Event Information

Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival 2019

United States
Augusta, Georgia (South)

Phone: 706.826.4702
Event Dates: 9/20/19 - 9/22/19
Application Deadline: 5/10/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 6 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury Fee): $30.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
ARTS IN THE HEART OF AUGUSTA, an award winning festival, now preparing for its 39th year, is a 2½ day celebration of arts and community in beautiful downtown Augusta, Georgia. In addition to a Fine Arts and Fine Crafts Market, the Festival boasts five stages stacked with live entertainment, a Global Village filled with authentic international foods from 25 countries, a Family Area and a Young Artist Market.
The Fine Arts and Fine Crafts Market is very popular with regional artisans! Ranked in the Sunshine Artist's Top 200 Festivals list for five years in a row, the Festival also won a Silver Kaleidoscope for BEST FESTIVAL from SFEA. In 2017, 88,000 people attended and enjoyed the juried Fine Arts and Fine Crafts Market.

Here’s a great quote about us from the February 2015 issue of Sunshine Artist, “This show is put on by a community group, but it is executed in such a manner that it puts many ‘professional’ promoter-run festivals and shows to shame... a seemingly solid bet for craftspeople and artists with affordable pricing...”
Cool stats:
-99% of artists survey respondents recommend AITH to other artists
-90% were happy with their sales, with 35% rating their sales as "excellent"!

Apply NOW. 
Everything you need to know is at
www.artsintheheart.com. We look forward to receiving your application by May 10, 2019.  

General Information
The Fine Arts and Fine Crafts Market of the ARTS IN THE HEART OF AUGUSTA, an award winning festival, is one of the most well-loved parts of the event. Over the years, we have worked to curate a fabulous selection of artwork at many price points. We seek to provide original, interesting, beautiful, and well-made pieces for everyone, from the serious art collector to the young person with an allowance to spend.

Each year, we survey the artists who participated. We learn some VERY interesting things …

From the 2019 festival, 90% of all respondents rated their weekend sales as excellent or good: 35% report that Arts in the Heart was one of their top selling shows of the year, 50% reported that their online presence was boosted after Arts in the Heart, and 30% reported that a festivalgoer commissioned a piece from them to be made and shipped after the show.
ALL but one of the respondents said that they would definitely return if juried in again. WOW!

Things our artists LOVE about Arts in the Heart of Augusta
  • Fine Artist Profiles on artsintheheart.com
  • Festival map & artist listings in program
  • Strong social media, radio, TV, print marketing
  • Easy load in & load out
  • Excellent communication
  • Free electricity
  • Booth sitters
  • Parking behind some booths
  • Free lunch delivered on Saturday
  • How much we love and care for our artists!

Here are some of the great things our artists had to say about the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival:
“You guys do a wonderful job. Nothing to improve!”

“One of the best organized festivals that I go to. The venue is perfect. The advertising is second to none and achieves results! You have a great team that I hope will continue for many, many years.”

“Your Facebook uploads are wonderful they generate a lot of interest and customers. The website is fabulous also.”

"Well organized. Well run. Overall a good buying crowd.”

“Every year gets better. This is by far our favorite festival! Well conceived, great layout, well curated art and fine crafts, exceptional food, great management, all of which shows on the festival attendees faces and attitudes."

“Business speaking, they are a great buying crowd, but more than that they are nice, complementary, and enjoy art. And the quality of work at the show is fabulous. It is a breath of fresh air to see a show with such quality and variety of work.”

"The trailer behind my tent worked out great to restock my bird houses."

"Arts in the Heart is the most financially successful show for my small business. I have been a popular artist and have had many requests for my attending again this year."

"Thank you for putting on such a wonderful event.  I was truly impressed with all the work that was done - so well organized and the volunteers were wonderful.   Even 2 different policemen..... POLICEMEN!....thanked me for coming to the festival.    thank you!"

"It is one of my favorite events. The attendance is excellent and includes people from all over the area. A true community event, with diverse art and fine crafts.​"

“I wanted to tell you that I thought the show was extremely well organized. The ice was such a nice touch and the little ice “angels” always seemed to be there at just the right times. Getting in and getting out was really easy. The music and the food was great.  And I met lots of great artists. So, kudos to you and your team for working hard and making this such a great venue for artists." 

