Event Information


271st ST. NW
Stanwood, Washington (West)

Event Dates: 7/12/19 - 7/14/19
Application Deadline: 6/15/19 Midnight PST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $20.00

You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.


Event Summary

Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals Presents: 
"Summer Arts Jam" 
July 12th, 13th & 14th, 2019

Calling all Artists:

Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals Presents "Summer Arts Jam" in Historical Downtown Stanwood, WA  invites all National and Regional Artists to submit their applications to our "Summer Arts Jam" 2019 festival! Join us and be part of our "Summer Arts Jam" celebration, July 12th, 13th and 14th, 2019. 

The Producers of the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals event put on a similar show the last 3 years, which last year attracted over 6500 art enthusiasts, with even more anticipated this year. The East end of downtown Stanwood will be bustling this season. Take the Amtrak Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals "Summer Arts Jam" train, it will drop you off right at the beginning of the Summer Arts JamYou won't want to miss this exciting Festival!!

The event is enlivened by:

More than 100 vendor booths
  • Live music
  • Roaming street performers
  • A "Local Craft Beer Garden" featuring Naked City Brewery & Taphouse & Wine Bar
  • Root Beer Float Garden
  • “Kids Discover Art” area
  • Face Painters
  • Jugglers
  • Food booths
  • A grape stomping contest with the winner of last year, Stanwoods Mayor Leonard Kelley calling for a rematch against Don & Janet Webb owners of Naked City.
  • Sat. AM Fire Explores putting on a Pancake Breakfast.
  • Silent Auction
  • Be sure to go to our web-site www.stanwoodcamanoartsfestivals.org or SCAFS.info  to see what else we will be adding to this years Summer Arts...

General Information

Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals "Summer Arts Jam" July 12th, 13 & 14th, 2019

July, 12, 13, & 14, 2019

Artists & Food Vendor booths open from 10:00AM - 7:00PM,
on Friday July 12 and Saturday July 13

Food Vendors may stay open till 9:00pm.
July 12th & 13th
Music, Local Craft Beer Garden 2:00PM -10:00PM
Sunday, July, 14th:
Artists  will be open 10:AM to 3:00 PM

Music, Local Craft Beer Garden 11:00AM - 5:00PM
• You must be open during the above times.
Sunday, July 14th:
Artist & Food Vendor Booths breakdown will begin at 3:00PM and ends at 8:00PM so the streets of Stanwood can be re-opened at 8PM

Children's Area: Saturday & Sunday 11:00am - 3:00pm
Silent Auction: Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm  Sunday 10:00am - 3:00pm Last Bid at 3pm

Thursday, July 11th: Artists will check in and set up their booths at their designated time to check in, which will be emailed to you once accepted to the festival.  Check in times will start at 6:30PM. 

Festival Location:  271st Street NW (Main Street) & 88th Avenue NW Stanwood, WA

Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals Producers of "Summer Arts Jam"  is expected to grow in size each year, we expect even more visitors in 2019!  Quality independent artists are fundamental to the success of the event. The Summer Arts Jam receives more than 150 applications from throughout the United States, in 18 different visual arts categories that range from wood to photography to ceramics, wearable art, jewelry and other categories. From these applicants, a jury comprised of members from the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals Jury Committee ranks the top artisans in each category to participate in the Summer Arts Jam, and the highest ranking artists receive invitations to participate. During Summer Arts Jam, a jury selects the best overall artist and the top artist in each category. As many as 100 plus artist booths line 271st Street and 88th Ave. in Historical Downtown Stanwood presenting hand-made artwork that offers visitors a distinctive shopping experience. While the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals focuses on visual art and the artists who create it, there also is a wide variety of other activity for guests to enjoy. Live entertainment provides fun for festival-goers. Performances throughout the venue keep audiences in high spirits throughout the day. In addition to the festival main stage, street performers, food, root beer float garden, children's area including face painters, sponsor exhibits, and music stage set up for the amusement of Summer Arts Jam visitors. Join us for our 'Local Craft Beer Garden & Wine Bar"  featuring Naked City Brewery & Taphouse.

Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals accepts artists’ applications for the Summer Arts Jam exclusively through Zapp (www.zapplication.org). The service is free and easy:  Go to the Zapp website and follow the instructions for creating your own account. Once you have done that, you’ll receive all of Zapp’s notices for shows throughout the country, including the Stanwood Camano Arts Festival "Summer Arts Jam.  The Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals "Summer Arts Jam" application process will be be open to apply January 2, 2019.

If you need help registering on ZAPP Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals contact us at our website SCAFS.info for more information.

To insure a sucessful Summer Arts Jam for 2019 we are: 
  • Advertise on 18+ buses going up and down the I-5 corridor from Canada to Oregon
  • Stanwood Farmers’ Market crowds on Friday, the first day of the Festival
  • Having interviews on local radio stations including KSVR 97.1 FM.
  • KAFE Radio 104.1 FM will broadcast live from our event'
  •  Opportunities for TV publicity by TV shows – invite “Evening Magazine” and KOMO4 to give away Amtrak Train Tickets again this year to SCAF.
  • Live music & bands.
  • Advertising in AAA Magazine
  • Sooooo much more!

You want to be a sponsor? Why, yes you can! We're grateful for the many ways our community supports Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals organization and the Summer Arts Jam. Volunteers and financial sponsors are critical to our success. We are also accepting vendors January 2, 2019. Thank you for being a part of Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals organization and the Summer Arts Jam!   
Want more information how to help? Go to our new web-site www.stanwoodcamanoartsfestivals.org or SCAFS.info and/or contact Sally Pray @ sallyprayscaf@yahoo.com

You want to donate to the live or silent auction?  Why, yes you can! We are excited and thankful for the many ways our community and individual sponsors support the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals organization and the Summer Arts Jam. Volunteers and financial sponsors and individual sponsors are critical to our success.  You can drop off any Auction item ahead of time to:
Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals · 10101 270th St NW, Ste 198 · Stanwood, WA 98292 
Want more information how to help? Go to our new web-site www.stanwoodcamanoartsfestivals.org or SCAFS.info and/or contact Sally Pray at sallyprayscaf@yahoo.com

Want to be a food vendor or concessionaire?  We are also accepting for food concessionaires starting January 2nd, 2019. Thank you for being a part Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals Summer Arts Jam! Want more information how to help?  
Want more information how to help? Go to our new web-site 
www.stanwoodcamanoartsfestivals.org or SCAFS.info and/or contact Sally Pray @ sallyprayscaf@yahoo.com

Want to volunteer at the Festivall?  We are also accepting applications for volunteers starting January 2nd,  2019. Thank you for being a part of Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals Summer Arts Jam!
Watch for updates on our new website  
www.stanwoodcamanoartsfestivals.org or SCAFS.info and/or contact Sally Pray @ sallyprayscaf@yahoo.com 

A big thank you to the generous sponsors, community partners and community volunteers that make Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals, Summer Arts Jam possible. We’ve had many great sponsors in the past and we thank each one for participating in the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals organization and the Summer Arts Jam. This is YOUR opportunity to be a part of the 2019 Festival. Your support is absolutely essential and greatly appreciated, as we showcase artists and revitalize Stanwood & Camano together as a community. The Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals is a community helping the community event!  We couldn't do it without your help!!!   

Want more information how to help?
Go to our new web-site:  www.stanwoodcamanoartsfestivals.org or SCAFS.info 
and/or contact Sally Pray @ sallyprayscaf@yahoo.com

Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals
"Summer Arts Jam"
July 12th, 13th & 14th, 2019
Check-In & Booth Set-Up:
Thursday, July 11th: Artists & Vendors will check in and set up their booths at their designated time to check in, which will be emailed to you once accepted to the festival.  Check in times will start at July 11, 2019 @ 6:30PM.

• We will NOT accept late check-in/set-up. Due to insurance regulations and for the safety of Stanwood merchants and all artists/vendors, roads will be blocked and all vehicles are prohibited to drive within the event area from Friday, July 12th, 2019 until your assigned break-down time on Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Booths & Fees:

• All single booths are set up in quads, each with 2 open sides.  All booths are essentially corner booths because of the quad set up. Booths are assigned by the committee.  Artists/Vendors must store their artwork at their own risk while the Summer Arts Jam is closed, and be prepared for any weather conditions. All booths must be attended during all open Artist times/hours of the Summer Arts Jam (see above), regardless of the weather, safety permitting.

