Event Information

Artscape 2019 (Dallas Arboretum)

Dallas Arboretum Botanical Garden
Dallas, Texas (South)

Phone: 214.515.6605
Event Dates: 4/26/19 - 4/28/19
Application Deadline: 12/7/18 Midnight CST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $30.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
Delight in the joy of spring when Artscape, the Dallas Arboretum’s juried fine art and
craft show and sale, brings together outstanding artists from around the country.
The show features a variety of mediums including Painting, Sculpture, 2-D and 3-D
mixed media, photography and more. Listed as one of the 15 most beautiful gardens
in the world by Architectural Digest, the Arboretum is a perfect complement to the
beautiful artwork selected for the show. The layout for the show is architect-designed
for maximum visibility of artists and audience flow. A blue ribbon committee reimagined
Artscape and inventive, audience-pleasing elements attract larger crowds of people
anxious to experience the excitement.
Anniversary Year 13
Number of Artists Approximately 100

General Information
Dallas Arboretum’s Fine Art Show and Sale
Preview Night: Friday, April 26, 6-9 pm
Saturday, April 27 and Sunday April 28
Show Times: 9-5 pm

December 7 Artist application and jury fee deadline
December 21 Notification of acceptance and information packets mailed
January 18 Artscape show contract and booth fee deadline
February 1 Deadline to request refund ($40 cancellation fee)
March 15 Artist location communicated
April 26 Show set-up & Preview Night
April 27 & 28 Artscape Show

Application Fee
$30 Jury Fee
Non-refundable check to Dallas Arboretum for each category to be exhibited.
Due 12/7/18

Jury of regional art professionals chaired by Patricia Meadows, distinguished jurist,
art appraiser, lecturer, collector, curator and president of Art Connections.

  • Ceramics:  All original clay and porcelain work other than jewelry is accepted in this category. No machine-made or mass produced work is permitted. If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed each piece must be signed.
  • Digital Art:  This category includes any original work for which the original image, or the manipulation of other source material, was executed by the artist using a computer. Work in this category must be in limited editions, signed and numbered on archival quality materials. Traditional photographs taken through a digital media should apply in the photography category.  Work that starts with a photograph and manipulated by digital means must be entered in either Mixed Media or Photography. 
  • Drawing/Pastels:  Works created using dry media including chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil, wax crayon, etc. or from the fluid medium of inks and washes applied by pen or brush are to be entered in this category.
  • Fiber:  All work crafted from fibers including basketry, embroidery, weaving, leatherwork, tapestry and papermaking.This can be wearable or non-wearable. No machine tooling, machine-screened patterns or other forms of mass production are permitted. No factory produced wearable items, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artist, may be exhibited.
  • Glass:  No forms of mass production are permitted
  • Jewelry:  All jewelry whether the work is produced from metal, glass, clay, fiber, paper, plastic or other materials must be entered in this category. No commercial casts, molds or production studio work is allowed.
  • Metal: Includes all non-sculptural, non-jewelry works crafted from metals. No production studio work is allowed.
  • 2D Mixed Media:  Works that incorporate more than one type of physical material in their production. Works should include more than one of the following: Paint, pencil, watercolor, photography, printmaking or drawing.
  • 3D Mixed Media:  Works that incorporate more than one type of physical material in their production. Works should include more than one of the following: clay work, fiber, glass, metal, wood, or any other 3-D objects.
  • Painting - Oil/Acrylic: Works created in oil or acrylic
  • Painting - Watercolor:  Work created in watercolor
  • Photography:  Photographic prints made from the artist's original image, which have been processed by that artist, or under his or her direct supervision, are included in this category. Photographers are required to disclose both their creative and printing processes on prints which have been properly signed and numbered as a limited edition.
  • Printmaking/Graphics:  Printed works for which the artist's hand manipulated the plates, stones or screens and which have been properly signed and numbered as a limited edition may be entered in this category. All giclee, photocopy and/or offset reproductions, will be rejected. Printmakers are encouraged to do their own printing which has been processed by the artist, or under his/her direct supervision.  Printmakers are required to disclose both their creative and printmaking processes.
  • Sculpture:  Three dimensional works done in any medium.
  • Wood:  Original works in wood that are hand-tooled, machine-worked, turned or carved are accepted in this category.

  • Friday Set-up
  • Firemen and Staff to Help Artist Set-up and Take-down
  • Artist Friday Night Dinner Provided before the Preview
  • Artist Hospitality Area with morning coffee,snacks, & chilled water
  • Event Guide with map, artists names and booth locations
  • Festival T-Shirt
  • Booth Sitting - contact by cell phone for your convenience
  • An On-Site Weather Monitoring
  • 24 Hour Security and Police
  • Host Hotel with Artist Rates
  • Advertised to entire DFW metroplex area, digital and print
  • Free Admission and Free Parking

