Event Information

Coast Guard Craft Fair 2019

Central Park
Grand Haven, Michigan (Midwest)

Event Dates: 8/2/19 - 8/3/19
Application Deadline: 3/15/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 6 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Jury and Handling Fee): $30.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
Join us for one of the most popular craft fairs in Michigan, held during one of the state’s biggest festivals—
The Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival. Quality exhibits, high attendance, along with the Coast Guard parade
and fireworks all mean you will have a successful event, and a great time while you’re here!

General Information
             Central Park | Grand Haven, Michigan
SHOW HOURS:        
             Friday, August 2 | 9am—6pm
             Saturday, August 3 | 9am—5pm
  • Regardless of weather, as determined by the Craft Fair Staff. No refunds will be given if canceled due to weather.
  • All exhibitors must be checked-in by 8:30am, set-up by 8:45am and remain open the entire length of the show until closing on both days.
$30—Online Application (non-refundable)
  • $235—Regular Booth
    • Approximately 11’ w x 12’ d
    • ONE 10’ x 10’ tent is allowed in this space
  • $385—Extended Booth
    • Approximately 11’ w x 24’ d
    • Allows for 11’ along sidewalk
  • $440—Double Booth
    • Approximately 22’ w x 12’ d
    • Allows for 22’ along sidewalk

  • Limited number of booths with electricity available for an additional $50.
    • Generators are not permitted without permission.
    • Crafters must provide their own extension cords.
  • Application must be FULLY completed or it will not be processed.
  • All applicants, regardless of previous participation, must submit a total of six photographs. These are required for jurying.
    • Three (3) photographs of the crafter’s work
    • One (1) photograph of the crafter creating their work
    • One (1) photograph of their workstation/area
    • One (1) photograph of the booth/whole display
  • All photographs must be clear. If the photographs are of poor quality, the committee has the right to reject your application without any further review. 
  • Submitting the required photographs is extremely important to the committee. The photos are a representation of your work, they prove that you are the creator of your work, and they show what your booth space will look like during our show. If you are not the creator of your work, don't apply. 
  • Photographs become property of the Coast Guard Craft Fair and may be used for promotional purposes on social media and through other media outlets.
JURYING PROCESS:                   
  • The Screening Committee is the sole judge of work and reserves the right to reject any work not considered acceptable.
  • The jury only sees your photos, prices and Statement. 
  • The committee reserves the right to assign and reassign booth spaces as necessary.
  • Crafters will be notified by the beginning of April.
  • The jury’s decisions are final.

  • For a few years now, we have tried having an onsite jury at the Craft Fair. For the 2019 show, we do not plan to have one. With the high volume of people, both in the park and in the City in general, it's challenging to secure qualified jurors. Online jurying will happen as it usual.

  • Items sold must be ORIGINAL and HANDCRAFTED by the applicant.
  • The applicant must be the creator of the craft and be present for the entirety of the Craft Fair.
  • Only craft items juried into the show are allowed to be sold during the Craft Fair.
  • Crafters with food products may apply as long as the applicant is the creator of the original product, will be representing the product at the show themselves, the product is packaged to be sold individually and the product is produced in a licensed kitchen.
    • No Cottage Food Law applicants will be considered.
  • Buy/sell items, fine art, decorated wholesale items, kit-art or hobby crafts, commercial and mass-produced products, manufactured items and items sold to wholesalers.
  • No representatives or distributors.
  • Non-original and/or foreign made items.
  • If these products or products which have not been juried into the show are being sold, Craft Fair Staff reserve the right to remove the product and/or the vendor from the Craft Fair at anytime without a refund.
  • Registration will be open on Thursday, August 1 from 3-7pm and will reopen on Friday, August 2 from 6:30-8:30am.
  • Crafters must first check-in and register before they begin to unload and set-up.
  • Crafters not checked-in by 8:30am on Friday morning and set-up by 8:45am may lose their space without a refund.
  • Crafters are to set-up 1 to 2 feet off the sidewalk to allow for more room for customers.
  • Please be prepared for un-level ground as this event is held in a park.
  • No stakes are allowed in the park. Do not stake your tent and try to hide it. If any damage is done to the park due to the usage of stakes, that vendor will be responsible for the expenses.
  • Placing canopy legs in the flower beds is prohibited. The City puts fencing around the flower beds, and any damage done to that fencing or to the beds themselves by your tent or other items will be your financial responsibility. 
  • No smoking in or around booths.
  • Crafters are not allowed to begin the set-up/unloading process before they check-in and register.
  • Unless you pay for a Double or Extended booth, ONE tent is allowed per space. Additional storage tents behind your main tent are prohibited. 
  • Additional information about the set-up process will be included in the acceptance packet.
  • Crafters must be out of the venue by 7pm on Saturday evening; if a vendor needs more time, please let staff know at check-in.
  • Crafters must pack up their booth space BEFORE they pull their vehicle to the park to load-out.
  • Crafters must discard all trash in the dumpsters provided, as well as pick up any debris left in the booth area before leaving. If a vendor does not leave their booth space clean, they will not be invited back.
*Load-out process is subject to change.

