Event Information

Three Rivers Arts Festival 2019

The heart of downtown Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Northeast)

Phone: 412-208-3020
Event Dates: 6/7/19 - 6/16/19
Application Deadline: 2/4/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 6 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (JURY FEE): $35.00


Event Summary
The Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival, a production of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, is a 10-day celebration of the arts in downtown Pittsburgh unlike any other in the nation. This world-class, multi-disciplinary festival is free to attend and open to the public.

Attracting over 400,000 visitors annually, the Festival begins on the first Friday in June and takes place at the confluence of Pittsburgh’s famed three rivers in Point State Park, throughout picturesque Gateway Center, and in the city’s world-renowned Cultural District.

General Information
For over 60 years, the Festival’s loyal visitors have enjoyed an extensive array of music, performance, visual arts, crafts/art-making activities and a renowned Artist’s Market featuring over 350 artists from around the country. Artists are selected through a rigorous jury process–emphasizing quality, craftsmanship and presentation–in a wide variety of media, from jewelry to painting, woodworking to photography.
Why apply?
  • $10,000 in cash awards
  • 80% of artists earn $2,500 or more (artist survey data)
  • 98% of artists earn $1,000 or more (artist survey data)
  • Set in Pittsburgh, a city ranked among “Best in the World” to visit (National Geographic, 2012)
  • Rated 2nd Best in the Nation (USA Today, 2015)
  • Ranked among the top 50 shows in the United States by Sunshine Artist Magazine
  • Attracts 400,000 annual visitors to downtown Pittsburgh
  • 300+ artists over 10 days
  • Options for length of stay
  • Volunteer booth-sitters
  • 24-hour security
  • Artist Lounge w/ complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Indoor artist restrooms
  • Catered award breakfast on Sundays
  • Text Message Alert System
  • Award-winning practice of environmental sustainability
  • and much more...

Booth Information

Standard Booth Fee: $340-$410
Corner Upgrade: $75 (limited availability)
  • Up to 350 total exhibition booths
  • Limited double booths available for large scale works
  • Booth size: 10' x 10'
  • 500 watts of electricity
Exhibitor Times, Dates, and Locations

Artists may exhibit for ONE time session.
  • Session A: Friday, June 7 - Tuesday, June 11 (Gateway Plaza) $410
  • Session B: Friday, June 7 - Thursday, June 13 (Park South Walkway)
  • Session C: Friday, June 7 - Thursday, June 13 (Park North Walkway by the Main Stage) $340
  • Session D: Saturday, June 8 & Sunday, June 9 (Penn Avenue at Gateway Center) $410
  • Session E: Wednesday, June 12 - Sunday, June 16 (Gateway Plaza) $410
  • Session F: Friday, June 14 - Sunday, June 16 (Park South Walkway $410)
  • Session G: Friday, June 14 - Sunday, June 16 (Park North Walkway by the Main Stage) $340
  • Session H: Saturday, June 15 & Sunday, June 16 (Penn Avenue at Gateway Center) $410
Market hours: Noon to 8 p.m. daily


The Three Rivers Arts Festival grants awards valued at $10,000 over the course of the Festival. Site jurors allocate awards and winners are announced during the Sunday Artists' Breakfasts.

Marketing and Promotion

The Three Rivers Arts Festival as a whole and the Artists Market specifically are widely promoted throughout the Pittsburgh region, including the nearby cities of Erie, Cleveland, Morgantown and Wheeling. The Festival uses a mix of print, radio, TV, outdoor and online advertising to regularly attract an audience of 400,000 people to the market. 

Application Fee Discounts

Certain applicants are eligible for a complimentary jury fee. 
Emerging Artist applicants should use the coupon code - EA2019
2018 Award Winners should use the coupon code - AW2019
Advisory Committee Members should use the coupon code - AB2019

Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival is a production of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
ATTN: Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival
803 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Conditions of the Festival

Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival upholds high standards of quality as a fine art and fine craft market. The following ‘Conditions of the Festival’ help to ensure that these standards of quality are consistently met and help to make the Market a good environment for artists to display and sell their work. Failure to comply to the Conditions of the Festival may result in expulsion from this year’s and/or future festivals.
  1. The artist must be present during the entire festival. No commercial agents, dealers or salespeople may operate the artist’s booth. Collaborations/ partnerships are permitted, however all artists must be listed and accepted through one application. If you operate a multi-artist studio, you must represent this to the Festival and the public. Commercial studios involved in volume production will not be considered for inclusion in the show. Artists may not display or sell work by apprentices or employees.
  2. No booth sharing between independent artists will be permitted. Partners must collaborate in their creative process.
  3. The artist’s booth must be set up and open for business from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. each day of the Festival.
  4. The work sold in the Market must be of the same nature and quality as the images submitted for jurying. The Festival reserves the right to request the removal of any work that differs from images submitted and accepted, as well as any inappropriate work or display.
  5. A site qualifying committee will examine each booth and may question artists about the authenticity of artists’ work to ensure that all work is original and made by the artist present, and that the rules and conditions of the Festival are adhered to by each participating artist.
  6. All work must be original, designed and crafted by the applicant. We do not accept work made from commercial molds, kits or patterns, or other commercial methods. Copyrighted designs not owned by the artist are not permitted. No factory-made items, including commercially produced boxes, furniture, dishware, stemware, etc.; decoupage; candles; plants; manufactured belts or handbags; etc. regardless of enhancements.
  7. Any reproductions may not exceed 25% of the work offered for sale and must be clearly marked as reproductions.
  8. No pets are permitted on the Artist Market grounds.
  9. No storage beyond the 10×10 booth space.
  10. All exhibitors agree to comply with Festival policy in regards to booth rental and weight requirements.
Medium Categories
  • Ceramic: original clay work other than jewelry
  • Drawing: two-dimensional works in pencil, chalk, pastel, charcoal, pen & ink
  • Computer Graphics & Digital Art: original computer generated art, photographs that are artistically manipulated using a computer
  • Wearable Fiber: any wearable work crafted from fiber, excluding leather and jewelry
  • Non-wearable Fiber: non-wearable work crafted from fiber including fabric and paper
  • Glass: glass work that has been hand-crafted by glass blowing, molding, casting or kiln-forming
  • Precious Jewelry: any jewelry crafted from precious metals (gold, silver, gemstones, etc.)
  • Non-Precious Jewelry: any jewelry crafted from non-precious materials (wood, clay, glass, etc.)
  • Leather: any work crafted leather other than jewelry
  • Metal: any work crafted from metal other than jewelry
  • Mixed Media/Two-Dimensional: two-dimensional work that incorporates more than one type of physical material in their production (ceramic, fiber; wood/metal; assemblage, collage, etc.) These may include handmade books as well as wall art. If work submitted is created in more than one medium, please choose a category that represents the majority of the medium you use.
  • Mixed Media/Three-Dimensional: three-dimensional work that incorporates more than one type of physical material in their production (ceramic, fiber; wood/metal; assemblage, collage, etc.) If work submitted is created in more than one medium, please choose a category that represents the majority of the medium you use.
  • Musical Instruments: original, hand-crafted, functional musical instruments
  • Painting: two-dimensional works in paint
  • Photography: prints created from the artist’s original negative processed by the artist or under direct supervision of the artist
  • Printmaking & Graphics: original works created using traditional printmaking methods including screenpriting, block, lithograph, serigraph, etc.
  • Sculpture: three-dimensional original work created in any medium
  • Wood: original works in wood that are hand-tooled, machine-worked, turned or carved
Artists may apply in more than one medium, but must submit a separate application fee for each medium.
If your primary medium is anything other than jewelry, you may not sell jewelry of any kind in your booth unless you submit a separate application in the jewelry category.
Re-assignment of categories is at the discretion of the Festival.
Musical Instrument Artists may sell recordings only if they feature the artist performing on an instrument that the artist has crafted. The musical instruments must be clearly displayed in the front of the booth; displays of tapes and CDs must be subordinate to the instruments and must not overwhelm the booth. The primary vehicle for demonstrating must be through the live demonstration of the artist, not through recordings. Reproductions (tapes, CDs, books, etc.) can only make up 25% of the booth layout.
If you have questions about whether your work qualifies for the Artist Market at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, contact:

