Event Information

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Calistoga Christmas Faire 2019

Napa County Fairgrounds- 1435 N. Oak St.
Calistoga, California (West)

Phone: 707-403-5024
Event Dates: 12/7/19 - 12/7/19
Application Deadline: 10/1/19 Midnight PST
75 day(s) and 21 hour(s) remaining


Images: 3 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (ZAPPlication Fee): $5.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
Celebrate! Napa Valley's 50th Annual Calistoga Christmas Faire (CCF) is just around the corner on Saturday, December 7, 2019. The Faire continues to work closely with the Calistoga Chamber under their Holiday Village event, the Christmas Faire precedes the Lighted Tractor Parade on Saturday presenting a weekend of fun-filled holiday cheer, entertainment, and community celebration!

We also work with members of the community, downtown businesses, and the residents surrounding downtown to help build on a cornerstone of Christmastime in Calistoga. The Holiday Village will kick-off downtown on Friday, December 6, 2019, with  Santa, a tree lighting, decorating contests and many events taking place at participating businesses.  The streets leading from downtown to the Fairgrounds will be lit with holiday cheer for the neighborhood crawl and Holly Trolley tour of the neighborhood holiday decorating.

The visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads are ever present, still.
It is our goal to bring together a host of Artisans, Crafters, Performers and Players for another successful kick-off to the Christmas season.  This year we continue to grow the outdoor venue offerings with vendor booths in our Outdoor Square while also hosting events and activities in an adjacent building. This is a free community event for all ages, and locals and visitors alike.

General Information
Join us for this full immersion in Christmas cheer!  Event highlights include Santa, live music, local choirs & performance artists, Pet photos with Santa Paws, Children and Adult Crafting Stations, holiday contests & events, cake walk & community cookie swap, dancers, cookie & cupcake decorating, Holiday movies, storytime with Copperfield's books, and a kitchen offering meals, holiday treats, and festive drinks to patrons. On Faire day the Napa Valley Wine Trolley will run between the downtown and the Fairgrounds with scheduled stops.

The Calistoga Christmas Faire continues to create a stage for both non-profit organizations and private artisans and crafters, with priority given to the Napa County and greater Bay Area for its participants. With the inclusion of the outdoor square, we anticipate 50-60 vendors.  

We are seeking artisans and crafters who create original work and are especially interested in vendors with quality crafts, holiday items, foods, specialty gift items, jewelry, and more.  Vendors will be selected through a jury process that takes place after the application deadline passes.  All work must be original in design and executed by the applicant. Items may be rejected if they appear to be mass produced, with a few exceptions. The jury reserves the right to limit the number of vendors in any given category.   All merchandise must be consistent with photos submitted with an application.  We reserve the right to ask vendors to remove any items from their booths that have not been through the jury process or that appear to be mass produced.
Calistoga Christmas Faire is a program produced by Celebrate! Napa Valley, a 501(c)3 charitable organization. The CCF is responsible for advertising, promotion, electricity, music, activities, contests and entertainment.

All eligible vendors are encouraged to apply through the ZAPPlication site. All applications will be reviewed by a Jury. The blind selection process will be conducted remotely, using ZAPPlication, an online platform, and only digital images will be accepted.  Artist names and business names will be removed from all applications.

Selection Criteria

1.Creativity, originality, and conception
2.Professional presentation + experience
3.Overall impression of work

Waitlisted artists will be notified and offered spaces upon space availability.

Calistoga Christmas Faire promotions include:
  • Online listings on CelebrateNapaValley.orgVisitCalistoga.com
  • Social media support on all Celebrate Napa Valley and Calistoga Christmas Faire handles: Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Direct-to-visitor email campaigns
  • Highway banner announcing Holiday Village information over Calistoga’s Lincoln Avenue
  • Event postcards at all Napa County visitor centers
  • Local and Bay Area media and community outreach: press releases and radio spots
  • Promotional posters distributed throughout Napa and Sonoma Counties
  • Onsite advertising and promotional package offerings at participating lodging and winery partners
  • Clear and captivating directional event signage & map
  • ZAPPlication

We ask that you also use your own social media outlets to further advertise. Please like us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can use these hashtags to further advertise all the elements of the Holiday Village & Christmas Faire   #calistogachristmasfaire #celebratenapavalley #visitcalistoga #holidayvillage

The theme is Christmas, so we encourage you to decorate to your heart's delight!

