Event Information

Northeast HarborFest 2019

Northeast Harbor Marina Park
Northeast Harbor, Maine (Northeast)

Phone: 207 266-5884
Event Dates: 8/31/19 - 9/2/19
Application Deadline: 3/31/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 6 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (non-refundable application fee): $35.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary

The Northeast HarborFest brings together fine artists and craftspeople from all over the country to the newly renovated Northeast Harbor marina waterfront for the Labor Day weekend at the peak of the tourist season on Mt. Desert Island. Northeast Harbor is a picturesque island village surrounded by luxurious summer homes and Acadia National Park.

Jurying will be by periodic "rolling jury" 

Artists can now combine two shows on the same visit by applying to the Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival II which is held in nearby Bar Harbor the following weekend.

General Information

Now in it's 6th year-- the Northeast HarborFest is held on the grounds of Northeast Harbor's Marina Park next to the harbor and surrounded by beatiful gardens, homes and Acadia National Park.

Artists can now combine two shows on the same visit by applying to the Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival II which is held in nearby Bar Harbor the following weekend.

Jurying will be by periodic "rolling jury"

Artists will have 2 weeks upon invitation to confirm with payment of their booth space. This enables traveling artists to "lock-in" their space and plan for lodging in advance. After 2 weeks the invitation is still valid 
provided that spaces are still available in the medium category. Medium categories are limited to provide a well-balanced show for both artists and customers--categories like jewelry tend to fill quickly. 

Breaking News
Isleview motel (207 667 5661) offers a 10% discount to show artists

Artists's Timeline

show dates
August 31 - September 2, 2019
set-up Saturday morning 6:00am to 10:00 am
Show hours:

Saturday 10:00 - 6:00
Sunday 10:00 - 6:00
Monday 10:00 - 5:00

Application Requirements

Applications are accepted only on-line through Zapplication. 5 images of art and one of booth (showing actual shelter and representative art displayed) is required for each category submitted. Attention should be given to the artist's statement. Artists may apply in different media categories but can only exhibit artwork in the category for which they are accepted. Exhibited work must be substantively similar to works submitted for jurying.

Media Categories/Requirements

All artworks displayed and sold must be substantively produced by the hands (using traditional non-computer assisted or mechanical means that remove the actual guidance of the artist's hands) of the applying and participating artist. Individual artworks must contain at least 50% original work by the artist (no more than 50% may consist of repurposed or otherwise not made by the artist's hands components) No reproductions (other than those excepted in the policy below), digital output (except for digitally manipulated, limited-edition photography as noted below), mold-made or buy-sell art of any kind is permitted. 2D works must be tastefully framed and hung on booth walls, with only 1 rack permitted for loose unframed items. Sculpture, 3D works and jewelry must be tastefully arranged on covered tables or pedestals. Loose artwork may not be displayed on the ground—whether free-standing or leaning up against props--except if it is approved ground sculpture.

Fine jewelry: All jewelry must be unique one-of-a-kind items hand-produced by the exhibiting artist. No mold-made or repeated items with only slight variations permitted.
Hand-pulled printmaking: Original hand-pulled prints, signed and numbered by the exhibiting artist. Acceptable techniques include intaglio, lithograph, monotype, collograph and other techniques. Please call if in doubt.
Graphics and 2D mixed-media: hand drawings, pastels and collages, 2d glass and mosaic work. Please call if in doubt.
Painting: Includes watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache and other painting mediums.
Fine photography: True limited-edition photography of high quality. See below*.
Fine Wearables: Hand-made clothing items. These must be entirely hand-produced by the artist and not simply be variations on repeated items.
Sculpture, Glass & 3D work: Sculpture must be hand-produced by the artist from wood, stone, clay or other acceptable media. Loss-wax technique from a mold is permitted as long as the original sculpture was produced by the exhibiting artist and the mold was produced under the artist's direction. 3D assemblages from metal, wood and other materials are permitted, as well as original glass-work produced by the exhibiting artist.
Digital Art: Any art that uses computer files and/or a digital output device in it's creation. Digital art may not be represented as "limited-edition" and if more than one size are displayed the largest size must be framed and displayed on booth walls.

Artists found in violation of any of these requirements during the show may be asked to remove offending items or ejected from the show. No refund will be given an artist found in violation of show policies.

*Note about photography/digital art: Because of the spread of digital and other "mass produced" means, digitally-printed photography does not fall under the guidelines for original, one-of-a-kind or true limited edition art.  Any artform that is now printed using any digital file/printer/device is now categorized as digital art. Fine photography is hand-produced/manipulated photographs in the printing process. 
Digital artists must conform to the same regulations that govern 2d reproductions.

