Event Information

Lakefront Festival of Art 2019

Milwaukee Art Museum
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Midwest)

Phone: 414-224-3200
Event Dates: 6/21/19 - 6/23/19
Application Deadline: 12/11/18 Midnight CST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 6 (a booth shot is NOT required)

Fee (LFOA Jury Fee): $35.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
Join us for the 57th annual Lakefront Festival of Art (LFOA) in our magnificent setting at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The festival takes place inside the museum’s spectacular Santiago Calatrava-designed building, as well as on the adjoining outdoor museum grounds featuring our state of the art Clearspan tents. Enjoy the festival rain or shine indoors AND outdoors! (Indoor booth availability limited, based on first come first serve).

The Lakefront Festival of Art has an aggressive public relations campaign including targeted online and print publications, TV, radio and social media vehicles within the Southeastern Wisconsin markets as well as regional publications, broadcasts and bloggers. In 2019, LFOA's marketing and media coverage included billboards, television spots, radio and print ads, and community event appearances for a total of 16.3 million impressions. Social media posts reaching LFOA Facebook friends, 69K Milwaukee Art Museum Facebook followers, 20K Milwaukee Art Museum Instagram followers and 48K Twitter followers. The LFOA website saw 76K page views, with 22K unique users, and 64.2% new page visitors. 
Learn more at lfoa.mam.org!

Join us @milwaukeeart and Facebook.com/lakefrontfestivalofart.

General Information
Lakefront Festival of Art
June 21, 22 and 23, 2019

Friday 10 am-10pm --- Saturday 10am-7pm --- Sunday 10am-5pm
At the Milwaukee Art Museum --- On the Shore of Lake Michigan

The Lakefront Festival of Art is a fundraiser for the 501(c) 3 non-profit Milwaukee Art Museum and its Art Acquisition and Exhibition Fund. Presented by Friends of Art. The festival is an award-winning, nationally-recognized exhibition. This prospectus provides basic information, rules and requirements regarding the festival; additional information will be sent to artists upon acceptance into LFOA.

When applying for the Lakefront Festival of Art, please be aware the information and answers that you provide to any and all questions in your application will be used by the LFOA staff for purposes of contacting, record keeping, and rule assessment. Please list current and accurate information. Also, please make sure to completely read all rules and requirements set forth by the LFOA staff and committee for this year’s application to assure compliance. If you have any questions or need any further clarification please feel free to contact the festival staff.

Example of rule clarification; “Collaborating artist” is not someone that is coming with you to assist with the show. Please do not list a person down as a collaborator unless they are involved in the design and creation of the artwork represented in the application. We do not need to know the name of your festival weekend “assistant”. Any person listed as a collaborator on the application will be required to be present for the festival entirety. 


A total of $10,500 in awards will be presented. Ten awards of $1,000 each to be given where excellence is determined by the jurors. Awards will be determined based on the artist’s entire presentation. The top ten award-winning artists are automatically invited back to LFOA for the following year without jurying and will receive a commemorative piece of artwork specifically designed for them by a fellow LFOA exhibiting artist. Jurors will also select Honorable Mention award winners, all of whom are automatically invited back to LFOA for the next year without jurying.

A single $500 Sculpture Garden Award will be presented to (1) participating Lakefront Festival of Art 2019 Sculpture Garden exhibiting artist that has been chosen by a unique sculpture judge the weekend of the festival.

·  Ceramics
·  Digital
·  Drawing/Pastels
·  Fiber Decorative
·  Fiber Wearable
·  Glass
·  Jewelry
·  Metal
·  Mixed Media 2D
·  Mixed Media 3D
·  Painting
·  Photography
·  Printmaking
·  Sculpture
·  Wood


Non-refundable Entry Fee -- $35
Booth Fee -- $500
Corner Booth Fee -- additional $100, if available (assigned by lottery)


A panel of three jurors select the show in a “blind jurying” process. There is no prescreening, applications are grouped by media category and shown in random order. All six artist images are projected simultaneously onto a large wall screen three over three, appearing at a size of about 3' x 3' by means of projectors. Images are projected in the order submitted by the artist in their Zapplication, and will be reviewed simultaneously three separate times. Jurors may make general inquiries during this process, such as to artwork dimensions or materials used. Each artist’s Technical Description is read aloud as that artist’s work is projected for the third time during the jurying process. Jurors also select alternates for the show. LFOA typically receives about 1,000 applications for up to 200 booth spaces. Approximately (25) of those spaces are reserved for artist advisors, past award winners (selected by the previous year’s jurors), poster artist and design award competition winner. While LFOA seeks to achieve diversity among the media exhibited the festival does not maintain any quotas by category.


