Event Information

OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair at the Indianapolis Art Center 49th Annual 2019

Indianapolis Art Center
Indianapolis, Indiana (Midwest)

Phone: 317-255-2464 x2470
Event Dates: 5/18/19 - 5/19/19
Application Deadline: 1/23/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Non-refundable Application Fee): $35.00

You can submit up to 5 applications for this show.


Event Summary

Now celebrating its 49th year, the Indianapolis Art Center’s OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair attracts an average of 16,000 visitors and offers an opportunity for the public to meet 200 fine art & craft artists from the U.S. and Canada.
The OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair is located on the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center designed by Hoosier Architect Michael Graves and its 9-acre ARTSPARK, plus the adjacent North Side Optimists Opti-Park, a recreational park. Located in the Broad Ripple Village Cultural District— a cultural arts, shopping, night club, and dining district—the Indianapolis Art Center is next to the popular Monon Trail urban greenway.

General Information

Show Features
  • Extensive advertising and promotion worth at least $30,000.00
  • Booth Sitter Text Hotline; Get a friendly booth sitter right when you need one!
  • Overnight Roving Security (Indianapolis Police Department)
  • Friday Night Preview Party for select areas
  • Saturday and Sunday Artist and Volunteer breakfast
  • Food Line passes; get to the front of any line, so you don’t miss a sale!
  • Warm and professional staff dedicated to the arts
The OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair is open to all fine art and fine craft artists. Work may be in any fine art or fine craft medium, but must be original and made by the exhibiting artist or artist team. Please review the Exhibition Standards to determine the eligibility of your specific artwork.

Application Deadline
Applications will be accepted online until midnight EST, January 20, 2019. Late applications will not be accepted.

Please review the event calendar. The timeline is subject to change.

October 1                        Online application opens.
January 20                      Online application deadline
January 28                      Jury results emailed
January 28                      Booth preference survey emailed
February 22                   Confirmation/fees* due
February 22                   Booth Preference Survey due
March 31                        Final day for refund (less $35 admin fee)**
May 17                            Artist check-in and set up
May 17                            Preview Party*** 6 pm – 8 pm
May 18 – 19                   OnceAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair
                                           Saturday 10 am – 6 pm
                                           Sunday 10 am – 5 pm
* Confirmation and payment is to be made on Zapplication.org. Invited artists that miss this deadline will be moved to the wait list.
 ** Cancellations will not be refunded after this date
*** Eligibility for the Preview Party is determined by area of assigned booth. Areas of participation will be noted on the booth preference survey. Participants in these areas will be required to set up early for participation in the Friday evening event.

About the Indianapolis Art Center
“One artist, one at a time.” This is the core principle of the Indianapolis Art Center’s OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair. We value fine art and fine craft by individual artists or collaborative teams who both create the work personally and sell it directly to the retail customer, and we ask all of our participating artists to share this value.
The mission of the Indianapolis Art Center is to engage, enlighten and enhance our communities through art education, participation and observation. The OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair was created in 1971 by Marjorie Beal, who envisioned an event that would showcase local artists and be hosted by the Art Center (then Indianapolis Art League). Now celebrating its 49th year, the Art Fair attracts an average of 16,000 patrons and offers an opportunity for the public to meet 200 artists from the U.S. and Canada, 2 food courts, craft beer and wine, live entertainment, and to learn about and experience the unique mission of the Art Center.
The Art Fair is located on the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center designed by Hoosier Architect Michael Graves and its 9-acre ARTSPARK, plus the adjacent North Side Optimists Opti-Park, a recreational park. Located in the Broad Ripple Village Cultural District— a cultural arts, shopping, night club, and dining district—the Indianapolis Art Center is next to the popular Monon Trail urban greenway.
The OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair is a gated event ($13 presale and $15 day of) that is the largest annual fundraiser for the Indianapolis Art Center, a non-profit community arts organization. Income from the OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair is used to support our Outreach Department, year-round classes, exhibitions, lectures and workshops that promote the creation and appreciation of art.
Jury Process
Artists applying to the 2019 Art Fair will be juried by a panel of three judges. All applicants must apply through ZAPPlication in the category or categories appropriate to their work. Jury-exempt invitations are extended to select artists including, but not limited to, the 48th OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair award winners. Less than 5% of the artists were jury exempt in 2018. All other applicants are juried to ensure a quality Art Fair.
Jurying for Awards will take place on Saturday, May 18th. During the Fair, an independent on-site juror will judge booths and award cash and re-invite prizes totaling $2,000. Award-winners will be re-invited to the 2020 OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair.

