Event Information

Summerfest Arts Faire 2019

50 N Main Logan; Tabernacle Square in Historic Downtown Logan
Logan, Utah (West)

Phone: 435-213-3858
Event Dates: 6/13/19 - 6/15/19
Application Deadline: 2/17/19 Midnight MST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Summerfest Application Fee): $35.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary

You are cordially invited to submit an application to request participation in the 36th Annual Summerfest Arts Faire (SAF) to take place in Logan, Utah, June 13-15, 2019. Summerfest is a fine art/fine craft event popular with collectors and visitors (over 60,000) and takes place at Tabernacle Square in Historic Downtown Logan, the very heart of beautiful Cache Valley. Summerfest is a juried event known for its quality original artwork.

General Information

Summerfest 2019 takes place over three days from Thursday, June 13 through Saturday, June 15, 2019. Summerfest event hours are 11am to 10pm on Thursday and Friday and 10am to 9pm Saturday. PLEASE NOTE that artists’ required hours are 11am – 9pm Thursday and Friday and 10am- 8pm Saturday (in other words, artists may close their tents one hour earlier than the festival closing time), but artists are welcome to stay open until closing time on Thursday and Friday evenings. There will be music and food available until closing each night.


No more than 170 visual artists will be included in Summerfest 2019. Artists are encouraged to apply early.


All items are required to be original works made by the artist who is applying, and who will also be present for the event. No resale manufactured goods or imports are allowed at Summerfest. All art must be original, designed and produced by, or under the direct supervision of the artist. The artist must be present throughout the festival. No representatives, though assistants/helpers are allowed. Please do not apply if you are a reseller of manufactured, mass produced goods (no buy/sell), or re-packaged commercially manufactured goods. Artists selling reproductions of their own work must still have more than half of their inventory in original works.


Accepted Media: Please look through all the media and choose where your artwork fits best. It is very important that your artwork be placed in the correct category to ensure that the jury process is fair. Please contact the Summerfest staff if you have a question.


2-D & 3-D Mixed Media


Artisan-made Culinary/Personal-care Goods: handcrafted spices, vinegars, soaps, lotions, etc.

Digital Art


Fiber (not wearable)





Onsite Art/Personalized Creations: calligraphy, face painting, body art, airbrushed T-shirts, etc.

Painting: oil, acrylic, watercolor, etc.



Toys and Games

Wearable art: leather, hats, purses, handmade clothing, etc.




The jury is comprised of an independent group of artists, educators, and art collectors, selected for their diverse knowledge of the arts. They are not Summerfest staff or employees and are compensated for their service.



Please submit four (4) images of your artwork with your application. These should honestly represent the type and quality of works you intend to display/sell. Artists must include one additional image representative of their booth display. This is not a photo or diagram of the canopy/tent itself. It is a photo of the merchandise display, approximating what the display will look like at the event. If this is your first event and you don’t have a booth shot, please set up a display on your kitchen table or some other location and submit it, along with an explanation of how you will make your booth attractive and professional-looking. The booth appearance picture can make the difference between being accepted or not accepted.


Remember: the quality of the images submitted does count!  Please submit images that show your work clearly and to its best advantage. Crowded images that try to fit in everything you do are not helpful—it is better to focus well on one item against an uncluttered background. And they need to be in focus.



Any partial refund or credit will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Accepting your invitation to participate in Summerfest is a commitment to be at the Faire. A last-minute emergency/illness will require documentation.



2019 "Best in Show" and “People’s Choice” awards will be given during the event.

These artists will be invited to the 2020 show with their application fee waived. “Best in Show” winner will also be designated as the 2020 Featured Artist, receiving a free booth, their artwork on our poster, and being featured in advertising. The “People’s Choice” winner will receive a coupon for $135 off their booth fee for Summerfest Arts Faire 2020.



Summerfest will provide the following services to artist exhibitors:

1. Assistance with booth set up and teardown (you will be provided with contact information upon check-in).

2. Booth sitters for breaks.

3. Air-conditioned artist hospitality area with complimentary beverages, snacks, and SAF and community information. Available for artists only.

