Event Information

Neptune Festival Art & Craft Show 2019 - 46th Annual

20th-30th St. blocks on the Virginia Beach boardwalk
Virginia Beach, Virginia (South)

Event Dates: 9/27/19 - 9/29/19
Application Deadline: 5/31/19 Midnight EST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 6 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application/Jury Fee): $40.00

You can submit up to 2 applications for this show.


Event Summary
Recognized by Sunshine Artist Magazine as one of the top 200 Art Shows in the country in 2017and #3 in 2018, the Neptune Festival Art and Craft Show features more than 240 artists. Neptune Festival itself has been named one of the top 100 festivals in the US and is annually voted one of the top 10 festivals by the Southeast Tourism Society. The crowd estimate for the weekend is 450,000+. 

Neptune Festival Art & Craft Show is produced by Virginia Beach Events Unlimited TA Neptune Festival, Inc. It is part of a citywide festival culminating in a fun 3-day weekend at the oceanfront. Artists and craftsmen of original work are eligible for the show, with acceptance based on a jury process. No commercial, commercially manufactured, production studio work, buy-sell, kits or imported items are permitted.  

Show Director: Sharon Tanner, (757) 498-0215 or artshow@neptunefestival.com.  

Cash awards totalling $2,600 will be made based on standards of quality and originality. 

We devote an area of the show to selected exhibitors who display work with the highest degree of originality, handcrafting and excellence. Only these exhibitors are awards-eligible.

The festival includes a commercial section that is not part of this art and craft show. If your work isn't eligible for the art and craft show, you may wish to apply for a space in it. If so, please contact The Marketplace director at the Neptune Festival office (757) 498-0215.

General Information
Show Hours & Dates
Friday, September 27, 2019, noon - 7 p.m.
Saturday, September 28, 2019, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday, September 29, 2019, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Application Deadline - May 31, 2019 (midnight PST)

Acceptance/Non-Acceptance Notification - First week of July 2019

Invitation acceptance and booth payment deadline:  July 31, 2019

Refund Deadline - August 16, 2019

Application fee: $40 for first application in one media category.  Additional applications in additional media categories cost $20 each.

Booth fee:  $400, to be paid upon notification of acceptance. Includes event cancellation insurance. If the entire festival is cancelled by festival organizers, full space fee refund will be made within 30 days of cancellation, less $10 processing fee. (See Event Cancellation Policy in Rules & Regulations section.) Artists may purchase more than one space. A limited number of corner spaces is available for an additional $125 each. Corner spaces permit showing on two sides, but exhibition space is limited to 10' wide x 10' deep.

Tents: You MUST use a properly weighted, heavy-duty professional tent for this show. In inclement weather and wind lightweight tents pose a danger to you, other participants and visitors. Tents, water barrels, tables and chairs are available through local rental companies (information to be provided to accepted applicants), but it is a good idea to call early.   

Acceptance notification: No later than the first week of July 2019 Notification will be by email and artists' "invited" statuses will be on Zapp.  Please do not call. Exhibitors who choose to accept our invitation must change the status from "invited" to "accepted" on Zapp. When payment for the booth space is received an artist becomes "confirmed" and a booth space is assigned.  Every effort will be made to honor specific space requests, but first come, first served.

Refund deadline: August 16, 2019. Before this date, 90% refund will be made.  After this date, no refunds will be made for any reason, except in the case of festival cancellation (see rules & regulations for festival cancellation policy).

Parking:  In this resort area there is no free parking unless you park at your hotel.  Limited trailer parking is available a few blocks from the show.  There are metered spaces along many streets, municipal lot at 19th St., parking garage at 31st & Pacific Ave. You may wish to visit the vb.gov site and find the section about parking. 

Cash awards:  First Place $750, Second Place $500, Third Place $350, and five $200 Awards of Merit.  The judge for these awards will be an arts professional whose name will be announced prior to the show dates.  An area of the boardwalk will be devoted to exhibitors bringing work of the highest degree of originality and handcrafting. Only these exhibitors will be eligible for the awards.

