Event Information

Bayou City Art Festival Downtown 2019 presented by Art Colony Association

Areas Surrounding City Hall and Sam Houston Park, Houston
Houston, Texas (South)

Phone: 713-521-0133
Event Dates: 10/12/19 - 10/13/19
Application Deadline: 6/9/19 Midnight CST

The application deadline has passed.


Images: 5 (a booth shot is required)

Fee (Application Fee): $45.00

You can submit up to 5 applications for this show.


Event Summary

About Bayou City Art Festival Downtown- October 12-13, 2019


Bayou City Art Festival Downtown is one of the nation’s premier outdoor fine art events. The jury for this festival is a week-long offsite process by an invited panel of artists, collectors, and industry professionals. The festival has been consistently ranked among the top 25 in Sunshine Artist's 200 Best.

  • Bayou City Art Festival has a demonstrated history in strong sales for artists.

  • A Sophisticated outdoor gallery under the iconic Houston skyline, transforming the streets of downtown into artistic avenues bursting with color and culture.

  • National studies show Houstonians consistently have twice the discretionary income that workers in similar industries have around the country.

  • Accepting up to 5 applications per Artist profile (See rules for more information)




General Information



Visit our website for more information.


Jury Information and Policies

  1. Our panel consists of 5 - 7 jurors. All judges are selected based on their specific interests, professional knowledge and/or background with our festivals.

  2. Festival staff members are not voting members of the panel and their opinions are not reflected in final jury scores.

  3. Jurors change with each event.

  4. Work is scored on a 1 to 7 scale.

  5. All five slides, four shots of the work and one booth shot, are viewed individually by the jurors. Jurors have access to the artist's statement but are not shown the artist's name or any other identifying information. Please do not include your name or any identifying information in your submitted images.

  6. Jurors are asked to review all applications and score at their own pace over a seven day period.

  7. The jury is not conducted as a personal critique and as such, individual responses are not recorded.



  • Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Department officers provide 24-hour security beginning 2 days prior to load-in through complete load-out

  • Patron art pick-up provided at a secured holding area

  • Booth-sitting provided by artist support volunteers

  • Asphalt and concrete surfaces

  • Discounted artists' rates at partner hotels

  • Admission: adults $15, $16, children 5-12 $5, under 5 free. Discounted tickets available online leading up to the even.

  • Festival features a Creative Zone (interactive art activities for kids), live music and entertainment, food trucks, and vendors as well as beer and wine cafes.

  • Booth Fees: $500 - $1750

  • Electric: Available in some areas. No outside generators allowed.


Cash Prizes and ribbons are awarded for Best in Show, Second and Third, as selected by our festival judges. A ribbon is also awarded for Best Booth. All winners receive jury exempt status for two years as well as priority booth placement.

Artist Relations Services

An Artist Hospitality Tent is provided and serves snacks and beverages. Parking, laminated booth signs, exhibitor identification badges, booth sitters, and hotel referrals are provided. 24-hour security is provided during the Festival weekend.


2019 Bayou City Art Festival Downtown Important Dates

  • June 9, 2019- Applications Due
  • June 10-16, 2019 Jury Process
  • June 20-21, 2019 - Artist Notified
  • Please review refund policies and dates in Rules and Regulations


Bayou City Art Festival is produced by Art Colony Association Inc. (ACA) is an international award winning fine art festival that showcases the finest art in the nation and from around the world.  The ACA staff is dedicated to the exhibiting artist, whose talents make this festival successful and whose contributions will meet a shared goal of promoting the arts and raising funds for local area non-profits.

Over 1000 qualified applicants from around the world submit their applications to be scrutinized by the Art Colony Association Jurors. No more than 350 Artists for Bayou City Art Festival Downtown will be selected to exhibit, many of whom are featured in fine art galleries and in prominent personal and museum collections around the world. The festival allows art collectors the opportunity to personally meet the artist, view original works, and purchase world-class art. The experience that develops between a patron and the artist may last a lifetime.

