artisans who have reached the highest level of artistic quality, and nurturing new artisans who combine innovative approaches with traditional crafting techniques.    
The event takes place indoors at the Kenan Center Arena located on the 25-acre Kenan Center campus in the heart of historic Lockport, NY. It attracts avid craft lovers from across the region including visitors to Niagara Falls and Buffalo, just 30 minutes away. The Center is located a short drive from the Erie Canal, the Niagara Wine Trail, Rochester, and the Finger Lakes region.

General Information
100 American Craftsmen is devoted to the exhibition and sale of fine craft art, with an eye on attracting both seasoned artisans producing high quality craft art, and innovative, young artisans creating signature pieces with contemporary style.
100 American Craftsmen is not only one of the Center’s major events of the year, but a recognized regional event that attracts visitors from across New York State, neighboring states, and Southern Ontario, as well as travelers who are visiting Niagara Falls. 100 American Craftsmen is known for its high quality of craft artisans, and loyal patrons who appreciate and understand the value of hand-made, original craft art. Lockport, itself, is the site of one of the only fully operational set of locks on the Erie Canal, a major attraction during the warm weather months.

During each 100 American Craftsmen event, there is a fine art exhibit in the Kenan Gallery located in the historic Kenan House. Admission to the Gallery is free to craft show attendees.

In addition to the Gallery exhibit, patrons can enjoy specialty food and wine vendors, and an Herbal Plant Sale on Saturday (outdoors). New in 2019 will be several restaurants on site providing a choice to artisans and guests alike.

What other artisans have said about the show:
 “2015 was my first year participating in the 100 American Craftsmen Annex show at the Kenan Center. I was overwhelmed by the support of the patrons of the show. I would definitely do this show again!”                                --Melissa Buckley, mixed media artisan
"Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event. It was a privilege to be a part of such an established, well-thought out show that takes such good care of its participating artists. “
                                                                                                 —Marisa Krol, jewelry artisan
“I really enjoyed my participation in the show as well as in my sales with craft supporters who really understand handmade real craft made in the USA.”  
                                                                                                   --Fumihiko Mochizuki, clay artisan

Artisans are invited to attend a post-show party on Friday evening in the elegant Kenan House with food, beverages, and live music. Awards are presented at this time, except for Best New Artisan--selected by the exhibiting artsians--which is announced after 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. Artisans are also invited to attend a Sunday morning pre-opening continental breakfast/feedback session. We provide exceptional hospitality throughout the weekend including complimentary beverages, lunch delivery, booth sitters, and pizza (pay by the slice) during Friday set-up. On-site professional photography services are also provided—artisans must make arrangements with the photographer for product or booth shots.

Top cash awards are:  $850 Master Craftsmen, selected by the attending previous awarded masters; $600 First Place Best of Show and $400 Second Place Best of Show,* selected by this year’s jurors; $300 Best New Artisan, selected by attending artists by ballot; and $300 Best Booth, selected by the show Co-Chairs. An award for Best Emerging Artisan is also presented to an individual who has been practicing & selling their work for 6 years or less. The awardee is exempt for jurying in the next year they apply. We also award an Honorable Mention within each category (some categories are combined when there are a low number of artisans represented in a category).  *Master Craftsmen and Best of Show award winners are jury exempt starting from the year they win the award, however ALL awardees must pay for their booth space.

100 American Craftsmen offers artisans extensive marketing in the WNY region which includes a postcard mailing, broadcast and print advertising, E-mail, and complete social media promotion including  a dedicated website (100americancraftsmen.com).
Standard booth is $225; corner booth is $250. Jury fee, paid with your application submission, is $45. You will be asked on the application if you plan to request a corner booth. This helps us in planning the layout so that we have enough standard and corner booths to accommodate requests. Checking the box yes or no does not commit you at this time to a specific booth type.

Basketry, Ceramics, Decorative Glass, Decorative Metal, Jewelry (Precious/Metal; Glass; Other), Fiber-Wearable, Fiber-Non-Wearable, Leather, Mixed Media, Paper, Wood. The Kenan Center sometimes re-assigns a submission to a different category if it's determined that the work fits better into an alternate category. PLEASE ONLY ONE APPLICATION PER ARTIST UNLESS YOU INTEND TO CARRY JEWELRY IN YOUR BOOTH AND IT IS NOT YOUR PRIMARY MEDIA. SEE PARAGRAPH BELOW.

Four jurors view the submissions at separate locations and score each submission on a scale of 1-4. Jurors are selected for their knowledge and experience in the craft art field and have included artisans, gallery owners, curators, and faculty from university studio art programs. We use their cumulative score to determine Artisan acceptance.