Artists who applied for an Artist Booth will be notified through ZAPP by email of the jurors’ decision. Artists will be notified on Friday, January 28, 2019.

Security & Artist Parking
Overnight, police security will be provided Friday & Saturday. All efforts to secure artwork by closing up tent walls is expected.
Due to the urban environment, and being a walking community, parking is all in the streets. Ample parking can be found in the neighborhoods adjacent to the Indianapolis Art Center. Unfortunately, handicap accessible parking for artists cannot be provided for spatial and logistic reasons. A timely arrival should help avoid a need for parking more than a block away. Artists who have large trailers are welcome to park in the streets.

Electricity is not available to artists.


Application Procedures/Requirements
Complete application form at www.zapplication.org
  • Submit four recent images. The first three images should be of artwork comparable in style and quality to what will be exhibited at the Art Fair and representative of work produced in the last two years. One of the three artwork images may be a detail of another work submitted. The fourth image is the Booth Shot.
  • The booth shot should convey the whole display of the booth or a section showing the artist’s current display and representative of the type of work that will be exhibited at the Art Fair. If the artist does not have a booth shot from a previous fair an attempt should be made to set-up a mock booth to show planned method of display.
  • The booth shot must NOT include the artist/studio/business name to ensure a blind jury. The booth must NOT include visible people. There is a 2-point penalty if there is no booth slide or if the artist/studio/business name or people are shown.
  • All work shown must correspond with the category you applied in. If more than one media is represented in the booth shot, all mediums must be separately juried. Having work, of a different category, in a booth shot that was not juried does NOT qualify that work for the fair.

Exhibition Standards/Rules
RULE 1) ALL applicants/artists MUST be present at check-in and in booths on both days of the Art Fair. Identification will be verified upon check-in and periodically throughout the fair. Artists who leave the fair will have their booths closed and be disqualified from next year’s fair.

RULE 2) Only one artist or small artist team’s* work per booth, please—we do not allow booth sharing. Work by collaborative teams must be the production of all team members sharing both design and fabrication tasks on each piece. Each member of an artist team must be present for the fair.
* Small artist team is defined as no more than three artists working collaboratively together.

RULE 3) Artwork made in a production studio or small business (defined by the organizers of the Art Fair as an operation comprised of multiple individuals other than the applicant artist(s) who are paid to design, fabricate, assemble and/or finish the artwork in question) is prohibited. We reserve the right to disqualify applicants that are deemed production houses.

RULE 4) Artwork deemed to be made in production houses will result in the artist being asked to verify their practices. This includes but is not limited to requiring photos of the studio with the artist working on pieces that are representative of the work provided.

RULE 5) Artists at the Fair must have an Indiana retail certificate and are responsible for collecting and filing Indiana sales tax. Visit https://inbiz.in.gov to fill out the application. Artists MUST list their own address for tax purposes. Listing the Art Center’s address in your tax application will result in disqualification from the fair and future fairs.

RULE 6) Artists must present with a white tent. No logos, print or colored tents are permitted for use by artist exhibitors.  If a tent is needed, rentals can be arranged through our events department.

RULE 7) Vehicles are not permitted within the barricades during fair hours.

RULE 8) Generators are not allowed, unless they are completely quiet and do not disturb any neighboring artists, vendors or patrons.

RULE 9) Booth Spaces may not be transferred or otherwise reassigned by the artist.