The 19 fine art/fine crafts categories are:

  1. Clay

  2. Digital (not photography)

  3. Drawing/ Pastel

  4. Fiber/ Textiles

  5. Functional Art (includes furniture, wearable art, etc.)

  6. Glass

  7. Jewelry

  8. Leather

  9. Metal

  10. Mixed Media 2D

  11. Mixed Media 3D

  12. Painting/ Acrylic or Oil

  13. Painting/ Watercolor

  14. Photography/ Digital or Computer Manipulated

  15. Photography/ Traditional Film (no machine enhancements)

  16. Printmaking/ Intaglio, Relief and Planographic

  17. Rising Talent

  18. Sculpture/ 3D - 1 medium (Clay, Glass, Metal, Stone or Wood)

  19. Wood (decorative)

The nonprofit partners of the BCAF include a wide array of local Houston organizations. Our nonprofit partners offer volunteer support that allows the festivals to run smoothly. Each festival requires over 600 volunteers doing everything from building the festival and greeting patrons to teaching children art projects in the Creative Zone.

The ACA relies on our nonprofit partners for the success of the festivals through patron and artist hospitality, which in turn generates more funds for their local programs.

In these times when funding from federal, state, and local government is being reduced and the philosophy of finding private avenues for funding nonprofit organizations becomes embraced, the success of the Bayou City Art Festivals for our nonprofit partners is paramount to their continued work and service in the community.

The ACA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and an Executive Team of staff members.


About Art Colony Association Inc.

Established in 1972, the Art Colony Association (ACA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to producing high-quality art festivals and events to provide financial support to local non-profit programs. Over the past 44 years, the Art Colony Association, producer of The Bayou City Art Festival Downtown in the fall and Bayou City Art Festival Memorial Park in the spring, has raised millions for local nonprofit organizations. The Festivals are funded in part by grants from the City of Houston and through Houston Arts Alliance. Visit artcolonyassociation.org for more information.

  1. Returning Artists wanting similar booth location are priority placed. If you are a returning artist wanting a specific booth space, please follow the instructions in the invitation email.

  2. Booth spaces are assigned in the following order of priority:

    • Bayou City Art Festival Award Winners and Featured Artists in their jury exempt period (meaning artists who won an award at Bayou City Art Festival Downtown 2017 or any Bayou City Art Festival since)

    • Returning Bayou City Art Festival Downtown artists wanting the similar space as 2018
      Returning Bayou City Art Festival Downtown artists from 2018

    • New artists and returning artists that did not show in Bayou City Art Festival Downtown 2018

    • Artists admitted off of the wait list

  3. Artists whose payments are late will lose priority.

  4. VERY IMPORTANT - Corner and double booths are limited and will be available on ZAPP on a first come, first served basis starting the day invitation emails are sent. Though we cannot guarantee all artists will receive their booth location choice, we make every effort to place the artist in the general location that is requested. Instructions on how to request a booth location will be included in the invitation email.

  5. The Festival is open to all applying Artists. All exhibitors are presented to the jury without distinction as having been a previous exhibitor.

  6. If two or more persons collaborate to produce original work, each person must be identified on the Application. No work by apprentices or employees will be accepted. Commercial agents, dealers, or manufacturers are not eligible to enter. No kits, molds, tumbled stones, embellished objects or edible art may be submitted.

  7. Artists may jury in up to 5 categories per artist profile, but not with the same body of work. Only one application may be submitted per body of work with a jury fee for each category. Artists whose work is selected in multiple categories will exhibit in one booth space.

  8. Only artists accepted in the jewelry category may display or sell jewelry.

  9. All Artists must be present on site during the entire festival. Spouses or other representatives will not be permitted to substitute for the artist. A picture ID is required at time of check-in.

  10. Artists must define “a limited edition” through their Artist Statement and must disclose their process to the buyer. Original art must occupy more than 50% of the applicant’s booth space. Postcards, books, note cards, posters, and t-shirts are not permitted.