January 25, 2019: Notifications will be emailed. Accepted artists will receive registration material to be submitted with a $500 booth fee to LFOA no later than February 15, 2019.

March 9, 2019: Booth Fees are non-refundable after this date. 

A limited number of corner booths will be available for an additional fee of $100 and are selected via lottery. Artists may forfeit their space if they fail to meet these deadlines.
Artists are responsible for keeping the festival informed of their contact information.


Artists retain all proceeds from their sales. Every exhibiting artist is required to obtain a WI sellers permit and is responsible for collecting and filing the appropriate sales tax (WI 5.6% sales tax). Information from the state of Wisconsin's Department of Revenue will be made available and can be found at http://www.revenue.wi.gov/businesses/index.html.


On Line Application Due
December 7, 2018 Midnight CDT

Notification to Artists (email & ZAPP)
January 25, 2019

Registration and Fee Due
February 15, 2019 (Non – refundable after March 9, 2019)

Festival Information to Artists
May 10, 2019

Artist Load-In and Set-Up
Thursday, June 20, 2019

Lakefront Festival of Art
June 21, 22, and 23, 2019


It is an LFOA tradition to present each award-winning artist with a work of art in addition to their monetary award. LFOA sponsors a competition for the design and execution of these awards. Any artist interested in entering their work for consideration can indicate so on their Zapplication by checking the appropriate box and selecting one of the six images they are submitting to LFOA as their entry for the Design Award Competition. The designing artist will be acknowledged in the Festival program, be invited to participate in the Festival and receive a $2,000 commission to cover the cost of 10 works.

These pieces are traditionally 10 similar, small, gender neutral, presentation awards. The awards should be primarily a reflection of the designing artist and not necessarily the Lakefront Festival of Art.


Fiber Art Fashion Show
A taste of fashion week comes to the LFOA main stage! This special feature of LFOA is located in the main food and beverage area, providing maximum exposure of the wearables to festival attendees. A Milwaukee Fashionista MC’s this well attended event. Fashions include spectacular unique fiber art and one-of-a-kind garments, coats, scarves, and other imaginative fiber wearables for day and evening created by LFOA artists.

Sculpture Garden
The Lakefront Festival of Art extends an invitation to artists accepted in the 2019 Lakefront Festival of Art who are interested in showcasing their work in a professionally designed and installed Sculpture Garden. The outside garden will showcase outdoor and large scale work allowing artists further representation. Those interested, who are not already accepted in the sculpture category, will be asked to provide images of the work they wish to exhibit. Previous years have included artists working in mediums of glass, ceramics, wood and mixed media. All submissions will be reviewed by LFOA. All participating Lakefront Festival of Art 2019 Sculpture Garden exhibiting artists are eligible for a single $500 award. Unless juried in, any work shown in the Sculpture Garden MAY NOT be represented or displayed in an artist’s booth.

Online Silent Auction
Featuring numerous works of art donated by talented LFOA exhibiting artists. Online bidding is open to the public, and is available prior to festival weekend as well as throughout all three days of the festival. The auction offers all art lovers a chance to bid, from home or onsite regardless of attending. The silent auction provides the public with a highlight overview of the festival artists.

·  thumbnail image on LFOA web site and in festival program
   NOTE image #1 from application used
·  complimentary continental breakfast Friday /Saturday mornings
·  catered Artist Awards Celebration Breakfast Sunday morning
·  electricity supplied to each artist booth (max 500 watts)
·  24 hour security patrolling the festival grounds
·  free Milwaukee Art Museum admission
·  load-in/out in front of booth space
·  public ATM on grounds
·  booth sitting available
·  convenient parking
·  corner booth option
·  guest housing

Please read and comply with all rules and requirements to avoid disqualification.


1. Open to artists18 years of age and over.

2. Each artist will be limited to a maximum of two separate entries. Work must be submitted in different categories and contrast substantially in execution. Artists who choose to apply in two media categories must create a separate on-line profile on Zapplication for each entry and submit a jury fee for each.

3. To be juried, each artist must submit six images with one item per image unless multiple items constitute a suite (e.g., table and chairs, necklace and earrings). No split images or images within images.

4. There should be no identifying names or people in images. No text included in image unless integral part of artwork. An artist signature on a submitted piece of artwork may not be visible in a way that a juror may recognize a specific artist by his/her name.

5. Only work representative of your submitted images may be exhibited in your booth. Images should represent current work and be in direct proportion to the work you plan to show. For example, if a wood worker plans to exhibit furniture and vessels at the festival, representative images of both in the appropriate ratio must be included in the six images submitted in the application.

6. Photographers are encouraged to do their own printing. Their creative and printing process must be disclosed. The photography category includes hand colored, Polaroid transfers, emulsion transfers, etc.; do not enter such work in the Mixed Media 2D category. Only original source material, in editions, signed and dated will be allowed.