4. Each artist will be featured on our website and on social media sites.

5. An event program will be published which will include a site map, a listing of participating artists, their artwork and website addresses (if provided). Inclusion in the program is only guaranteed if the application is received by the deadline, payment is made on time, and requested artwork is submitted when required.

6. Free parking is provided one block from the venue. Truck/trailer parking will be two blocks away. Please do not park your vehicle or trailer on the perimeter streets or grounds of Tabernacle Square except to load and unload. Violators will be fined and may not be invited back to the event.

7. Exhibitor gift bags.

8. Welcome reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres on Wednesday, June 12 at 6 pm.

9. CAMPSITES and LODGING. Campsites and hotels are available in abundance. Discounted lodging information will be sent out.



Please note that this year, photographers will be required to preregister on the dates shown—they may not register when they turn in their work. This is a change from past years. The 11th Annual Summerfest Arts Faire Plein Air/Photography event will take place June 7 - June 12, 2019, with professional and amateur categories. Participants may register and have canvases stamped Friday, June 7, 5pm - 8pm, and Saturday, June 8, 8 – 10am, in the Champ Fellowship Hall at St. John’s Episcopal Church (85 E 100 N, Logan). Latecomers may register in the Summerfest office at 69 E. 100 N, Monday June 10, from 8am – 10am. Completed, framed paintings and photographs must be turned in at the Plein Air tent, located on the Tabernacle grounds (50 E 100 N) in Logan, Utah, on Wednesday, June 12, between 10am and noon. Judging will take place between 2pm and 6pm on Wednesday, June 12. The awards presentation will occur during our welcome reception that evening at 6pm. A silent auction, where Plein Air/Photography entries may be offered for sale at the artist’s option (25% commission fees apply), will take place throughout Summerfest. The professional category will have $2,700.00 in cash prizes. The amateur category will have $380 in prizes. Professional entry fees are $40.00 for painters and $25 for photographers. Amateur entry fees are $15 for painters and $5 for photographers. Professional entry fees can be paid on ZAPP once an artist is accepted to be an exhibitor at Summerfest, or they can be paid at registration. Amateur entry fees must be paid during registration in June.



December 8, 2018: Applications open

February 17, 2019: Application deadline

March 19, 2019: Selection notification sent to artists via email

April 7, 2019: Artist acceptance and payment deadline

April 29, 2019: Booth assignments sent via email

April 29, 2019: Photos for inclusion in the printed program due via email 


2019 Event dates:

June 7             Plein Air check-in for both painters and photographers 5 – 8pm at 85 E 100 N, Logan (St. John’s Episcopal Church Champ Hall)

June 8           Plein Air check-in for both painters and photographers 8 – 10am at 85 E 100 N, Logan (St. John’s Episcopal Church Champ Hall)

June 10           Latecomers Plein Air check-in for both painters and photographers 8 – 10am at Summerfest office, 69 E 100 North, Logan (next door to St. John’s)

June 12           Plein Air Painting/Photography submission 10am – noon, Plein Air tent. No photographers   may register at this time.

June 12           Exhibitor check-in, noon - 6pm

June 12           Exhibitor setup, 8am – 9pm

June 12           Welcome reception and awards ceremony: 6-7pm in the Plein Air tent

June 13           Exhibitor check-in and setup, 8 – 11am

June 13           Summerfest artist hours, 11am - 9pm (Thursday)

June 14           Summerfest artist hours, 11am - 9pm (Friday)

June 15           Summerfest artist hours, 10am - 8pm (Saturday)

June 15          Teardown from 8pm-11:45pm (everything off the grounds and clean by midnight)


Please do not park your vehicles or trailers on the perimeter streets or grounds of Tabernacle Square until after 8pm.


Please plan now to attend this great event in Historic Downtown Logan, Utah, the heart of beautiful Cache Valley.


Contact info: Elaine Thatcher, Executive Director, (435) 213-3858, info@logansummerfest.com, 69 E 100 N Logan, UT 84321.


