Event Information

Plaza Art Fair 2019

Country Club Plaza - Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri (Midwest)

Phone: 816-960-6216
Event Dates: 9/20/19 - 9/22/19
Application Deadline: 4/22/19 Midnight CST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Plaza Art Fair Jury Fee): $40.00

You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.


Event Summary
One of the longest-running and most beloved art festivals in the country, the Plaza Art Fair is in its 88th year. Enjoyed by artists for its knowledgeable crowds, attentive staff and beautiful location on the historic Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, the Plaza Art Fair attracts 300,000 art patrons each year. Ranked in the top ten fine arts festivals in the Art Fair SourceBook, it has grown over seven decades to be a premier festival of fine art and fine craft. The Plaza Art Fair is consistently recognized as Kansas City’s best annual event. It marks the arrival of autumn for Kansas Citians and artists alike, and attracts tourists from all over the Midwest.

General Information
Friday: 5-10pm
Saturday: 10am-10pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm

  • 240 exhibiting artists
  • 213 spaces available
  • 40 additional alternate positions
  • 300,000 art enthusiasts attend
  • $10,000 in cash awards
  • Individual artist electricity
  • Complimentary artist breakfast
  • Booth sitters
  • Artist hospitality area
  • Free parking

Plaza Art Fair
Contact: Skye LeSage, slesage@taubman.com
Country Club Plaza
4706 Broadway, Suite 260
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
Phone – 816-960-6216

More than 87 Years in the Making
The Plaza Art Fair marks the beginning of autumn for all Kansas Citians, and attracts art enthusiasts from all over the nation. This annual celebration is located on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo., recognized as the oldest shopping center in the country and a beloved destination in Kansas City. The Plaza Art Fair celebrates its 88th year in 2019, and still remains one of the most beloved and admired art festivals by artists and attendees alike. The Plaza Art Fair exhibits have grown in quality and creativity over eight decades to become a nationally recognized fine art and fine craft event. The three-day celebration of the arts allows visitors to experience the diverse talents of world-class artists firsthand. Beyond the colorful collections of art, this extraordinary event offers even more. With delicious food, magnificent music and interactive art experiences for all ages, there is something new around every corner.

Join us as the Plaza Art Fair tradition continues…

$10,000 will be given in cash awards where excellence is determined, regardless of media category. Judging is completed Friday and Saturday during Art Fair hours. The award ceremony will be held Sunday morning prior to the opening of the fair. Awards will be based on the quality of the entire body of work displayed.

The Plaza Art Fair does not require an artist to pay any commissions. Each artist is responsible for collecting and paying Missouri sales tax. It is the responsibility of each artist to return payment to the Missouri Tax Revenue Service.

ALL ARTISTS must apply on ZAPP by 11:59pm central time on April 18, 2019. A separate application, images and jury fee of $40 must be submitted for each category that an individual artist enters. Only one application may be submitted per body of work represented. Multiple applications must represent either work in different media categories or distinctly separate bodies of work within one category. A collaborative team producing a single product may qualify as a single exhibitor. Artists must use a separate and distinct profile to apply in multiple categories.

Please submit a total of five (5) digital images, professional quality. Four (4) digital images must be of individual pieces of current work and one (1) digital image, (number 5), must be of your current booth display. The display slide should reveal no names, have no people standing in the booth, and have your work displayed in the booth. If possible, booth display should represent an outdoor booth setup.

The PAF staff reserves the right to use an image of one slide of the artist’s choice for promotional purposes.

The Plaza Art Fair jury is comprised of four participants. Two participants are practicing art fair artists. The two other participants are working members of the arts community, as professors, curators, gallery directors, gallery artists, etc.

The jury selection process will take place in mid-May, 2019. The PAF projects images on a screen for its jury. Four judges will be viewing each artist’s five digital images simultaneously in one row. Jurors will then assign a “yes” (3 points), “maybe” (2 points) or “no” (1 point) value to the work. The 213 available spaces will then be filled by the artists with the highest point value in their medium. Artists are assigned a number and judged only by the digital images submitted, not on any other qualifications. At the same time, 40 artists will be chosen as alternates. To maintain balance, the Plaza Art Fair reserves the right for the show director to invite an amount of artists not to exceed 2% of the total amount of exhibiting artists at their discretion.

