Event Information

Palo Alto Festival of the Arts 2019

University Avenue between High & Webster Streets
Palo Alto, California (West)

Phone: 831-247-2739
Event Dates: 8/24/19 - 8/25/19
Application Deadline: 2/15/19 Midnight PST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 6 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee (Non-refundable)): $30.00


Event Summary

This year's thirty-eighth annual Palo Alto Festival of the Arts-hosted by the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce-attracts over 150,000 people to tree-lined University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto—an up-scale community 38 miles south of San Francisco.

The components of this well-attended nine-block show are: 300 high-quality fine art and fine crafts displays, Italian Street Painting Expo, Kids' Art Studio, street and stage entertainment, gourmet food, fine wines & micro-brews.

Media display breakdown: 60% fine art, 40% fine crafts. Of the 300 artist-designated spaces, 240 spaces are available to this year's applicants.

To see if your work would be a good fit for this show, please visit: www.mlaproductions.com and check out the work of last year's participants.

Dates: August 24 & 25, 2019         Time: 10 a.m.—6 p.m.

Contact Info: marylou@mlaproductions.com
Mail to: MLA Productions • 1380 Weston Road • Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Web Site: www.mlaproductions.com
Check us out:

General Information

Media Categories Acceptable for Consideration
Fiber: wearable, decorative & functional
Graphics: digital & hand-drawn
Mixed Media
Mixed Media Painting
Painting: use of one medium
Photography: manipulated

Categories Not Suitable for Consideration
Examples of categories not suitable for this show are: imported and mass-produced products, items made from kits, "buy and sell", hand-embellished mass-produced items, work not created and produced by the applicant(s), packaged specialty foods, books, CDs, body oils, lotions & soaps, children's products, body art, living plants.

Advertising & Publicity
Each year the dollars budgeted for paid-advertising & publicity and the amount of in-kind media support received will vary, but the overall estimated value usually exceeds $300,000. The 2019 advertising & PR budget will include but is not limited to: ads & calendar listings in major print & on-line publications, festival-specific postcard mailers/handouts, city-wide poster & postcard distribution, a four-color glossy festival guide, reciprocal web site linkage, e-mail blast copy & graphics for your use, & regular social media postings.

Artist Amenities
Complimentary continental breakfast, afternoon snacks & cold beverages delivered to your booth, sunscreen, “exhibitor only” porta-potties, booth-sitters for single exhibitors, detailed space assignment information, post-festival customer referral service, a friendly artist support crew, two exhibitor-linked listings on the MLA Productions Web site: www.mlaproductions.com, up to 200 complimentary festival-specific publicity postcards and artist listing in a four-color glossy festival program.

Peer Referral Program 
Any applicant who recruits another fine artist or fine craftsperson to apply may earn a space fee refund of $75.00. The referred artist must state on his application by whom he was referred. The referred artist can not have been a past participant in the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts within the last ten years. In order for the referring artist to earn the $75.00 refund, both artists’ body of work must be accepted into the show during the first-round selection results and both artists must be in attendance at the show.

Top 20 Club
2019 Palo Alto Festival of the Arts participants who have sales in the top 20% (based upon comparisons of gross sales within each price-range division) will automatically been invited back to next year's show.

Invitational Artists
Ten 2019 Palo Alto Festival of the Arts artists, whose work the 2019 selection committee members feel exemplifies the festival’s high standards in quality & originality, will also be invited back to next year's show.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Written cancellation notifications received at least eight weeks from show date will receive back 100% of space fees paid. Three to seven weeks out, the space fee refund will be pro-rated. Less than three weeks, no refund will be offered.

Application Fee

$25.00. This fee is non-refundable. Late Application Fee: $30.00 after the deadline of 2/15 up until midnight 2/20.
•Payment may be made via check or online. Make check payable to: MLA Productions.
•PLEASE—only one application per person or collaborative partnership (2 artists who work together on each piece).
•2018 Top 20 Club members & Invitational Artists are exempt from paying this fee.