1. Artists must be present during the scheduled SAF event artist hours and must personally staff their booth space (helpers are OK as long as the artist attends all three days of the event). No agents, dealers or representatives may attend the SAF event in place of the artist. Leaving early or arriving after opening may forfeit eligibility for future shows. Summerfest is a rain or shine festival.
2. Any partners (not booth helpers) listed must be instrumental in creating the artwork.
3. Up to two artists may share a booth, but each artist must be juried in separately. There will be a place on the application for the artists to indicate that they would like to share a booth space with another applying artist and whether their participation depends on that artist also being juried into the event.
4. All items are required to be original works made by the artist who is applying, and who will also be present for the event.
5. No resale manufactured goods or imports are allowed at Summerfest. All art must be original, designed and produced by, or under the direct supervision of the artist. Please do not apply if you are a reseller of manufactured, mass produced goods (NO BUY/SELL) or re-packaged commercially manufactured goods, or if you are a reseller of imported goods.
6. FINE ART REPRODUCTIONS may be sold only if signed and clearly marked “Reproductions.” All other work displayed must be ORIGINAL work created by the artist. Artists selling reproductions of their own work must still have more than half of their inventory in original works.
7. The artist, upon submission of images, guarantees the accuracy of the description of the artwork presented and the authenticity of the artwork as original and created by his/her own hands.
8. Artists may show only work in categories and body of work approved by the jury.
9. The selection committee reserves the right to have removed from display any artwork or items not in keeping with the event standards, anything that is mass produced, pre-manufactured, not made by the approved artist, and/or substantially different from those images submitted to the jury.
10. No ground coverings, tarps or plastic can be on the grass. Plastic tubs should be raised at least 6 inches above the grass so as to allow light and air to get to the grass underneath.
11. Summerfest is a FAMILY-oriented event. Nude, erotic, graphic and/or violent images will NOT be considered for this event. Images depicting smoking and drinking are also not acceptable due to our venue, which is a religious site. On-site representatives will be enforcing this policy throughout the festival.
12. NO PETS belonging to exhibitors or patrons are permitted on Tabernacle grounds, except certified service animals.
13. All exhibitors are responsible to collect Utah state sales tax. Temporary tax ID numbers and forms will be provided upon check-in.
14. All artists must check in at the SAF information table upon arrival. Please have photo ID.
15. For security reasons all artists must visibly wear SAF artist badges when on Tabernacle grounds or visiting the hospitality suite.
16. Vehicles or trailers are only allowed to park on the perimeter streets or property of Tabernacle Square during load-in and load-out, then they must be moved to designated artist parking. Participants will be provided with maps for parking locations that can accommodate trailers, etc. Do not park vehicles all day in front of neighboring businesses. Violators will be fined and may not be invited back to the event.

Booth Information

There is a $35 non-refundable application fee, which MUST accompany each application. Payments are collected through ZAPP. You may submit a Visa or MasterCard, or pay by check. Please make checks payable to Summerfest Arts Faire. Please do not ask to postdate your check.
There are several booth sizes to choose from. PLEASE SELECT THE SIZE THAT BEST MEETS YOUR NEEDS. A 12X12 booth is $285, 24X12 (double wide) is $540 (about 17 available), 12X24 (double deep) is $360. Add $60 for a corner/end booth (limited number available). A booth is considered to be a corner/end if there is not an immediate neighbor on one or more sides, and if patrons can walk on both the front and a side. Booths and all materials required to exhibit and sell your art MUST be provided, set up by the exhibitor, and fit within the booth size you choose. BOOTHS ARE REQUIRED TO BE WHITE CANOPIED. Exhibitors may request booth placement, which will be submitted for approval on a first-come, first-served basis and is NOT guaranteed. Exhibitor spaces will be assigned by the Summerfest committee and are final. Even if you are a longtime exhibitor who has had the same location for years, please tell us in your application where you want to be if you have a preference.
Electricity is available for a $50 fee (for maximum 500 watts of usage) to the first 50 artists to request it. Summerfest administrators will assign these booth locations based on power outlet accessibility. Exhibitors must provide their own extension cords (you may need up to 100 feet, and cords that long must be at least 12 gauge—otherwise you run the risk of blowing our circuits).

Event Site Map: View Site Map