RULE 10) Artists who have not claimed their space by their presence within one hour prior to the fair opening, forfeit their space with no refund and their space may be sold to a different artist.

RULE 11) Artists cannot take part in any other fair which runs concurrently with the OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair.

RULE 12) Booth Structure and display must not exceed the limits of the assigned space. Artwork must not obstruct any path for clear passage and cannot interfere with your neighbor’s space.

RULE 13) Unless artists are officially notified of a fair emergency, booths must be open at the fair starting times and not close before the fair closing times.

RULE 14) All Storage must be neatly concealed within the limits of the assigned space.

RULE 15) Pets are prohibited on the fair site. Service animals are permitted.

RULE 16) No debris may be left behind after tearing down.

RULE 17) Chairs are permitted outside the booth structure as long as they do not obstruct pathways or views of neighboring booths.

RULE 18) Use of garden beds areas and planters is prohibited.

RULE 19) Overhangs are permitted but must not interfere with any other exhibitor’s booth or the traffic flow.

RULE 20) Demonstrations are allowed within the assigned booth space.

RULE 21) Artwork must be made by hand by the applicant/artist.

RULE 22) Buy-and-sell items or imported artworks are prohibited. Artists found removing labels identifying countries of origin will not only be ejected from the fair but will also be reported to the Customs and Border Protection as this action is a Federal Crime violating the Tariff Act of 1930.

RULE 23) The use of kits designed to produce an object or artwork assembled from commercially distributed parts or patterns is prohibited.

RULE 24) Artworks must not be constructed (in significant part or wholly) from commercially-distributed parts or molds.

RULE 25) Images or designs for which the artist does not own the copyright or has not obtained permission from the copyright owner must not be used.

RULE 26) Candles, soap, perfume or other personal care items; dried or live flower arrangements; bonsai; food items and/or beverages are not allowed.

RULE 27) Photocopied or laser-printed notecards or open-edition prints.

RULE 28) Screen printed t-shirts, notecards, mugs and other small, commercially-printed items are permitted only if sold at the Art Fair by the artist who created the original image AND if items collectively are not more than 10% of the displayed booth contents.

RULE 29) Artists creating additional works in the same media but considered to be in another jurying category (i.e., a potter whose work is primarily vessels, but also makes ceramic pendants) may include these items in the booth provided they are directly related/reflective of the style and quality of the artist’s juried work and comprise no more than 10% of the booth. Artists working in two entirely different categories must submit separate applications for each style of work in the appropriate jurying categories; if both category applications are accepted, they may be shown in the same booth.

Exhibition Standards/Rules Violations
The Indianapolis Art Center reserves the right to question any applicant about his/her manufacturing or assembly process prior to jurying or during the Fair, and to deny the application of any artist whose work violates any of the rules stipulated above or who otherwise does not comply with the standards and ethics of the OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair. On the 1st day of the fair, the Artist Chair will review all booths in the fair, comparing the images submitted for jurying to the actual booth in the fair. Work on view must be comparable to the juried images. Artists displaying work not comparable to what was juried in will have to remove the non-juried work. Artists that fail to comply with any of the above rules and standards will be asked to leave the show immediately with no refund given.

Booth Information
Complete Artist Booth Fees due on acceptance to Art Fair. Unfortunately, we cannot accept post-dated checks or partial payments, or implement payment plans. Artist Booths not paid in full by the deadline will be considered available and offered to an artist on the waiting list. The payment deadline is February 22, 2019.

$35       Application Processing Fee - non-refundable
$400    12’x12’ Booth Fee - due upon acceptance
$50       *Corner Booth Fee

* A Corner allows for access to either the right or left side of the booth. A very limited number of corner booths are available. This fee is only to be paid after booth assignments have been sent.
* Double booths are not available, unless juried and accepted under multiple categories. There is no discount for jurying in and purchasing two spaces. Each space is still $400.