Security: 24-hour security will be provided during this event.  However, the boardwalk is open to the public all hours, so if you leave items in your booth, it is at your own risk.  Secure storage trailers also will be provided for overnight storage of artwork.

Tax:  Each exhibitor is responsible for collecting and paying the 6% sales tax. You are encouraged to pay online. See www.tax.va.gov and form ST-50.

Promotions: The Neptune Festival promotes itself and its components heavily in local print, broadcast and online.  On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest we have more than 40,000 followers.  

Please direct all correspondence and inquiries to:

Art & Craft Show Director
Neptune Festival, Inc.
265 Kings Grant Rd., Ste. 102
Virginia Beach, VA  23452

-or-  artshow@neptunefestival.com
-or- fax (757) 498-1355
-or- www.neptunefestival.com

The show will begin at 20th St. and stretch northward to end at approximately the middle of 30th St. block.
This show is a rain or shine event. Every reasonable effort will be made to conduct the Neptune Festival Boardwalk Weekend as scheduled. Festival management in coordination with municipal and weather officials and others will closely monitor weather conditions before and during events.  If weather or other circumstances exist or develop which in the opinion of festival management would present serious hazards to life or property, festival events in whole or in part may be adjusted or cancelled at the sole discretion of festival management.  Only if the entire festival is cancelled in full will each accepted applicant receive a space fee refund, less $10 for processing. Otherwise, there will be no pro rated or partial refunds.  
You must submit SIX images for each application.  Five images should be of individual works typifying the work you intend to display and sell, with the sixth image being of the booth with that same type of work displayed. 
Only the work of an individual artist or a two-person team collaborating on and producing the work together is permissible. Whole-family and team efforts are not permissible. In the case of a two-person collaborative creative team, both names must be on the application and both must appear at the show. Anyone who is a helper only may be named as an associate, but may not register or appear in place of the artist.
At this time, we are not accepting food products, recorded music or body care items. Those wishing to sell those or commercial items may call The Marketplace director at the Neptune office (757-498-0215).

You may apply in more than one media category.  This will require separate applications (so separate jury fees) for each medium, but you are NOT required to purchase a separate space for each.

At registration, registrants will be required to produce photo ID. Only the named applicant(s) or collaborator will be permitted to register. It is possible that during the course of the show, ID will be checked again.

