Event Information

Art in the Park 2019 - Richland, WA

Howard Amon Park
Richland, Washington (West)

Phone: 1-509-869-4620
Event Dates: 7/26/19 - 7/27/19
Application Deadline: 4/3/19 Midnight PST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 8 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee ): $50.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary

Every summer for decades thousands of people look forward to the annual Art in the Park. This two-day festival is located in beautiful Howard Amon Park on the Columbia River in Richland, Washington, and attracts hundreds of regional and national artists and an estimated 30,000+ visitors. For the past 68 years, Art in the Park artists have showcased the best of clay, fiber, sculpture, painting, jewelry, photography and many other art forms. This event is a fun, family friendly show featuring local musicians, food vendors and park activities. We are proud to host fantastic visual and performing artists and create a much loved community experience!

Art in the Park is a fundraiser for the Allied Arts Association and The Gallery at the Park, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that believes a vibrant community deserves a rich variety of visual arts opportunities and promotes appreciation for the arts, changing exhibits, art education and scholarships.

General Information
Product must be original work designed, handmade and executed within the last two years by the applying artist.
No re-sales of any kind allowed. No commercial reproductions, imitations, manufactured items or imports.
Work done from commercial kits, sewing patterns, graphics or copies will not be accepted. 
Every artist must apply and be juried in, even if sharing a booth. 
If two artists work together to create ONE product, only one artist must apply. 

Artist - person creating merchandise (18 years or older)
Assistant - someone who assists in selling, but not creating merchandise
Junior artist - artist 17 years old or younger

Artists may apply in two of the following categories, and Allied Arts Association reserves the right to determine if submitted applications qualify for acceptance and fit into any of the following categories.
Clay - Functional or non-functional. Hand thrown. No ceramics finished from greenware or molds allowed.
Fiber - Original design and handmade weaving, basket & wheat weaving, clothing, hats, quilting, hand painted or tie dyed materials (no stenciling), woven wall hangings, etc.

Gourmet Food - Jams, jellies, pickles, oils, vinegars, non-perishable foods. Must be made by vendor and not a 3rd party. Must have proper permits and licenses required by the State of Washington and the Benton Franklin County Health Department. 
Hard Sculpture - Sculpture or creation with any hard material, metal, glass, leather, wax, candles, miniatures (wood, clay, or dough), stained glass, etc.
Jewelry - Silver or gold, porcelain, paper, semi-precious, beads, plastic, clay, etc. No commercial casts.
Assorted Media - Porcelain dolls, flower arrangements (silk, paper, dried, or freeze dried), calligraphy, soap, stamps, or any other media that does not fit into another category. Does not include media combined from other categories. 
Music - All music must be composed, copyrighted and completed by the applying artist, and all tapes, CD’s, etc. must be recorded by the artist under his/her personal label and distributed and controlled by the artist. No commercial agent/distributed music allowed. CD’s should be enclosed with application and with photo of display.
Two-Dimensional - Oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, pen & ink, crayon, pastel, collage, or any combination used on canvas, paper, etc. Prints of original works by the artist must be commissioned by said artist, and sold only by the creating artist, original works must be offered; prints only are not allowed.
Photography - Any photography or combination with photography. 
Soft Sculpture - Original design and completely handmade stuffed animals, soft dolls, scarves, windsocks, kites, lampshades, and other items created from soft material.
Decorative Wood - Tole, painted, decorated, rough wood, toys, country signs, etc.
Fine Wood - Furniture, marquetry, intarsia, kitchen items, etc. Wood or combination with wood that uses grain, oiled or stained.
Artist must contact Director before July 25, 2019 to cancel. Refunds will only be given for booth purchases if the artist cancels by May 15, 2019.
No-shows will be disqualified and will not be invited to return to Art in the Park.
Allied Arts Association reserves the right to cancel Art in the Park 2019.
There is no wait list for this show. 
A sixteen percent (16%) commission will be collected by Allied Arts Associations Finance Staff on all sales before adding Washington States Sales Tax. Artists will keep accurate records of all sales and sales commissioned at the show for future delivery, provide these records for accounting purposes and otherwise comply with all Art in the Park Finance procedures. All artist sales must be recorded and available to the Finance Department upon request. Sales totals will be collected throughout the show. 
Artists are responsible for collecting and paying their own Washington State Sales Tax to the Washington State Department of Revenue, identifying Richland as the origination of taxes collected at Art in the Park. Contact the Department of Revenue at 800-647-7706 or http://dor.wa.gov/content/doingbusiness/  (click on Temporary or Seasonal Business) to renew or apply for a temporary tax number before application is sent in.

Finance Procedures
Amount of commission is based on total sales before sales tax. Sales tax rate 8.6% (.086).
Each artist is responsible for paying sales tax on all sales to the State of Washington.
Sales tallied on Friday, Saturday afternoon and at final Check-out Saturday night.
Only one commission check is required. Commission on total Show sales paid only at Final Check-out.
Finance office is in the Education Wing of the Gallery
Pictures of product will be given to qualified jury teams of Northwest artists/craftsmen.
Jurors are anonymous and judge in the categories of their expertise.
Artists are juried against other artists in their category and may be limited in number based on applications. 
Artistic quality, originality, variety, strength of designs, richness of imagination, technical skill, and craftsmanship are the basis for the impartial jury process.
Insurance - Allied Arts Association does not carry insurance to cover artist’s personal property or liability. The artist is advised to obtain his/her own insurance as an independent contractor.
Security - Allied Arts Association does provide security in the park from Thursday night before the show through the duration of the show. Report all security concerns to the Security and City of Richland Police Department station at the entrance to Howard Amon Park and to the Director of Art in the Park.
Liability - Artists signing the application hereby release Allied Arts Association and the City of Richland from any liability from damage to, or loss of, said artist's property or any personal injury which he/she, associates or assistants may sustain while participating in Art in the Park. Artists agree to be solely responsible for any liabilty they may incur while doing business at Art in the Park and assume full responsiblity for any and all of the artist's products. 
Booth Sitting - If you are attending the show alone, we have volunteers who will come care for your booth while you take a quick break. Please mark on your application if you need a booth sitter. 