  • The Festival will again be located at the Augusta Common and Broad Street (GPS address: 836 Reynolds St.).
  • In 2017, about 88,000 people attended this event.
  • About 170 10’ X 10’ booth spaces on a paved street will be available.
  • Last year, 290 people applied for 160 spots.
  • FREE on-site parking, in most cases, right behind your booth (limited number available).
  • A complimentary lunch will be delivered to your booth on Saturday.
  • Booth sitters are available all weekend for short breaks.
  • FREE RV parking
  • Electricity is provided and is FREE.
  • Tents can be rented for a fee of $250.

Any fine artist or fine crafter who meets the following qualifications:
  • Has a passion for their art or craft and can make a large enough quantity to keep their customers happy for the 2½ days of the Festival.
  • Makes their own work, themselves (no designers, buy/sell, contractors, piecework, or factories).
  • Artists and crafters currently making and selling fresh, new work.
​*note: jewelers who string together premade items, or clothiers who buy pre-made clothes and dye them will generally be scored lower than artists who create everything by hand themselves.

  • BUY/SELL vendors (including LuLaRoe, Imports, etc.)
  • Someone who designs work and has other people make it for them (in a factory or studio)
  • Someone who has their work mass-produced, by offset or giclee prints, mechanical molds, etc.
  • Someone who purchases and assembles kits
  • Artists and crafters still selling old work or work that has been submitted to the jury before
  • Consumables crafters: (contact The Augusta Hand Made Fair for a better fit for your work.)
    • Creators of spices, mixes or other food items (pets too)
    • Candle Makers
    • Soap and/or skin care and/or bath product makers
  • Book authors (contact The Book Tavern at info@booktavern.com if you want to be in the Author's Alley at Arts in the Heart.)
*note: jewelers who string together premade items, or clothiers who buy pre-made clothes and dye them will generally be scored lower than artists who create everything by hand themselves.
Artists must fill out our ZAPPlication and pay the non-refundable Jury Fee of $30, by May 10, 2019. The application will require: FIVE high-quality images of your work and ONE of your booth, an average price point for your work, and a short artist statement. Artists will be notified of their application status via email by June 1, 2019.

The Fine Arts and Fine Crafts Committee selects a jury to choose the artists that will be offered space in the Festival. As our great reputation spreads, this becomes an increasingly competitive process. Acceptance to previous ARTS IN THE HEART OF AUGUSTA FESTIVALs does NOT guarantee that those artists will be accepted again. For veteran ARTS IN THE HEART PARTICIPANTS: it is important to submit photos different than those in previous years. If you are sending the same photos from years before, it indicates to us that you aren’t doing new work, which could decrease your score.
The jury will look at the quality of your work, craftsmanship, originality, subject matter (when applicable), booth design and decor, and overall fit and feel of your work with this family-friendly show. We work hard to curate a selection of work that is beautiful, fun or funky, and ALWAYS well-made. 
The photos you submit of your work and booth are very important.

During the Festival, our Fine Arts and Fine Crafts Market is judged by qualified artists, arts professionals, and art collectors selected by the Committee. $1,500 in prize money is awarded. We will have three (3) judges covering three general areas of work: Clothing, Clothing accessories, & Jewelry; 2-D artwork; and 3-D artwork. More information on what judges are looking for will be provided to the artists and artisans who are accepted when they receive information about their booths, etc. Award winners from the previous year are guaranteed entry this year.

Entries will be considered if the submission falls within the following categories. If you are not sure, please contact festival organizers for clarification
  • Clay (thrown or hand-built ceramics)
  • Clothing & Clothing accessories (not jewelry)
  • Digital Art
  • Fiber Art (baskets, leather goods, wall hangings, and hand quilting, not clothing)
  • Folk Art
  • Furniture
  • Glasswork (not jewelry)
  • Jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, tiaras, etc.) 
  • Mixed Media 2D
  • Mixed Media 3D
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Printmaking/Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Wood Art
    • NOTE: for 2D art (paintings; drawings; serigraphs; etchings; collages; mixed media; photographs; digital art; signed and numbered limited edition prints -  limited editions cannot include more than 250 signed and numbered pieces)
    • For an excellent article written by Agora Gallery on limited edition prints for 2D work, please visit https://www.agora-gallery.com/advice/blog/2016/05/24/making-limited-edition-prints/.
    • Limited Edition Prints...
      Are printed, signed, numbered and often dated by the artist.
      Are accompanied by detailed provenance (written document detailing the type of paper, where image was made, equipment used, and additional details on the work itself--more information here equates to more value later.
      Are all printed at the same time and will not be printed in the same manner again (size, paper, type of printing) once the edition is completely printed.

