Event Information

Waterfront Art Festival 2019

North Ponds Park
Webster, New York (Northeast)

Event Dates: 7/27/19 - 7/28/19
Application Deadline: 2/16/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $30.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary

The 46th Annual Waterfront Art Festival is a high quality art and craft show and sale held in Webster, NY which is a suburb of Rochester. We set the stage for artists by offering really good, low key music that can be heard throughout the Festival, a Tastings Tent with beer, wine and cider, a full food court and many artists who demonstrate their skills at the Festival. It is 100% outdoors, about half of the spaces offer shade and the Festival area is laid out to circle a beautiful pond so there are no bad spaces. We typically have between 7,000 and 10,000 adult visitors over the weekend and they do tend to be buyers. Many of our long tenure artists report that they sell better at the Waterfront than at much larger area events because of more opportunity to interact and the small $3.00 admission fee we charge. We do substantial advertising and promotion and work on all of the small details to bring it all together for a wonderful weekend in the park with fabulous art, great music and thousands of happy visitors who will want to enjoy your work at home.

General Information
46th Annual Waterfront Art Festival – Our mission is to put together an event that gives artists a great opportunity to show and sell their work. We believe in artists and understand how much of a challenge this lifestyle can be so we’re doing everything practical we can to help you achieve your goals. Yes, we support the community and love our visitors and intend to have fun but we always have the mission in sight.
Webster is an eastern suburb of Rochester NY. The Festival is held in North Ponds Park, just off Route 104 which is a 4 lane highway connecting Rochester to the Xerox manufacturing complex and the small towns to the east. It’s about a 15 minute drive from Downtown Rochester and you can get to the Festival from about anywhere in Monroe County in 30 minutes.
The Festival is laid out to circle a large pond within the park with booths on both sides of the path most of the way. Our visitors enter through one of 4 entrances and walk the whole circle to exit where they parked and came in so every space is seen by every visitor.
At least 50% of the Festival area is shaded by mature trees.
We fence the entire Festival area and charge visitors a $3 admission fee. We provide 24 hour security from Friday evening through the close of the Festival on Sunday.
The Waterfront Art Festival is the same high quality Festival that was located on the north shore of Canandaigua Lake until it moved to Webster in 2015. The move gained us a host community that fully supports us and eliminated several serious logistical problems.
DATES – the Festival is held on July 27 & 28, 2019, Festival Hours: 10 am to 5 pm both days.
Setup begins at 9 am Friday, July 26 & teardown needs to be complete by dark Sunday, July 28.
Application Deadline within Zapplication is February 15
Rolling Jury will start in January with invitations issued as each artist is Juried
Jury will be complete on February 28
Payment is due within 30 days of invitation but no later than March 29th
Withdrawal requests received by June 1st will receive a space fee refund. No refunds are possible after June 1st.
Space assignments for new artists and those requesting changes from last year will be sent out by June 16.
Since this is our first year using Zapplication, late applications will be accommodated when possible. Please go to www.WaterfrontArtFestival.com and the artist’s information page for more information.
Eligibility: Open to fine artists and craft artisans and limited consumable craft vendors. All art & craft work must be original, hand-crafted & executed by the exhibitor who must attend the Festival. Reproductions of the artist’s original work must be limited editions and clearly marked as reproductions. No green ware, kits, imports, agents, or buy/sell allowed. Any exhibitor showing unacceptable work will be asked to leave and be ineligible for future festivals. Consumables must be high quality and hand produced in small batches such as food mixes, canned food, bottled condiments and sauces, small batch soaps, oils and candles.  
Jury: The Jury is tasked with deliberately assembling a festival that offers high quality, hand made artwork & crafts for all price ranges with a variety of favorite motifs and unique work. Each exhibitor’s work at the Festival will be compared to the images submitted for jury. A major discrepancy between jury images and work shown or inclusion of work in a category not juried into will be cause for immediate removal of the exhibitor or the unauthorized work at the Festival Director’s discretion. Jurying is anonymous and the decisions of the Jury are final
Please submit current images of your work. 1 image of your booth and display & 3 images of your work in each category you enter.
Artists may apply in only one or two categories. If applying in two categories, the artist must make two separate applications and pay two application fees but only one space fee.
Mixed Media
Other Fine Art
Other Craft
Consumables - small batch processes such as soaps, lotions & oils, edible sauces and mixes
Cash Awards will be made for First in Fine Art $300, First in Craft $300, and Best New Artist $400 (new artist to the Festival)  
Sales Tax: All exhibitors must collect & pay current NY State Sales Tax applicable for the Town of Webster & Monroe County, New York. The current sales tax rate is 8%. Clothing and shoes priced less than $110 each only pay 4% sales tax. If you do not have a NY Sales Tax No. go to  www.state.ny.us for info on how to apply.

Booth Information
Application fee = $30
Single 10 x 10 space = $220
1 ½ 10 x 15 space = $330
Double 10 x 20 space = 450
Electric = $25

Application fees must be paid by credit card through Zapplication.
Space fee payment is due within 30 days of invitation to participate. You may pay with a credit card through Zapplication or by mailing a check to Waterfront Art Festival, 226 N.  Green Street, Wichita, KS 67214. (Festival Director is a former NY resident handling the administration of the Festival from current home in Kansas 11 months of the year. Don’t worry, the Director has been doing the Festival like this for several years!)
Booth Info & Exhibit Requirements: All exhibitors must have a professional type booth, canopy, or tent and display units and be firmly anchored in case of inclement weather. Exhibitors must bring everything required to set up their display on empty ground. All spaces face the path circling the pond and are on grass and reasonably level but do bring levelers to be sure and most spaces have 2 to 4 feet between artists. All spaces have some storage space behind the artist’s canopy area. There is only one small area where electric is available offering 3 potential spaces with electric access. Small, very quiet generators are allowed. Exhibitors must display their booth id from the HQ packet in their booth and wear the name tags provided for Festival Exhibitors. Artists can drive to their space to drop and pick up their goods.
The few spaces that offer electric are in the low numbers on the East Side. 

Please note that the site map shows the general layout but is not an exact representation of where each space is located. Spaces line the path on the West Side and the East Side with the space numbers getting larger as they move north. The South Side space numbers get larger as they move west.  
Event Site Map

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