General Show Standards & Rules
:  The intention of the Neptune Festival Art & Craft Show is to encourage and support the creation of original art and craft.  However, it is permissible to bring reproductions of your own 2-d work, ceramics from molds, jewelry made from purchased beads and found items, stained glass and other items that employ the use of patterns, and items which are purchased, then embellished by you, including clothing.  
Media categories and definitions Please email artshow@neptunefestival.com if you need clarification.
  • Painting - Original 2-D work displayed on tent walls.  Reproductions of your original work may be in no more than TWO bins within your space.  Do not make the bins the focal point of your space.
  • Drawing - Original 2-D work displayed on tent walls.  Reproductions of your original work may be  in TWO bins within your space. Do not make the bins the focal point of your space.
  • Graphics/Printmaking - Multiple originals pulled by the artist's hand from his/her own plates, stones, blocks, screens.  Any work not on the tent walls must be confined to TWO bins. Must be signed and numbered editions. No clothing in this category.
  • Photography - Limited to editions of no more than 500, signed and numbered.  Extra inventory may be placed in no more than TWO bins. Do not make the bins the focal point of your space.
  • Ceramics - Hand-formed by the artist, and signed. 
  • Glass - Hand-formed by the artist, and signed. 
  • Wood - Original, hand-tooled, machine-worked, carved or turned. No kits.
  • Fiber - Original basketry, beadwork, dyeing, felting, needlework, leather (does not include wearable accesories), paper art, weaving.
  • Sculpture - Non-functional 3-D work in any material.
  • Furniture - Original, hand-crafted of any material.
  • Mixed Media - Original work incorporating more than one medium or process (painting on hand-pulled prints, assemblage, etc.) in each individual work.
  • Jewelry - Original, hand-crafted.  Nothing made from purchased components unless there is also a very high degree of hand work and originality. No chains sold separately. 
  • Digital art - Original work for which the original image (or the manipulation of other source material) was executed by the artist using a computer. Limited to editions of no more than 100, no matter the size.  Must be signed, numbered and printed on archival quality materials.
  • Clothing and/or Wearable Accessories  - (If in doubt, please inquire.)
  • Other/Craft -  (If in doubt, please inquiire.) 
      If you are unsure of your media category or eligibility, please email artshow@neptunefestival.com.
All booths are visited by our staff during the show to ensure compliance with show rules, including but not limited to checking ID.  It is our exclusive right and responsibility to require the removal of work that is not in compliance.  Non-compliance can also result in expulsion from the show and/or ineligibility from future show participation. No booth refunds will be made in such cases.  Only work in the style and medium stated and shown in the application may be exhibited.  Only the applicant may register (photo ID required). Artists must be in their booths all hours of the show. The Neptune Festival reserves the right to remove any exhibitor for any reason. 
PROHIBITED from the show are: imports of any kind, buy-sell items, work created by anyone other than the applicant-exhibitor, commercially manufactured work, production studio work, tee shirts or other items with pressed on decals, any work incorporating commercial decals/logos (including sports or college), items made from kits, unlimited editions of photography.  It is up to the applicant/exhibitor to understand and adhere to our policies, as those who violate them will be subject to expulsion from the show.  Please clear up any questions you have before applying. 
Your application and acceptance of invitation to participate will serve as your agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of this show.  Your acceptance into the show is at the sole discretion of the Neptune Festival Art & Craft Show committee. 
In an effort to continue improving the art and craft show, a section of the show will be devoted to a group of exhibitors who undergo a more stringent jury process and who meet a higher level of professionalism and originality.  Only these exhibitors will be eligible for cash awards.  Placement will probably be 27th - 30th St. blocks.  Acceptance into this section is at the sole discretion of the Neptune Festival Art & Craft Show committee.


Booth Information
Each 10' wide x 10' deep space costs $400 and you may purchase as many as you need. There is a limited number of corner spaces available for an additional $125 each. Corner spaces permit you to display from  one additional side, but you may not place work outside of the 10' width of the space you paid for. 

Booth spaces are placed side by side along 12 blocks of the boardwalk 20th - mid-30th St. block.  Each space is defined by the upright posts of the rail of the boardwalk. For set-up, each space will be labeled with the space number and the name of the artist-exhibitor to whom it is assigned. Once set-up is completed, each exhibitor is expected to display a booth placard (provided by us) with the name, hometown, media and space number on it.  The booth placard must be easily visible to volunteers, festival officials and the public.

BY ORDER OF THE FIRE MARSHALL, DISPLAYS AND TENTS MAY NOT EXTEND MORE THAN 10' FROM THE RAIL OF THE BOARDWALK.  THIS MEANS THAT NO AWNINGS ARE PERMITTED BEYOND THE 10' MARK. NO INVENTORY OR SALES OPERATIONS MAY BE KEPT ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE BOARDWALK OR IN THE LANDSCAPED MEDIAN STRIP.  No exhibitor may move any part of his display into empty spaces which may be open on either side of that artist's own space.  No exceptions.  Chairs may be set up across from the assigned booth space, but may not impede pedestrian traffic and mus tleave at least 10' clear between booths and chairs.  Re-stocking inventory must be kept within your booth space area (inside, beside or behind). We will also provide PODS at several convenient locations for storage of your work should you choose to use them.

If you wish to rent a tent, sidewalls, tables, chairs or water barrels (for weighting your tent), you may contact a local rental company. We will provide a list of those  companies to accepted applicants. 

Load-in/ Load-out:  The Neptune Festival provides exhibitors the opportunity to sign up for a drive-on program to unload inventory and apparatus directly on the boardwalk prior to the show.  Artists are also allowed to drive onto the boardwalk at the end of the show to load out.  Volunteers will be on-site to help direct this process. Details will be sent to accepted exhibitors.