For set-up and take down, please park near the closest entrance to your booth.  Once you unload your vehicle we ask that you please park on the West side of the building on the great lawn.  This information may change to 

By submitting an application and fee, the vendor agrees that this agreement has been read and understands and entered into freely, voluntarily and absent of duress by the parties listed on the application.

This application is for the purpose of assisting Celebrate! Napa Valley in the selection of the 2019 Calistoga Christmas Faire Arts & Crafts vendors. This application is not a contract, nor a guarantee of same.


1.    Celebrate! Napa Valley (also referred to as Management) reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibit, Exhibitor or proposed exhibit or Exhibitor, not approved by it, and to permit only such matter and conduct as it may approve.  This reservation covers person, things, conduct, printed matter, advertising, souvenirs and emblems, and all else, which affect the Fair.  Exhibits are confined to items stated in the contract; changes require consent on Management.  Exhibitors may not give away advertisings novelties that compete with concessionaire’s merchandise, who have paid for the privilege of selling these items.  No exhibit or portion thereof may be removed from the exhibit area during the Fair without management’s written consent.  (Exception: small articles, which make up cash sales or souvenirs).
2.     The construction, design, and decoration of Exhibitor’s booth shall conform to Management’s requirements.
3.     No exhibit or display may be so high along the front or sides of the booth as to hide the adjoining or neighboring exhibits from the view of visitors passing along the aisles.  All safety orders of the Division of Industry Safety, Department of Industrial Relations, must be strictly observed.  All reasonable care must be exercised in the interest of public safety, and compliance with safety requirements must be maintained.  All fire regulations as prescribed by the State Fire Marshal, local authorities and Management must be strictly observed.  Anyone exhibiting a pool or spa that contains water MUST COVER the pool or spa when leaving at night, and must have at least a rope and stand barrier around these items at all times.
4.     Electric extension cords must be 3 conductors, with grounding device attached.  Minimum size: 14-3 for lighting only or 12-3 for up to 20 amps usage.  Electric extension cords not meeting these requirements will be confiscated for the duration of the event.  Remember cords cannot stretch across walkways, as they create a safety hazard.  Contact Maintenance Department or Main Office for assistance as to which power source you are to use.  Any electricity required would be provided on a first come, first serve basis.
5.     All packing cases, crates, and debris of any kind must be removed from exhibit space prior to the time of opening.  Management will furnish necessary janitor service for all aisles and areas used by the public, but Exhibitors must, at their own expense, keep their exhibit space properly arranged and clean.  This must be done at least one hour before areas are open to the public.  Receptacles will be provided for trash.  Trash must not be swept into aisles or any public space.
6.     Management will provide watchman service and will exercise reasonable precaution for the protection of Exhibitor’s property, but shall assume no responsibility for loss or damage to Exhibitor’s property.  Small or fragile articles or displays should be put away for safekeeping by Exhibitor after the closing hour each night.  Exhibitors must be out of Building one-half hour after closing each night.  Exhibitors who have valuable merchandise in their booths should be present one hour prior to opening.  If you plan to use the Commercial Building for overnight storage, regulate your hours accordingly.
7.     Your booth must not exceed the size for which you have contracted.  Outside Exhibitors with exhibits which are hard to place due to lack of sides should check with Main Office before setting up.  Outside spaces are furnished by Exhibitor, including tables, chairs, Fire Marshal approved shade covering (if desired), and extension cords.  Indoor spaces are furnished with pipe and drape with a back wall of 8 feet and sidewalls of 3 feet.  Back walls may not extend higher than 8 feet, and sidewalls may not be any higher than 4 feet.  All aisle space belongs to the Association, and all activities of exhibitor, his agents, employees or representatives must be confined within the allotted area and may not be carried on elsewhere on the fairground.  Goods may be sold and orders taken only within the confines of the exhibit with written permission.  The following will not be allowed: Solicitation above the ordinary speaking tone of voice gifts or souvenirs upon which a noise can be made (whether sold or given away).  Sound-producing devices may be stalled and operated, but only by first obtaining written permission from the Association.  NO MICROPHONES OR LOUDSPEAKERS, OR APPROACHING OF PEOPLE IN WALKWAYS.
8.     The Exhibitor is entirely responsible for allotted space and agrees to reimburse Association for any damage to floor, walls or equipment used in connection with allotted space, reasonable wear and tear accepted.  The exhibit shall be conducted and the privileges exercised in strict conformity with all applicable State and Federal laws, all local Ordinances and the rules and regulations governing the Fair, now existing.
9.     ALL BOOTHS AND EXHIBITS MUST BE COMPLETED BY SATURDAY DECEMBER 7, AT 8:00 AM.  Any space not filled reverts to Fair.  NO REFUNDS FOR NO SHOWS.  Exhibitor vehicles MUST be parked on the Great Lawn by 8:00 AM.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
10.  EXHIBITS MAY BE REMOVED after closing of Fair at 4:01 PM Saturday, December, 7.  Displays and exhibits must be removed by 3:00 PM on Monday, December 9, 2019.
12.  No exhibit will be allowed to open until it complies with all the preliminary requirements herein above set forth.  Failure to the Association to insist in any one or more instances upon the observance and/or performance of any of these rules and regulations shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach of such rules and regulations.