You cannot apply with the same body of work in more than 1 category. If less than 5 applications are received in any of the following categories those applicants will be moved into either 2D Mixed Media or 3D Miscellaneous to ensure an equitable jury. For example, if we only receive 3 entries in the Printmaking category those applicants will be moved into 2D Miscellaneous. If you plan to exhibit jewelry but apply in another category you will be allowed no more than 10% of your booth space to do so (this is actively enforced during the fair). In addition, the jewelry must reflect your category. Artists showing more than 10% or selling jewelry that is unlike their main medium must apply in Jewelry in addition to their own category. The Artist Chair and or Fair Director also reserve the right, with notification, to move your application into a different category if they feel that it was entered inaccurately.

2D Mixed Media
Drawing, Collage, Mixed Media Painting, Flat Wall-Hung Mosaics, Two-Dimensional Surface Design, or Framed/Mounted Mixed Media Wall Work.

3D Miscellaneous
Assemblage, Three-Dimensional Surface Design, Musical Instruments, Non-Wood Furniture, Recycled/Upcycled Objects, and Mixed Media Sculptural Work.
Note: Artists selling handmade musical instruments may also sell CDs in their booth if they are the musicians on the recording. These CDs may only comprise 10% of the booth contents.

Functional and Raku Ceramic Vessels, Non-Functional Ceramic Forms, Ceramic Wall Work, Ceramic Sculpture.

Digital Media
Digitally created work using computer software and/or scanning and manipulating images to make entirely new works of art. All works must be individually signed by the artist.
Note: Digital Photographers should apply in the Photography category. Artists who exhibit giclées (digitally printed reproductions of original works) should enter in the category of the original work and see restrictions regarding reprints.

Blown Glass Vessels or Sculptural Work, Flameworked Sculpture, Fused Glass (Non-Jewelry), Stained Glass, or Cold-Worked Glass.

Jewelry created from Traditional Metalsmithing Techniques, Wire Wrapping, Chain Making, Electroforming, Spool Knitting, Precious Metal Clay (PMC), Flameworking, Lamped Glass Beads, or Work Crafted from Non-Metal Jewelry Materials (Felt, Rubber, Bone, Seeds, Etc.).
Note: The Art Fair does not accept jewelry made primarily of pre-purchased beads; purchased components may only be used as complimentary accents in works that are comprised of the artist’s original beads. If you have questions about this, please contact TJ Samuels, OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair Artist Chair, at (317) 255-2464 x2490.

Oil or Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Paper, Panel or other 2-dimensional matrix.

Traditional Transparent Watercolor Techniques or Contemporary Work in Watercolors.

Traditional film photography, hand colored images, emulsion transfers and digital photography.

Traditional, hand-pulled, limited-edition prints (lithographs, silkscreens, woodcuts, etchings, etc.). Prints must be hand signed by the artist.

Stone and Metalwork
Stone Carving, Stone Sculpture, Metalwork employing traditional welding, fabrication, and/or foundry techniques.

Fiber, Leather, and Wearable Art
Tapestries, Rugs, Fiber Sculptures, Wall Hung Fiber Works, Leatherwork, Clothing or other non-jewelry accessories (hats, scarves, purses, etc.)
Note: Clothing/Accessory Designs must be original and finished products must be fabricated by the artist or artist team, this includes all Leatherwork.

Furniture, Vessels, Functional Items, and Sculpture created through traditional and contemporary woodworking techniques.

Cancellation Policy/Refunds
  1. In the event you must cancel, please contact the Director immediately.
            Kyle Herrington, Director
            317-255-2463 x:2470
  1. It is required that your cancellation is in writing through email. If you notify the Artist Chair over the phone, please follow up the conversation with a written email.
  2. If the cancellation is made on or before the last day to cancel with refund, your booth fee will be refunded minus a $35 administration fee.

*There are no refunds or cancellations made after the refund deadline on March 31, 2019. All refunds given are administered less a $35 administration fee.

For Information:
Kyle Herrington; OneAmerica Broad Ripple Art Fair Direcotr
317-255-2464 x:2490