phone: (412) 208-3020
email: trafmarket@trustarts.org

Booth Information
Your booth space is 10′ x 10′. There is absolutely no storage space available adjacent to the booths or behind the booths. Oversized artwork and artwork of any kind may not be displayed beyond the 10'x10' dimensions of the booth. Chairs for the artist or booth sitters are also prohibited outside the booth. Please plan your layout accordingly.
Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival reserves the right, if circumstances demand, to change the location of allocated space, slightly reduce or increase the size of space, or otherwise alter the shape of space allocated. The Festival also reserves the right to rearrange the layout of unoccupied areas, alter entrances and exits to and from the site, and to undertake other structural alterations.

You will receive a booth sign upon registration that lists artists’ names, hometown, medium categories and booth number.  You must display this sign in your booth so that it is easily visible from the front entrance of your booth. Your booth sign must be displayed for the duration of your stay at the Market.

Exhibitors are responsible for providing booth structures with canopy, racks, tables, display units, fixtures, chairs and dollies.  All display materials must be suitable for outdoor usage.
Please invest in a durable, sturdy tent with wind vents. While lightweight pop-up tents may seem like an economical arrangement, we have seen these kinds of tents blow over, bend, twist, collapse, and rip with only minimal wind gusts.  When set up in close quarters with your fellow artists, a tent that blows over can have devastating effects on neighboring tents, even if their tent is otherwise sturdy and secure.  Wind vents are crucial because they allow wind to blow through your tent rather than blowing it away.

Exhibitors should prepare for inclement weather by bringing their own appropriate rain covers, tie-downs and weights. Even during nice weather, the Festival can experience extremely windy conditions. A tent with a removable top, wind flaps, heavy cord, bungee cords, clamps and wire will come in handy in securing your booth during windy periods.
Bring adequate weights. You may not tie ropes to benches, light posts, trees, your neighbor’s tent, or anything else. You must use hanging weights. There is absolutely no staking within the festival footprint.
Weights may be fashioned from many different items, such as PVC tubes or buckets filled with concrete or sand. You may not use plastic bags filled with sand. These inevitably rip open and create a tremendous mess. Hang weights from each of the four upper corners using strong rope. Allow the weights to hang suspended off the ground – approximately 12″ – 18″. This will help to keep your tent from twisting in the wind.

Each tent will be provided with one-third of a 20-amp circuit, or about 500 watts.  Please plan accordingly and do not overload your allotted amount.  Power outages effect more than just your booth!
Display Requirements
Only works of art created by the artist(s) accepted by the Festival may be displayed or offered for saleOnly work in the medium category or categories in which the artist is accepted may be shown.  You may not display jewelry of any kind, even if it fits your primary medium category, unless you were accepted in the jewelry category.  The Festival will ask you to remove any work that does not fit these criteria.
Work must be comparable in size, style, and quality to the work in images accepted through the jury process. The Festival will ask you to remove any work that it deems you did not appropriately represent through the images you supplied for jury.
All work must be properly identified with no misleading labels. Reproductions of original work must be identified as such.  75% of your stock must be original work.  You will be asked to remove reproductions exceeding 25% of the work shown.  Gold-filled, washed or plated work must be identified.
You may display your name, company name, logo and biographical information in your booth.  You may distribute business cards within your booth.  No other cards, ribbons, catalogues, brochures, flyers, posters or publicity materials may be displayed.  You may collect buyer and audience contact information, but you may not add them to your contact list unless they have given you permission to do so.  
If you win an award at Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival, we hope you will proudly display it.  You may not display awards or ribbons from other shows, not even previous Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival awards, to avoid confusion. You may keep an album or portfolio of awards and other materials in your booth.
Under no circumstances may you sublet your booth, in whole or in part, with or without charge. You may not display or advertise the work of individuals other than those accepted and specified in your application.  Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in immediate removal from the show and future Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival Artist Markets.
If you have questions about whether something you are planning to bring fits within our rules or relates to the slides you submitted with your application, please contact the Festival at 412-208-3020.

Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival upholds high standards of quality as a fine art and fine craft market.  The Site Qualifiers, comprised of professionals in each medium, will visit the Artist Market at various and random times during the course of the Festival.