Payment through Zapplication for the Calistoga Christmas Faire 2019 is CERTIFICATION THAT I HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND WILL ABIDE BY THESE RULES


The following provisions SHALL BE applicable to all shows and exhibits:
  • All decorative materials including drapes, signs, banners, overhanging tablecloths/coverings, hay, straw, moss, plastic cloth, canvas, cloth, cardboard, leaves, and similar combustible materials SHALL BE made from non-flammable material or treated and maintained in a flame-retardant condition by means of a flame-retardant solution or process approved by the Fire Marshall.
  • Materials that cannot be made flame-retardant are PROHIBITED.
  • Literature on display shall be limited to “reasonable” quantities.  Reserve supplies shall be kept in closed containers.
  • Aisles and exits SHALL BE maintained clean, clear, and free of obstructions.
  • Fire Extinguishers, hose cabinets, fire hose connections, exit signs, and other fire appliances SHALL BE maintained clearly visible and unobstructed at all times.
  • Booths, stands, and other like construction shall be substantial and fixed in position in specified areas (according to approved plans) for the duration of the Fair.
  • Electrical extension cords SHALL BE approved three-wire grounded-type capable of carrying the intended capacity of the combined appliances, and shall not be affixed to structures; extend through walls, ceilings, floors, under doors or floor coverings; or be subject to environmental or physical damage.
  • SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in all buildings, public display areas, stages, restrooms, assembly areas, and where posted “No Smoking”.
  • The Association SHALL BE responsible for adequate rubbish removal.
  • Exhibitors shall maintain their respective areas clean of combustible rubbish.
  • All tents, awnings, and fabric enclosures shall be labeled flame-resistant or flame-resistant treated as approved by the Fire Marshall.
  • Heating and cooking equipment shall not be located within 10 feet of exits, aisles, passageways, or combustible rubbish.  Outdoor cooking that produces sparks or grease-laden vapors shall not be within 20’ of tents or canopies.
  • All compressed gas cylinders shall be secured in the upright position (chained).
Special notes:
  • The Fire Chief (or his authorized representative) upon finding any overcrowded conditions; or obstruction in aisles, passageways or other means of egress (exiting); or upon finding any condition which constitutes a serious threat to life, SHALL cause the performance, presentation, or entertainment to be stopped until such conditions or obstruction is corrected.
  • Any automobile, truck, motorcycle or other motorized vehicle displayed SHALL have its batteries removed (or battery cables disconnected) and its fuel supplies reduced to more than one-quarter tank full.  All motor vehicle tanks which have ever contained fuel SHALL BE furnished with a locking type cap or sealed with tape.  Garden tractors, chainsaws, power plants and other gasoline-powered equipment SHALL BE safeguarded in a similar manner.
Exhibit Inspections
Periodic fire and life safety inspections SHALL BE conducted by the Calistoga Fire Department and may include:
  • Inspections with the “Show Manager” or authorized representative prior to move in/set-up period to insure fire hydrant and emergency vehicle access and egress.
  • Familiarization and pre-incident planning.
  • On-going site and vendor inspections to insure compliance of fire and life safety requirements of Titles 19 and 24 of the California Code of Regulations, National Fire Protection Association and California edition of the Uniform Fire Code.
  • During closing and removal of exhibits to insure emergency access and egress.
Any problems or violations SHALL BE corrected immediately.  Non-compliance SHALL BE grounds for possible citation and/or removal.  The Association may be notified to assist in obtaining compliance.  Fire and life safety SHALL BE the basis for any alternatives in conformity with applicable laws and ordinances.  Direct any questions or comments to the Calistoga Fire Department at (707) 942-2840.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in anticipation of a successful, fire safe event.
Upon submitting payment through Zapplication for the CCF 2019, I hereby agree that only these approved materials may be used with our display.  Any use of non-approved materials shall be cause for closure of our display.
By submitting an application and fee, the vendor agrees that this agreement has been read and understands and entered into freely, voluntarily and absent of duress by the parties listed on the application.