7. The Digital Art category includes any original work for which the original image, or the manipulation of other source material, was executed by the artist using a computer. Work in this category must be in editions, signed and numbered on archival quality materials. Traditional photographs taken by digital means should apply as photography.

8. Applications must include a 100 character or less Technical Description of your artwork, which will be read aloud to the jurors during the jurying process. The description should include technique or other information to assist the jury in defining what they are seeing. Descriptions longer than 100 characters will not be read.

9. The Festival reserves the right to reassign an artist’s category if artist’s designation is deemed inappropriate.


A submitted LFOA application serves as your agreement and compliance with the rules listed below. Violation of these rules will result in immediate expulsion from the festival. No booth fee refunds or compensation will be made. In addition, LFOA maintains the right to prohibit application to LFOA for three consecutive years immediately following dismissal, and revoke any award presented for the festival year of occurrence.

1. All exhibiting artists (including both collaborators) MUST check -in AND present a valid current ID prior to booth set-up. The LFOA committee reserves the right to periodically check ID throughout the festival weekend.

2. Artists must be present throughout the entire festival in order to exhibit. Spouses or other representatives cannot replace an artist. Collaborating artists are permitted provided it is a true hands-on artistic collaboration, each artist sharing both design and creation on each piece. Collaborators are not assistants, partners, apprentices, or employees. Activities such as canvas stretching, framing, and similar means of assistance are not considered part of a collaborative process. Collaborators are limited to two people.  If artists apply as collaborators both artists must agree to the rules set forth by Lakefront Festival of Art, include the collaborators’ name in the application and be present for the duration of the festival. Set-up will not be permitted until each artist is present.

3. Artists are responsible for adequate insurance and protection of their work and set-up. LFOA is not responsible for any damage that may occur.

4. All work exhibited must be of the quality, category and body of work shown in the images juried.

5. All works must be hand originals designed and created by the exhibiting artist(s). No reproductions are allowed. Artwork created part or wholly from the following is not permitted and may NOT be exhibited or sold at LFOA: commercial designed and/or distributed parts, casts, molds, kits, buy-and-sell items, imported artworks and images or designs that are copyrighted by others.

6. Please note; LFOA reserves the right to question any applicant about his/her creative practice prior to jurying or during the festival. Including but not limited to requiring photos and/or video of the studio and artist working. LFOA reserves the right to disqualify any applicant or exhibitor whose artwork is made in a production studio as defined as; a process consisting of multiple individuals (other than artist) who design, fabricate and assemble the artwork contained within the application. Any artist associated with a production studio can only apply and exhibit (if invited) work that is distinctly different than the work created by the associated production studio. Please contact festival staff prior to applying if you have questions regarding whether or not your work meets the criteria of production.

7. Reproductions are not allowed at the festival. If a work of art already exists and is copied by digital or photographic means and printed on an offset press, a serigraph or through a computer by means of an ink jet or electrostatic printer, this is considered a reproduction and is not permitted. This included giclees and also hand-colored reproductions.
8. Prints are only acceptable if exhibited by artists accepted in the Digital and Printmaking categories.  Prints must be hand-pulled by the artist (printmaking), in editions, signed and numbered.

9. Only artists accepted in the Jewelry category may exhibit or sell jewelry; all jewelry regardless of materials must be entered in the Jewelry category.

10. Sale of non-original promotional items is prohibited. Consequently, the sale of promotional items such as postcards, note cards, reproductions and the like is not permitted.

11. The LFOA Committee reserves the right to ask an artist to amend his/her display to maintain the integrity of the show. Signage will be regulated by the LFOA committee. Display of non-approved signage is not permitted.

Booth Information

1. A consistent display must be maintained throughout the Festival. LFOA will supply overall festival tenting and artists may erect their own canopies under the large tent, or set-up free-form. Dividers are not provided, so artists are encouraged to bring separators to define their own space from the next. Exhibit spaces are 10’ x 10’ and are on concrete or marble surfaces. Absolutely no staking or drilling. Double booths are not available unless accepted in multiple categories. LFOA expects and requires that artists’ displays be of the highest quality and meet the standards inherent to a major, award-winning art festival.

2. Booth fee includes one electrical outlet in booth. Each artist is strictly limited to 500 watts per booth and must provide their own fixtures, power strips and extension cords.

3. Display may not extend beyond booth space. Browse bins may occupy no more than 20% of booth space, must be aesthetically pleasing, and may not obstruct traffic flow. These requirements will be enforced for reasons of safety and crowd control, at the discretion of the LFOA committee.

4. No demonstrating in booths, this includes the playing of musical instruments. Recordings or CDs of music may not be played OR sold at the festival.
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