Applicants will be notified by email of jury selections on ZAPPlication immediately following completion of the jury – on May 17. Telephone notification will not be given prior to email or website notice. Individual scores are not given out.

On-site judging of the exhibitors will begin on Friday evening and continue through Saturday evening of the event. On-site judging is completed by the same panel as the jury selection process. The awarding of the prize money will be finalized Saturday evening and presented at the Artist Awards Breakfast on Sunday morning.

Each artist is provided a 12 x 12 exhibition space, which is assigned by the Plaza Art Fair staff. Participants are expected to bring their own canopy, display booth, display racks, lights, extension cords and any booth support materials. The 240 booths are back-to-back along the center of the street. There is a 2 foot storage space between the backs of the booths. A limited number of corner booth spaces are available for an additional $200. Double booth spaces are prohibited. Booths will be assigned by the Plaza Art Fair staff, who will do their best to comply with specific requests.

Individual electricity is provided to each artist. Each artist is allowed 600 watts. The artist is responsible for providing their own lights and fixtures and should be prepared to need at least 100 feet of extension cord.

APPLICATION FEE: A $40 non-refundable credit card purchase or check, made payable to Country Club Plaza, must be sent with each application. A booth fee check is NOT required at this time.

EXHIBIT FEE: Upon receipt of an acceptance letter, the accepted artist is required to purchase a booth space and optional corner space fee on ZAPP by July 1, 2019. Booth spaces must be paid by a single check, PAYABLE TO Country Club Plaza JC LLC for $500, and an ADDITIONAL, SEPARATE check for $200 is required if interested in a corner space. Failure to respond by the deadline may result in revocation of the invitation. Booth fees will not be refunded due to artist cancellation after August 20, 2019 (exceptions are made for extenuating circumstances).

Artists invited to return are exempt from jurying and must mail booth and corner fees by July 1, 2019 (see Invitations below).

All fees will be deposited upon receipt.

This year, there are 213 available spaces and 40 for alternates. A total of 27 artists are invited for 2019.

Attention Invited Artists & 2018 Award Winners
If you are an invited artist from the 2018 fair, it is not necessary for you to submit the $40 jury fee. Simply complete an application on ZAPP with five digital images, and enter the coupon code that will be emailed to you in early February. This coupon code will function as a waiver of your $40 jury fee. Upon receipt of your application, your application status will be changed to Invited. Please then log in to your ZAPP account to accept the invitation and purchase your booth fee. Mail the $500 booth fee and additional SEPARATE $200 fee payable to Country Club Plaza JV LLC, if you are interested in a corner space by the July 1, 2019 postmark deadline. Mail to Plaza Art Fair, 4706 Broadway, Suite 260, Kansas City, MO 64112.

Thank you for your interest in the Plaza Art Fair. We’re excited to celebrate 88 years of visual art with you.

The following rules and policies are provided to ensure fairness to all participating artists and to the buying public. Any failure to comply will result in immediate removal from the Fair and the artist will be ineligible to participate in the Plaza Art Fair for three years. Your compliance with the rules will be taken in consideration during the onsite jury process.
  • All participants must be 18 years or older. The artist must be present for the entire three day event. Representatives may not attend in place of the artist. Photo I.D. will be required at check-in.
  • Work displayed on site will be consistent with the work shown in the digital images submitted - no work outside of your juried category will be allowed.
  • All work - in every category - must be the original work produced by the exhibiting artist.
  • Work which has been produced with commercially-acquired kits, molds, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms or other commercial methods is not permitted. Studios involved in volume production are not permitted to exhibit.
  • No posters, postcards, note cards, calendars, photocopy and/or offset reproductions of any kind (including those receiving additional modification or enhancement by the artist) may be displayed or sold. Limited edition prints, executed in processes involving hand work by the artist, will be permitted in the graphics/printmaking and photography categories, but only if they have been signed and numbered within reasonably sized editions. Printmakers and photographers are strongly encouraged to do their own printing.
  • The category of Digital art includes original work for which the original image, or the manipulation of other source material, was executed using a computer. Limited edition prints, sized and numbered are permitted. It is asked that artists using computers to enhance or create artwork disclose that process and apply within the digital category.
  • All two-dimensional work must be matted or framed.
  • Artists seeking to exhibit and sell jewelry are to apply and exhibit only in the “Jewelry” category.
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