  • All exhibitors are responsible for collecting and remitting the 6% sales tax to the State of Michigan.
  • If an exhibitor does not possess a valid Michigan Sales Tax License, they must file a Concessionaire’s Return.

  • A security guard will be on-site Thursday and Friday nights from 7pm until 6am.
  • It is not recommended crafters leave valuable property in their booths overnight.
  • Crafters are responsible for the loss or damage to any property left in the park.
  • Limited reserved parking is available for crafters only on Saturday, August 3 for $10. 
  • Additional information about parking will be sent with the acceptance packet.

  • Additional information will be sent with the acceptance packet, including a list of area hotels and campgrounds.
  • Complimentary breakfast (coffee and pastries) provided for each day of the show.
  • One complimentary lunch coupon provided. 
  • Complimentary bottled water available at the Information/Registration Tent.
  • Overnight security both Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • Booth sitters available upon request at the Information/Registration Tent or by phone (number will be provided). 
  • Marketing and promotion via social media, press, event calendars and local publications.
  • The Coast Guard Festival attracts over 325,000 people during the 10 day event. The Craft Fair’s estimate of attendance is 50,000 over the two-day show.

  • Cancellations received before June 15, 2019 will receive a 70% refund; after June 15, 2019 no refunds will be given.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing to msherman@grandhavenchamber.org and are not confirmed until the coordinator sends confirmation of receipt.

  • The crafter must be the creator of the craft both conceptually and physically.
  • Only crafts juried into the show will be allowed to be sold during the Craft Fair. Crafters selling non-acceptable items or items not juried into the show will be asked to remove said items and/or vacate their space with no refund.
  • Only crafters in the jewelry category may display and sell jewelry.
  • The crafter must be present the entire time at the Craft Fair.
  • Crafters are required to check-in, register their name and receive their event information upon arrival to the show BEFORE unloading and setting up. 
  • Booths are non-transferable and may not be shared with other exhibitors.
  • No stakes are allowed for canopy/booth set up or product display in the park. Please make necessary arrangements for displays.
  • Having canopy legs in the flower beds is prohibited. This will be strictly enforced by the City of Grand Haven. 
  • Cottage Food Law is not accepted at the Craft Fair. If applying in the Food category, a copy of the licensed kitchen certificate must be included with the application.
  • Crafters not checked-in by 8:30am and set-up by 8:45am may lose their space without a refund.
  • Crafters must remain open until closing time on both days of the show. If a Crafter does leave early, they will not be invited back.
  • Crafters must be out of the venue by 7pm on Saturday evening, if a vendor needs more time, notify staff at check-in.
  • No smoking in or around booths.
  • This Craft Fair is part of a larger festival located in a downtown, populated area. Therefore, parking, unloading, and loading rules must be strictly followed. Accepted vendors must adhere to the parking, unloading and loading regulations included in their acceptance packet.
  • Coast Guard Craft Fair Coordinators reserve the right to remove any vendor from their space for not following the rules, regulations, terms and conditions set forth in this document and the acceptance packet, at any time. 

Booth Information
If a Crafter is requesting a specific booth number, this must be included in the application. "Same as last year" does not suffice. Booth requests cannot be guaranteed. The map included on this application is the most recent update to the park layout.
Event Site Map

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