An exhibiting artist in either painting, graphics or printmaking will be allowed to sell UNFRAMED reproductions of displayed work as an alternative to capture a sale from a framed original that a customer may otherwise find cost prohibitive. However, the artist MUST comply with all of the following conditions:
The reproduction must be of a framed available original on display in the booth. In other words, the reproduction image must be identical to that of the original on display in the booth. If the original is not on display, then the reproduction image may not be offered for sale.
2. The reproduction must be of 
equal size or less to that of the original, and available in only one size.
3. All reproductions are to be stored in ONE rack only in the display booth--and the reproductions must be clearly marked as "reproductions."
4. Reproductions MAY NOT be referred to as "limited editions prints"--even when numbered. This is a term of art which is reserved for true limited edition prints such as hand-pulled original etchings and lithographs.
5. 2D artists may display up to 1/3 of their toatl framed wall display with reproductions of the same media they juried in with. The framed prints must be clearly marked with pricing info as being "reproductions."


Jury/application fee is a non-refundable $35.00. Jurying is on-going up to the final jury date. An artist may elect to "lock" their participation by confirming acceptance and payment within two weeks of invitation.


Each regular space is 10 feet in front by 10 feet on the sides with some space for storage between and/or behind booths. Work must be contained within the assigned space. Only one artist permitted per space, unless a two-person team qualifies as a dual entry, in which case both artists must be present for the duration of the show. Artists are required to set-up in the designated space assigned to them by the show director. Failure to adhere to the designated space boundaries may result in the artist(s) being required to reset their display or required to leave the show. Please note that all spaces must have white, 10 x 10 shelters with matching 4 walls for protection as the weather can change quickly and to maintain a professional appearance. 
Artist's Responsibilities

Artists must exhibit and be present throughout the three days of the show as noted in the show schedule. Failure to comply with this rule may result in ineligibility for any awards and/or admission to future shows or may be grounds for dismissal from the show without any refund. Only artists displaying their own original work may participate. No stand-in or proxy exhibitors will be allowed to represent the artist. A driver’s license and/or additional photo identification may be required at check-in. Artists must comply with state law regarding collection of appropriate sales tax and file returns with the state of Maine. 

Booth fees

Non-refundable pplication fee of $35 must be paid at time of application through zapplication. Regular booth fees are $325, corner spaces are $355 and double spaces are $575. No electricity is provded--artists may use their own SILENT battery type electrical sources--no generators of any kind or artist's music are allowed—though battery packs with inverters are allowed. Payments are through Credit Card, Paypal or Check only; if paying by check please make check out to "Marc Fink" and send to:

Marc Fink
P.O Box 66
Bass Harbor, ME 04653


Please submit questions to: in_a_cloud@hotmail.com or call 207 266-5884.


General Terms
Acceptance and payment of booth fees means that the artist has read, understands and agrees to comply with all the rules and conditions as described on this application and the show website. 

Refund Policy:
Artists that cancel participation may receive receive credit towards the next year's show in the amount of the applied year's fee provided cancellation in received in writing or e-mail at least 45 days prior to the show. There are no refunds of any kind for cancelations made between 45 days prior to the show and the show dates. No exceptions.

Display Requirements
Stakes may be used on the grass spaces. Shelters must be sturdy (able to withstand significant wind-loads) white tent or dome type shelters with 4 white walls. No generators are permitted or music sources that can be heard beyond the artist's space (except music provided by the show). Battery inverter packs are allowed to power lights. Some spaces may have a slight slope so artists may need to have shims to level their displays if they need to.

Artist Conduct
All artists are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and cordial manner at all times--we are all in this together and what you do affects your fellow artists! Artists must adhere to all parking regulations and restrictions during all hours of the show. 

Artist's Space Assignments
Artists may request specific space assignments and in most cases the show director will do his best to accomodate those requests. This is provided as a courtesy to the artist--buit is not a "gaurantee" that the artist will get the exact spot they request at the time of the show. Because of changing participant numbers, cancellations and other factors--the director may have to re-assign a space or move existing spaces around in order to adjust to the changes. Show director reserves the right to change participating artist space assignment if necessary with no compensation to the artist (however, the artist will still receive the space type that they paid for).

Booth Information
$35 non-refundable application fee (must be paid on Zapplication only at time of application)
10' x 10' single space $325.00
10' x 20' double space $575.00
10' x 10' corner space $355.00

Payments are through Credit Card, Paypal or Check, if paying by check please make check out to "Marc Fink" and send to:
Marc Fink
P.O. Box 66
Bass Harbor, ME 04653
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