• Artists/Vendors must provide their own booth materials Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals, Summr Arts Jam,  provides the space only. 
We have great respect for our participating artists, and therefore we ask that these rules are honored so
that quality original artwork is the essence of this event. Any failure to comply with the following
Festival Rules will result in immediate removal from the Festival and the Artist will be ineligible to
participate in future Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals events. The following rules and policies are provided to ensure fairness to all participating artists and to the buying public.

Artist Must Be Present  - The artist/artists who sign the contract MUST be present at the show for the entire three day event.  Representatives may not attend in place of the artist.  You may be asked to provide a Photo I.D. at check-in.  This is intended to give our audience an opportunity to engage with the artists themselves, which creates a greater connetion to the works.

Rain or Shine Event - Artists agree to be present despite weather conditions.  Each participant is responsible for preparing their displays to withstand weather fluctuations including rain and wind.

Collaborators - By signing this application, the exhibitor assures that he or she has direct hands on involvement in the creation and executuion of each piece of work to be exhibited.  Collaborating artists, if accepted, may show only their collaborative works and their names must be listed as collaborators on the show application. Collaborations are intended to true artistic collaborations rather than business partners.  The creative contributions of each artist in the collaboration must be identified on the application.

No Distributors Allowed - Artists involved in distributing volume production for others are not permitted to exhibit.  If the artist himself/herself is a distributor or wholesaler, then only work personally created and made by the exhibiting artist is allowed to be presented in the festival.

Original Work - Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals, Summer Arts Jam has the right to investigate the origins of all artwork presented.  If any artwork is found to be not original of the applicant's creation, the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals, Summer Arts Jam has the right to refuse participation without refund.

Jewelry - Jewelry can only be present in the booths of those artists in the jewelry category. Please do not sell jewelry or pins if you have not been juried and accepted as a jewelry artist. Chains and chokers not made by the artist may be sold by jewelry artists as part of a unit, but they may not be sold by themselves if they are not original works of the artist.

Upcycled / Creative Re-use - Works included for sale in this category must be 75% reclaimed materials that are altered by the artist.

Only Approved Inventory May Be Included - Work displaid on site must be consistent with the work shown in the digital images submitted.  No work outside of your juried category will be allowed. 

Only Original Work Permitted - All work - in every category - must be original work produced by the exhibiting artist.  No "buy/sell," mass-produced component assembly, or other art that is not personally created and produced by the applying artist is permitted.  Work which has been produced with commercially-acquired kits, mold, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms or other commercial methods is not permitted.

No Promotional Additions Are Permitted - Exhibiors are prohibited from selling non-original promaotion items that are not their own (i.e., posters, postcards, calendars, tee shirts, videos, DVDs, etc.) at Summer Arts Jam.  All items exhibited must be submitted for jury approval in their appropriate categories listed on the aritsts' applicaiton inventory.

Disclosure of Licensed Image Sales - If artist has sold or licensed images of his/her original work to commercial concerns and those images which will be displayed at Summer Arts Jam, the artist must disclose that licensing through on-site public disclaimer signage stating that some of the images being presented have been licensed for reproduction and may be found at commercial sale as reproductions being sold at discounted prices.

On-Site Set-Up/Strike Requirements - All applicants are required to check in prior to setting up.  Photo identfication is required.  Booths must be set-up by 9 a.m., open by 10 a.m. and remain open until the official close all three days.  Applicants must claim their assigned booth space no later than 8 a.m. Friday or it may be forteited.  Applicants are responsible for removing debris and ensuring the general cleanliness of the area surounding their booths throughout Summer Arts Jam and following its conclusion.  No on-site storage is available unless it is arranged during the booth application process.

- Canopy tents must be fire retardant and must be tied down with a minimum of 50 pounds of weights on each leg at all times.

Booth Cancellation:
Registration is final. However, if you need to cancel, you may receive a 100% refund if you inform us by June 1, or a 50% refund you inform us by June 15. However, there are NO refunds after June 16 and there will be no refunds due to bad weather. 

ALL applicants must be juried into Summer Arts Jam, and will be required to provide application, photos, jury fee, and adhere to all regulations. The Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals website may feature vendor photos.

The Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals requires booth artisans participating in the Summer Arts Jam to carry their own insurance policy in the amount of $1,000.000. You do not need to send us a copy of your policy.

Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals and the Summer Arts Jam, City of Stanwood, its employees, volunteers, directors, security or insurance company are not financially liable for losses or damages of any kind. Booth artisans should make arrangements with their own insurance companies for proper coverage.  Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals nor the Summer Arts Jam, City or Stanwood will not be held responsible for any theft or damage to artists work or other personal property.
  • Artists/Vendors are not allowed to ROVE with their merchandise at any time.
  • Artists/Vendors are NOT allowed to break down early or leave early.(Leaving early may jeopardize future participation.)
  •  Alcoholic beverages, loud music, television, and hawking will not be allowedin the vicinity of your booth.
  • The “Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals" and the "Summer Arts Jam” name and logo are trademarked and any use of them must be first approved by the Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals Board.
  • Absolutely NO SMOKING or Vendor’s non-service animals in or around the booths! • Artists/Vendors are responsible for the behavior of their associates, assistants, and children. Please be respectful to the other Artists/Vendors and store merchants within Summer Arts Jam perimeters. 
Please note the Artists/Vendor parking area maps will be provided in Vendor Packets that will be emailed to you. Artists/Vendors are required to park in Vendor Parking Area ONLY and must provide license plate number of all vehicles you’ll be using during Summer Arts Jam, including trailers. By submitting the application, you agreed to comply with the parking regulations that are strictly enforced by the City of Stanwood. This means you may NOT park anywhere except the Vendor Parking Area so visitors will have ample parking spaces elsewhere. 
Food Products Category:
Interested in being a Food Vendor for Stanwood Camano Arts Festivals, Summer Arts JamGo to our new web-site www.stanwoodcamanoartsfestivals.org or SCAFS.info and/or contact Sally Pray @ sallyprayscaf@yahoo.com or Food categories must obtain necessary food handling permits through the WSDA, USDA, FDA or the Snohomish County Health Department. We must have a copy of your license before you can set up. You can email it to sallyprayscaf@yahoo.com  For complete information contact www.snohd.org or call (425) 339-5250.   

There is no power available to any Artist/Vendor booth with the exception of music and food booths. No generators are allowed for any Artist. 

Silent Auction:
Please consider donating a piece of your art before the festival to the Stanwood Camanos Arts Festivals Silent Auction during the Summer Arts Jam Community Welcoming Event.  You can drop of and Silent Auction item ahead of time to: Stanwood Camano Arts Festival· 10101 270th St NW, Ste 198 · Stanwood, WA 98292 
Go to our new web-site www.stanwoodcamanoartsfestivals.org or SCAFS.info and/or contact Sally Pray @ sallyprayscaf@yahoo.com All proceeds benefit the local community. 

Booth Information
Your completed application, $20 non-refundable jury fee, three 4x6 photos of your work and one 4x6 photo of your booth are required.  These  items to be submitted by the deadline dates listed above.
Booth Fees:
Single 10 x 10  Booth:   $200.00
Double 10 x 20 Booth:  $400.00
Jury Fee 
(non-refundable): $20.00 per artist

If your booth is shared -  no more than 2 artists per shared booth.  Additional photos, application fee are needed if your booth is shared.  Shared booth only requires 1 booth fee. These items must be received by dates listed above.

Late application considered with $15 late fee. Your four pictures will allow the jury committee to evaluate your artwork to assure the variety of mediums to be featured during the festival.

A Wait List may be created.  If a Wait List is created than wait listed Artists will be notified if and when space because availalble.
Thursday, July 11th: Artists will check in and set up their booths at their designated time to check in, which will be emailed to you once accepted to the festival.  Check in times will start at 6:30PM. 

Festival Location:  271st Street NW (Main Street) & 88th Avenue NW Stanwood, WA
• All booths must be kept open during the Festival’s posted Artist times/hours
Need more Information?   
Go to our new web-site www.stanwoodcamanoartsfestivals.org or SCAFS.info  
Contact:  Sally Pray, President @ sallyprayscaf@yahoo.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Stanwood-Camano-Arts-Festivals-1976392869275283/
Instagram:  stanwoodcamanoartsfestivals

Made possible in part by assistance of the Snohomish County Hotel/Motel Tax Fund and the City of Stanwood 

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