Regarding jewelry: Due to the high volume of jewelry Artisans who apply, the Kenan Center limits the number of all jewelry exhibitors to 1/3 of the accepted Artisans. If you intend to show jewelry in your booth, and it is not your primary category, you must submit a second application with 4 separate images. See the Rules & Regulations Section.

Jurying Images. You must submit 4 different product images that accurately represent your current work, and which will be represented in your booth. Do not send different angles of the same piece, or "collage" images. A booth image is required to submit your application (image #5). If you do not have a booth image, please select another product image or include a tabletop arrangement of your work, but explain in the description section for that photo why you do not have a booth image.

NOTES ON IMAGES: Images should be of the product, only, on a neutral background. We strongly recommend that you do not shoot products outdoors using nature as a backdrop--it is only distracting and limits our ability to use your images in promotional pieces, and with no propping. Please be sure images are at least 150 dpi and a minimum pixel size of 1,200 (either vertical or horizontal). High resolution and image size are best!
If you are accepted by your jurying score, you will receive an email notification/invitation around the week of March 4. You must accept the invitation and pay your booth fee through ZAPP by March 29, or you are not considerd an exhibiting artisan. Once you have accepted the invitation and paid your booth fee, you will receive a registration form with booth layout to select your space. Booths are assigned on a first come, first serve basis, however previously awarded Master Craftsmen who plan on attending are guaranteed their booth choice and are also given the option of expanded booth space at the discretion of the Kenan Center as a benefit of their award status. Artisans who are selected as Alternates will also be notified. You must let us know if you wish to remain on the Alternate list.

February 8 Midnight EST: Deadline for applications
*May be extended at the discretion of the Kenan Center
Week of February 18 : Jurying
Week of March 4: Notification of status
Deadline to pay for booth: March 29
May 30, 5-9 p.m. & May 31, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.: Registration and set-up
May 31,  9-11 p.m.: Artisans party
New show hours for Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 11am-4pm


Only original craft art, made by hand, or with the appropriate tools, by the artisan who is submitting the application, is eligible. If your work is based primarily on recycled, repurposed or salvaged materials, please be sure to note this clearly in your application and check the Mixed Media category.

Work must comply with the defined categories in this application and with the standards statement of the American Craft Enterprises, Inc. as a guide:  "Whether produced in quantity or as an individual piece, the idea work reflects excellence. The work should be well conceived, expertly executed  without technical faults, and should show an identity of design.”   

If your primary medium is anything other than jewelry, you may not sell jewelry of any kind in your booth. To show jewelry in your booth you MUST SUBMIT JEWELRY AS A SEPARATE APPLICATION. Please be sure to answer YES to the question if you need to apply twice when filling out your artisan information. You will be emailed a coupon code that exempts you from paying a second jury fee at check-out.  As with your original application, you must submit 4 images of your jewelry; you may submit the same booth shot. Artisans whose jewelry is not accepted into the show may not carry jewelry in their booths. No exceptions. DO NOT SUBMIT A SECOND APPLICATION UNLESS YOU PLAN TO SHOW JEWELRY IN YOUR BOOTH.

The artisan whose work is represented in the slides must be present at the show. No exceptions

Kenan Center reserves the right to determine the eligibility of all work submitted for jurying as well as the right to ask an artisan to leave the show, without expectation of refund of any fees, if it is determined any of the above requirements have not been met. Signing the application form is an agreement that you, the artisan, are meeting all of the eligibility requirements stated above. If it is determined that you have misrepresented the origin of your work, you will be excluded from future consideration

Absolutely no buy and sell items, imports, or work that is commercially manufactured will be accepted. Commercial manufacturing is defined as any process by which the artisan consigns the majority of the artisan’s designs to assistants or contracted workers to produce/construct rather than hand-crafting each piece him or herself. Work we do not accept: floral arrangements, edible items, any work on manufactured apparel including tee shirts, items that consist entirely of manufactured parts and are only assembled by the artisan, items created from kits, folk art. 
Past acceptance is not a guarantee of acceptance to future shows. As with all juries, each one is different, and how you are scored by one jury may differ from how you are scored by the next. Within a category such as jewelry, where there are a high number of submissions, some artisans may not be accepted simply because we must limit the number of exhibitors. The decision of the jurors is final.

Booth Information
All booths are 10’ x 10’. Standard booths are $225; corner booths are $250. Two Artisans may share one booth—if you plan to do so, please note this in your application form. Both Artisans must be accepted by jury score. A higher fee applies for two Artisans sharing a booth (you will be notified in your acceptance letter of the fee). Electricity provided free of charge. Tents, pipe and drape, and custom walls are permitted; all booths must have backs. Artisans are responsible for chairs, tables and booth lighting. No signage offering discounts, sales, 2 for 1 or other deals are permitted in booths.