This application is for the purpose of assisting Celebrate! Napa Valley in the selection of the 2019 Calistoga Christmas Faire Arts & Crafts vendors. This application is not a contract, nor a guarantee of same.

Booth Information
Indoor Booth Spaces are supplied with drapes (8’ burgundy back walls and 4’ ivory side walls), one linen for an 8' x 30" banquet table (not provided) and one 20’ amp electric outlet. Our drapes are burgundy and ivory and our linens are forest green. Bring your own 50 ft. 3-prong extension cord as power may not be directly in your booth space. Vendors are responsible for furnishing additional items if needed. Tables are available to rent for $16.00 each, or you may bring your own. Extra show linens are $5.00 each and are required for any extra tables you are using.

Outdoor Booth Spaces are located in the Outdoor Square under a 15' overhang and protected from the elements.  There are several activities and seating areas in the Outdoor Square that also serves as the pathway to Kringle's Kandy Land in the Butler Pavilion where a host of activities will also be taking place.  Booths are supplied with one linen, and access to 20’ amp electric outlet. Bring your own 50 ft. 3-prong extension cord as power may not be directly in your booth. Vendors are responsible for furnishing additional items if needed. Extra tables are available to rent for $15.00 each, or you may bring your own. Extra shows linens are $5.00 each.

Booth spaces are sold in 10’x10’ and 10’x15’ (limited)  increments (10x10, 10x20, 10x15, 10x30, etc.).  All of the exhibits must fit within the designated space boundaries.  Canopies are allowed outdoors only as there will be no pipe & drape.  The booth size you request may not be available and you will, therefore, be contacted with options.
For any vendor sampling food products, a Health Permit is required.  Health Inspections will be on Friday, December, 6th.
Vendors must check-in with Celebrate! Napa Valley staff in the Tubbs Building prior to setting up.  We will be open for vendor check-in on Friday, December 6th from 11 am to 7 pm and again on Saturday, December 1st at 6 am.  All vendors must be set-up by 8 am on Saturday, December 7th. NO EXCEPTIONS. Coffee will be available by 7 am.

The Tubbs Building will be open for set-up on Friday, December 6th  from 10 am - 9 pm and Saturday, December 7th from 6 am-8am
Artisans & Crafters: $100 per 10x10 or $150 per 10x15
Nonprofit: $75 per 10x10 or $100 per 10x15   
Corner booth add $25 per 10x10 space
Artisans & Crafters: $75 per 10x10
Nonprofit: $50 per 10x10

Additional Charges:
  • Space includes access to one 110-volt outlet per 10x10 space. Any power usage over 20-amps will be charged an additional $35.
  • Each booth, regardless of size, will include one hunter green table linen.  Extra linens are $5 each.
  •  For vendors selling or sampling food products where a health permit is required, the fee is between $111 low risk and $171 high risk per stand.

Booth Regulations
Please feel free to share a booth with another artisan and notate it on your application.  Each artisan is required to fill out their own application with the necessary details and if they are a new vendor they will need to go through the Jury process.

Booths must be kept in showroom quality. Cardboard boxes, stock, and trash must be kept out of the view of the public.  Blue tarps and/or canopies are not to be used as part of a display. Pegboards are not available, but we have ideas to share with you for your display and are happy to help with merchandising ideas.  No pop-up tent frames are allowed indoors.

All tables must be draped to the floor and all decorative materials must be flame resistant. All decorative and display materials must be appropriate for the theme and venue. Approval is based on Fire Marshal requirements and aesthetic appearance. Merchandising personnel will be on-hand to help with displays, props, and ideas. People’s Choice Award for Best Decorated Booth will be presented.  Wi-Fi will be available.

Vendors should begin tearing down no sooner than 4:01 pm on Saturday, December 7th.  We hope to have the building cleared by 6 pm so that all may enjoy the Lighted Tractor Parade that evening.

By submitting an application and fee upon acceptance, the vendor agrees that this agreement has been read and understands and entered into freely, voluntarily and absent of duress by the parties listed on the application.

This application is for the purpose of assisting Celebrate! Napa Valley in the selection of the 2019 Calistoga Christmas Faire Arts & Crafts vendors. This application is not a contract, nor a guarantee of same.
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