  1. The Artist or Craftsperson who designs the work and is a principal of the business MUST be present to show their work.  If the craft or art is signed by an individual, they are the person required to be at the show.  If the business is named after the artist, that individual must be at the show in person.  If more than one person is listed as the Exhibitor on this contract, The Dallas Arboretum reserves the right to require proof that both are creators of the work and both are significant principals in the business.
  2. No dealers or sales representatives are allowed.
  3. A $35.00 fee will be charged on any check returned by Exhibitor’s bank.
  4. Exhibitors may only show work typified by photos submitted to the jury.
  5. Exhibitor’s booth must have a suitable backdrop to block the view of walls, storage areas or other Exhibitor’s booths.  All of Exhibitor’s booth and display, including chairs, must be placed within the confines of the space.
  6. Double booth requests are not guaranteed.  Exhibitors will be notified when they get their specific space assignment whether or not they have received a double booth.  Those not receiving double booths will have their additional fee returned to them at that time.
  7. The Dallas Arboretum reserves the right to revoke the license granted by this contract at any time, including at the show, by refunding the space fees paid by the Exhibitor.  The Dallas Arboretum will not be liable for paying any travel expenses, lost revenue or any other liability whatsoever beyond the space fees paid by the Exhibitor as a result of enforcing this provision.
  8. The Exhibitor’s booth must be open and staffed during all regular show hours.  The artist must be present during the entire event and must personally staff their exhibit. In many cases, anyone arriving late, leaving before closing or breaking down during show hours may be refused entrance to future shows.
  9. Spaces not occupied by 1:00 pm on set-up day may be filled with standby Exhibitors with no refund or allowance whatsoever.  If an exception to this rule is needed, please make prior arrangements with art show staff. 
  10. All exhibits, goods and materials must be removed by 9 pm of the last day of the show.  Failure to have everything off site by this time may result in extra charges of $25.00 per hour for every hour (or portion thereof) after 9:00 pm.
  11. Parking and traffic will not be permitted in the show area or fire lanes from one half hour before show opens until thirty (30) minutes after the show closes each day.  All loading and unloading must be planned around these hours and vehicles are to be removed to the assigned Exhibitor parking areas before the show opens.  Vehicles remaining in the show area or fire lanes during these hours may be towed away at the owner’s risk and expense.
  12. Exhibitors must abide by all fire regulations and/or decisions of the representatives of local fire departments.  All booth materials shall be in accordance with local fire regulations.
  13. Exhibitor’s booth must not interfere with adjacent exhibits in any way.
  14. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the garden.  
  15. All exhibits are to be in keeping with the overall family-oriented theme of the show.
  16. Pets are not allowed on the Dallas Arboretum property and may not be left in vehicles.
  17. All Exhibitors are responsible for keeping their area clean during show hours, including clean-up at end of show.  All displays should be neat and clean and tables should be covered on all sides to the floor with a suitable, professional looking cover of flame retardant materials.
  18. Exhibitors and their helpers must exhibit professional behavior at all times while on the show site.  The Dallas Arboretum reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine what constitutes professional behavior.  Violation of this rule will result in the Exhibitor, their helpers and exhibits being excluded from the show site with no refund or allowance whatsoever.  In addition, Exhibitors violating this rule may be removed from future Arboretum shows.
  19. Exhibitors may not display ribbons or awards from other shows.
  20. Exhibitors may not sublet or apportion space to anyone else.
  21. No open flames are permitted.
  22. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to obtain sales tax licensing and permits from the state of Texas prior to the show. The sales tax in Dallas is 8.25%. You may apply online at http://www.window.state.tx.us/taxpermit/.
  23. Electricity is not provided or included. Outlets on trees may not be used by exhibitors. A single generator may be used at your booth as long as it is very quiet (53 – 59 db(A)) and small( approximately 18" x 10" x 15.0"). If the generator is too loud, it will be at the Arboretum’s discretion to request that the generator be turned off.
  24. The Dallas Arboretum will not be liable for refunds or any other liabilities whatsoever for the failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons of the enclosure in which the show is to be produced, being, before, or during the show destroyed by fire or other calamity, or by any act of God, public enemy, strikes, statutes, ordinances, or any legal authority, or any cause beyond its control.
  25. Insurance, if desired by the Exhibitors, must be obtained by them at their own cost.
  26. Exhibitors shall be liable for delivery, handling, erection, and removal of their own displays and materials.
  27. Exhibitors found in violation of any of the “Rules of the Show” may be excluded and have their exhibits removed from the current and/or future shows at the sole discretion of the Dallas Arboretum.  Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall the Dallas Arboretum be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from such action.
  28. The Dallas Arboretum may require the removal of work considered to be in violation of these conditions and reserves the right to make final interpretation of all conditions.
  29. If any section, sentence, clause, phrase or portion of this licensing application/contract is, for any reason, held invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall be deemed a separate, distinct and independent provision and such holding shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions.
  30. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the Dallas Arboretum and the Exhibitor and no modification shall be valid unless in writing and signed by the parties or their representatives.

Booth Information
Booth Fees

$350 Booth Fee
10’ x 10’ white tent provided by artist.

$375 Booth Fee
10’ x 10’  Corner white tent provided by artist.

$623 Double Corner Space
Limited number of “double” spaces available.

$75Cancellation Fee
Prior to 2/2/19