Setup – Artists may drive slowly and cautiously on grass to load and unload only, after Check-in. All vehicles must exit the park grounds after unloading. Please protect the grounds and trees. Before show hours you may be required to show security your artist badge to access Lee Blvd in order to stock your booth. 
Camping - Overnight RV camping will be at the North end of Howard Amon Park at the Boat Launch. Payment must be sent to the Gallery in advance and permits picked up at Check-in. Artists will receive a Camping permit which must be displayed in windshield at all times. It is the artist's responsiblity to pick up a permit if arriving outside Check-in times. Camping is limited to 4 nights maximum. Fee of $10 per night (fees may change by the City of Richland). Mail checks made out to the City of Richland to 89 Lee Blvd, Richland, WA 99352 by July 1st.  

Parking - The lot nearest the park is reserved for customers only during Show hours. Other parking is available at the Fran Rish Stadium or in the lot above the park. These areas are not designated solely for artists, but for customers as well. A parking map is available for reference at Check-in.
Failure to comply with parking rules may result in vehicle being towed at owner’s expense.
Vehicles parked on Lee Blvd – Any vehicle left on Lee Blvd will be subject to being towed. All vehicles must be removed from Lee Blvd during Show hours. Allied Arts Association, the City of Richland and the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Richland are not liable for any damage or costs incurred if your vehicle is towed.
Teardown - DUE TO CONCERN FOR OUR PATRONS no vehicles will be allowed to enter Howard Amon Park until 15 minutes after the show has ended. Vehicles are not allowed to line up prior to entering the park as this causes traffic jams and prevents patrons from leaving safely and quickly. 

Attendance - The artist accepted by the jury must be present with his/her work for the entire two days of the show. No agents or substitute family or friends are allowed. The artist must cancel if unable to attend.
Quality - Any work that differs in quality or form from that viewed and accepted by the jurors may be disqualified by the Director.
Shared Spaces - Spaces may be shared by artists as long as each artist applies separately and indicates on each application their intent to share a space. 
Pets - Artists are not allowed to have pets in their booths. Registered service dogs for blind or hearing impaired are the only exception; the Director must be informed of their presence. A pet in the camping area is discouraged.
Community - We are a community of artists and as such kindness and consideration of others is encouraged and appreciated. 
Junior Artists - Junior artists are artists who are under the age of 18 at the time of the show. They are only allowed if they are accompanied by an adult artist who has been juried into the show. Junior artists will share space with their accompanying adult artist. Junior artists are subject to the same rules, procedures and commission fees as the adult artist. 

Other Rules
The official Art in the Park Show is limited to Howard Amon Park area, as defined by the show map. It should be understood that artists accepted in the show will not occupy space, either themselves or partners, in other Tri-City locations on the same weekend.
Thursday and Friday all artists must exit Howard Amon Park by 10 pm. Saturday all artists must exit with all product, materials and vehicles by 11pm.

Artists have access to Howard Amon Park before and after the show each day to load/unload or restock.
No vehicles will be allowed to enter Howard Amon Park via main or side entrances during show hours, or to park in front of any entrances or exits prior to show end.
Artists must abide by all rules and guidelines of the Prospectus and Finance Procedures in order to participate and remain in good standing with Art in the Park.
The Art in the Park Director has the authority to resolve any
disputes regarding these rules and the right to refuse artist participation.

Booth Information
Space Number - Spaces are pre-assigned and may vary from year to year. Spaces are determined at the discretion of the Director. This space number is used to give information to customers and the Finance department. A number will be provided to you to display in your space.  
Booths - Two sizes are available (15x15 or 15x30). Artists must maintain neat and clean booth spaces. Artists must supply all display material. Canopy and display should be designed to withstand wind and provide shade. Shade is limited. Be prepared for 100 degree temperatures. 
Electricity - Electricity is limited and is assigned at the discretion of the Director. Electrical outdoor extension cords must be supplied by artist and secured properly. Active demonstrations without electricity are encouraged and fans for cooling purposes are not considered necessary. Please request electricity on application.
Noise/Air Quality - Generators are discouraged because the fumes and noise are disruptive. Although smoking is not prohibited in the park, it is discouraged. Please be courteous to others.

Application Fee - $35 
non-refundable application fee per artist. If more than one artist is sharing a booth, but creating different products EACH must be juried in. If two artists work together to create ONE single product only one artist must apply. All contracts and advertisments will be in that one artist's name. 

Booth Fee - $80 for a 15 x 15 foot space;  $130 for a 15 x 30 foot space (equivalent to two spaces)

Junior Artist Fee: $10 for each Junior Artist (17 or younger). Payment due after the accompanying adult is juried in. 

Late Fee - A $50 late fee may be assessed for late applications or payments. 

Artists can Check-in between 9am and 5pm on the Thursday before the Show. Artists will be required to sign-in and show ID at Registration. Artists will receive information packets, including show and park rules, show participant map, carbon copy sales records and other information. You must Check-in before unloading and setting up your booth, as booth spaces are subject to change. 
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