Application Submission Requirements
•Completed application
•6 digital images** 
        **Applicants are expected to submit recent images which represent a majority of the body of work 
           that will be on display at the show.
        **Images need to be jpegs: minimum 1400 pixels; maximum 1920 pixels on the longest side
    •1 recent image showing the applicant working on a piece.
    •1 recent image (within last two years) of work shown in an outdoor display setting.
    An indoor display image will suffice if the display configuration used will be the same for this show.
    •4 close-ups of recent work (a clear, well-lit image of a single piece of work against a solid background is best) 
•$25.00 application fee or Top 20 Club/Invitational Artist exemption

Application Submission Deadline: February 15, 2019

Application Submission Courtesy Review 
Applications submitted by midnight February 8 will be reviewed for accuracy by our staff as a courtesy before submitting to the selection committee. You will be notified of any omissions, image issues, etc. with the opportunity to make corrections and re-submit. Unfortunately we will be unable to offer this courtesy service for applications submitted after February 8.

Selection Process
All applications are screened first by MLA Productions. Applications which are incomplete, late, accompanied by poor-quality/unviewable images or representing work not suitable for further consideration (imported and mass-produced products, items made from kits, "buy and sell", hand-embellished mass-produced items, work not created and produced by the applicant(s), packaged specialty foods, books, CDs, body oils, lotions & soaps, children's products, body art, living plants) will be disqualified.

All qualified applications will then be submitted to the show’s selection committee for review. The five to seven-member selection committee will consist of: local professional artists & craftspeople, gallery owners, retailers specializing in hand-crafted merchandise and representatives from the community.

First priority for consideration will be given to fine artists & contemporary craftspeople whose displays consist of 100% "originals", whose work is designed & executed by the applicant and is shown in a cohesive display.

Second round of consideration will be given to those whose display consists of a majority of original works & a minority of numbered limited editions (maximum: 250).

In order of importance, selections will be based upon: 
•originality of design or subject matter, unique use of medium, quality of workmanship
•percentage of production process attributed to true “craftsmanship” or "artistry" by the applicant(s) 

Once the selection committee has made their decisions regarding the applicants they wish to have participate or to be Wait Listed, they will review the final selections once again to make sure there is a variety of styles, subject matter and/or media in each category.

No one category will exceed 12% of the total amount of spaces allotted for the show.

Status Notification Date: March 15, 2019

Booth Information

Space Configurations
Space sizes:
•50% are 10' deep x 10' wide (southeast exposure, narrow walkway in front of space).
•50% are 8' deep x 10' wide (northwest exposure, wide walkway in front of space).
•A few corner spaces are available in all sizes.
•Requests for double-wide spaces will be considered for those with large-formatted pieces only.

Space Fees**
Single in-line space: Flat Rate of $625 or $275 Base Fee + 10% Commission of total gross sales made during or after show.
Double in-line space: Flat Rate of $1150 or $650 Base Fee + 10% Commission of total gross sales made during or after show.

Once accepted, you will be notified of the confirmed size and configuration of the space being reserved for you and the total space fees due. Space fees are usually due approximately ten weeks from the festival date.

**Space fees listed in this prospectus and on the application form reflect the 3% discounted price given when paying by check. All applicants will have the opportunity to also pay via credit card or PayPal.

Commission (applicable only to the Base Fee + Commission payment plan)
Payment of a 10% commission from on-site sales will be due to MLA Productions within two weeks following the festival. Post-sales commissions will be due by Dec. 1, 2019.

Things To Know
•Only one artist or a collaborative partnership will be assigned to one space. It is possible, though, for two artists (each must apply separately) to request side-by-side spaces once both have received an invitation to participate.
•Applicants whose work has been accepted must be on-site the full weekend of the show.
Participating artists are expected to be totally self-supporting by providing a canopy (optional) and all furniture, supplies and materials needed to present an attractive and safe display. 
•Artists are also expected to not smoke, drink or serve alcoholic beverages, have pets or play music in areas designated for artist displays.
•Artist spaces are lined up back-to-back along nine blocks of University Avenue.
•Booth displays may stay up overnight. Light overnight security is provided.
•Canopies are not required, but if used, color is optional.
Power is not available and generators are not allowed in the artist display areas.
•Battery-operated units are fine & are to be provided by the participating artist.
•Free parking is within one block from the site. 
Designated RV & trailer overnight parking will be available one block from east end of the show.
•Due to City restrictions, set-up can only take place Saturday morning.
•Controlled load-in and load-out is provided with easy access to space location.
•Temperature during August is usually in the mid-80s.
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