All pre-festival communication will take place via e-mail. Please be certain to provide an active email address on your application that you check regularly. During the festival we will use texts to cell phones at very select times for important reminders.  

The Festival website will list local hotels with special rates in the month of July. Payment for lodging, however, is the artist’s responsibility.
We also offer FREE parking for RVs. Please note on your application if you require parking for your RV.
All artists must submit a completed application online and on time.
Please gather the following information before beginning your application:
  • Five high-quality (professionally lit, high pixel density) images that represent the overall body of your work, in JPEG format. 
  • You will also need to submit a photo of your booth. Your booth shot should be taken from the front and close enough that the jurors can see how your work is displayed and what the overall look is. If this will be your first booth and you have no photos, please take a photo of a physical mockup of what your booth will look like and send that. 
  • A "tweet-length" Artist Statement - 140 characters
  • Payment: all payments for jury fees will be taken online.
Please note: High quality photos by artists and artisans selected to exhibit will be used for publicity purposes, increasing the artist’s visibility and promoting sales.

  • BUY/SELL VENDORS and artists selling ANY BUY/SELL GOODS ARE STICTLY PROHIBITED and may be asked to leave the Festival and forfeit any booth fees and jury fees. Artists with questions about this should call in advance of the Festival. 
  • All booth furnishings such as tables, chairs, display walls, credit card machines, etc., must be provided by the artist.
  • Insurance for personal liability, transportation and exhibited items will be the sole responsibility of the artist.
  • Artists are responsible for collecting and paying their sales tax. (8% in Georgia)
  • Greater Augusta Arts Council will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred at the festival. Augusta Sherrif's Deputies will be on site, and a complaint should be filed with the Sherrif's Department.
  • All arts and crafts must be made by the artist’s own hand – not employees or contractors.
  • Not Acceptable to Show: buy/sell items; commercially molded pottery, sculpture or jewelry; items made from kits or assembled from pre-manufactured components; work produced by anyone other than the submitting artist; unlimited, offset or giclee reproductions of paintings, drawings, prints or photographs.
  • For an excellent article written by Agora Gallery on limited editions in 2D work, please visit https://www.agora-gallery.com/advice/blog/2016/05/24/making-limited-edition-prints/
  • Artists must complete their online application by May 10, 2019, to be considered for entry.
  • Printed applications are NOT accepted.
  • Applications are not considered complete until application is complete and jury fee is paid.
  • All work submitted must be handmade by the artist whose name appears on the entry form, and must represent work that will be sold during the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival.
  • ARTISTS MUST BE PRESENT Artists must be present during the entire festival. No reps, publishing companies, wholesalers, or distributors are allowed to participate. STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • BOOTH SHARING No sharing with non-juried artists is allowed. Only the artist that submitted an entry will be allowed to display and sell. Artists that fail to comply with this rule will be removed from the festival and NO REFUND request of show fees will be honored.
  • COMPLIANCE A compliance team will be on site during the Festival to monitor that artists and artisans are selling the same items and proportions as represented in their applications. 
  • WAIT LIST When notifications go out, some artists will be put on a waiting list. Artists are chosen from the waiting list based on what sort of art they do and what sort of slot is being filled. The waiting list is not very long, and artists may choose not to be on the waiting list. Artists who are placed on the waiting list should not assume that they will be able to participate in the Festival.
  • BOOTH FEE PAYMENT For artists who are accepted to the Festival, payment must be made at the time the application is accepted. If payment is not made in a timely manner, invitation to the Festival will be rescinded.
  • ALL fees are non-refundable after 8/16/2019.

Booth Information
  • Single Booth Rental (10'X10'): $200
  • Double Booth Rental (10' X 20') : $400
  • Tent Rental: $250 (optional) 
All fees are non-refundable after 8/16/2019.

Free RV Parking provided if you indicate the need in the application.  Limited, free, on-site parking for one vehicle.
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