Event Information

Gig Harbor Summer Art Festival 2019

Judson Street
Gig Harbor, WA 98335, Washington (West)

Event Dates: 7/20/19 - 7/21/19
Application Deadline: 2/27/19 Midnight PST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 4 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $20.00

You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.


Event Summary

The 35th  annual Gig Harbor Summer Art Festival will be held on Judson Street in beautiful historic downtown Gig Harbor, just a block from the waterfront. Fine artists and crafters from the Pacific Northwest and around the country display their work in approximately 120 booths. The festivities include food, music, a literary corner for authors and illustrators, and a local art show.


General Information


The screening committee will review submitted images using digital projectors. The committee includes working artists, gallery owners and art educators, and the makeup of the jury changes each year. Scores are confidential. Acceptance into the festival is based principally on jury scores but with consideration for variety and balance in category and style among participants.

Two artists may share a booth, but each must screen separately.

You may screen in up to 3 categories, but a separate application and $20 fee is required for each. (Application fees are not refundable.) You must submit 3 images of your work in each category for which you apply.  We would also like to have a booth shot if you have one available, but it is not required. (However, if you don't have a booth shot, ZAPP will insist that you submit a fourth image as your "booth shot.")

If you are paying your application fee by check rather than with PayPal or a credit card, please mail the check, made out to PAL, to:

  Emily Porter
  6118 51st St. NW
  Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Screening categories are:

fiber art
garden art
personal (soaps, lotions, etc.)
painting (includes drawing, printmaking, etc.)

You may enter in up to three categories from one profile.  (To do so, log in to your ZAPP account, apply for your first category, and check out as normal.  Then repeat for each additional category in which you are applying.  A $20 fee is charged for each category.)

By submitting your application images, you are giving us permission to use those images in publicity we generate for the festival.

If you wish to enter by email or mail rather than through ZAPP, that can be arranged, but there will be a $25 additional fee for us to do the processing for you.  Please email Emily Porter (emily.ghaf@gmail.com) if you need this service. The deadline for applying by email is February 20.

Important Dates

December 2    First day to apply
February 27    Last day to apply through ZAPPLICATION;
                     (mailed entries must be received by February 26, preferably well before)
March 20 or earlier    Jury results published
                     We send notices to every applicant: invited, waitlisted, or not invited.
                     Occasionally emails sent through ZAPP are rejected by an artist's email account.
                     So If you haven't heard from us by this date, please email Emily at emily.ghaf@gmail.com.
                     You can also check your status by logging in to your ZAPP account.

March 21 or earlier    Booth spaces go on sale
April 22          Last day for invited artists to purchase their booth space
April 23          Remaining booth spaces made available to wait-listed artists
May 12           Last day to cancel and receive refund*
July 20-21      Festival, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5

*Refunds for booth fees will be made by check. If the original booth payment was made by PayPal or credit card, a bank processing fee will be deducted from the refund.

Artist Amenities

No commission is charged.

There will be overnight security Friday and Saturday, but the Peninsula Art League assumes no responsibility for stolen or damaged material.

Booth sitters will be available.

Booth setup will be Friday evening 6-9 and/or Saturday morning 7-9.

Coffee and doughnuts will be available in the morning.


Your work

All art must be designed and crafted by the applying artist. (If collaborators or assistants are involved, please explain the process on your application.) No mass-produced work, imported items, or items made from kits are accepted. 

The art you display must match in quality and style the images with which you screened. You may only display work in the categories for which you were invited. In particular, only artists who have been invited in jewelry may sell jewelry.

Limited edition prints or giclèe prints must be clearly and individually labeled as “reproductions,” and may not constitute more than 80% of the display area. (That is, at least 20% of the display area must be original work.)

We do not accept music or books unless accompanying a crafted product such as musical instruments.

Your booth

Your tent must be fire-retardant, and you must have a fire extinguisher in your tent. The fire marshall checks the tents on Saturday morning.

Your tent must have weights sufficient to withstand significant wind, and be sufficiently weather-proof to protect you and your work from rain.

Your booth and your work must not present a danger to the public. You must not display any of your product outside of your 10x10 booth space(s).

Smoking is not allowed in or near artists' booths.

Your booth must remain open for the entire fair; no early takedown is allowed.

The applying artist or collaborator must be present during the festival.

You must leave a clean space when you leave.

Washington State Sales Tax

You must have or obtain a Washington state business license and give us your UBI. If you do not currently have one, we will supply instructions for obtaining it if you are accepted.

You must collect and pay Washington state sales tax on all purchases, including cash sales.


Peninsula Art League is not liable for any damage to artists’ possessions. You are encouraged to supply your own insurance.

Plastic bags

This just in as of January 21, 2019: Gig Harbor will no longer allow merchants, including art festival vendors, to hand out those thin plastic bags to customers.


Booth Information

Booth spaces are 10' x 10' (single) or 10' x 20' (double). We can also accommodate triple or quadruple booths.

There is no space between booths, but you will have about 2' of space for storage behind your booth.

There are no electrical hookups for artists.

You will need to be able to supply and set up your own booth.

The booths are set up on Judson Street, which like all streets is not completely level, so you may want to bring shims.

Booth space fees:
    $235 Single booth
    $470 Double booth
    $285 Single corner booth
    $520 Double booth with one corner

A limited number of other configurations might be possible, with a basic cost of $235 for each 10x10 space plus $50 for each corner.

We try to honor artists' requests for booth space assignments. However, the requests for corner booth spaces always exceed the supply. If you are requesting a corner booth space, please state the reason on your application so that we can assign them fairly. Artists who are assigned a corner booth space will be asked to send us a $50 check for the corner that we receive within 2 weeks of notification. After that date, any remaining corners will go on sale through ZAPP.