  11. All hanging work must be suitably framed. Prints must be appropriately matted and must be displayed in a suitable portfolio or stand.

  12. Prints exhibited by artists accepted in the graphics/printmaking category must be limited editions and properly signed and numbered. Reproductions of other 2-D work must be clearly labeled “Reproduction."

  13. Ceramic works must be handmade by the artist. If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed, each must be signed.

  14. Participating exhibitors are responsible for collecting and paying current city and state sales tax for all sales made during the show.

  15. One exhibitor is allowed per booth showing the medium that was juried into the festival.

  16. Artists must comply with all staff and uniformed security regarding site safety and regulations. Vehicles must be parked only in designated areas; noncompliance will result in elimination from consideration for any future festivals.

  17. Each artist must supply their own clean white tent. Exhibit space is approximately 10’ x 10’ (Limited double spaces are available). Rental tents are acceptable and available when making your booth order on ZAPP. No outside rentals will be allowed.

  18. The Fine Art Festival industry at large does not allow galleries or artist’s representatives to show at juried art festivals, nor do we.

  19. No commission on sales is collected by the Bayou City Art Festival.

  20. Festival Hours: October 12-13, 2019 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Times subject to change).

  21. Artist must be present in the booth at all times. If both artists collaborate equally, both artists must be present in the booth at all times.

  22. Festival display must match submitted booth shot. Only items visible in your booth slide should appear in your festival display. This includes, but is not limited to: browse boxes, flip bins, and the like; cash carts; pedestals; display cases; signage; racks of any type; and other paraphernalia that would normally occupy the interior space of your booth or location (Chairs and other types of seating are excepted)

  23. The amount of inventory that you intend to display or otherwise present at the show must be clearly evident in the booth slide, and within a margin of variation of approximately 20%. For example: If you jury with five framed pieces, then we expect that only five or six framed pieces will be hung in your booth at any one time for the duration of the show.

  24. The different types of work(s) to be displayed for sale at the show should correspond to the work submitted in the booth slide. Display in the slide should match your display at the show in the approximate proportion of number and price point of works. Types of work not present in the booth slide will not be permitted at the show, nor will disproportionately larger amounts of any one body or type of work.

  25. Artists should not be present in their booth slides, nor should their names be visible in any of the submitted images.

  26. The use of panel risers or extenders to increase height is not permitted unless your booth slide at jury has included them.

  27. The use of “appendages;” i.e., extra display panels that do not appear in your booth slide at jury and those which encroach upon public and/or artists’ spaces, will not be permitted.

  28. The only signages permitted at the show without prior approval are: The booth/artist identification sign provided by the festival; artist’s statement provided by the festival; and price and title tags. Artists whose names and/or studio names are permanently affixed to the tent or booth must obtain prior approval immediately upon acceptance. Unacceptable signage includes, but is not limited to, magazine and/or newspaper articles; banners of any type; ribbons or other documentation of past accolades and/or awards.

  29. Exceptions to any of the above may be requested after acceptance of the invitation. All exceptions must be in place at least 30 days prior to the festival and will be documented by festival staff with approval by the Artist Relations Director and Executive Director.

  30. All disputes that result in an artist being disqualified from appearing at our show will result in a 100% refund of booth fee (not jury fee) provided that disqualification occurs before the artist’s appointed load in time. Disqualifications that arise after the show opens will not be accorded refunds, and the artist shall have no recourse.

  31. Artists who will utilize more space than the booth they purchase allows for will need to approve the booth footprint with festival staff 30 days prior to load in. Any placement of artwork that detracts from the overall booth or festival appearance, or that infringes on another artist's booth space will be considered an infraction and can result in the artist being asked to leave.

  32. Rising Talent Program: Designed specifically for artists who have little to no experience exhibiting and selling their artwork. Qualifying artists have participated in a total of two or fewer art festivals, gallery shows or similar. The application procedure and fees are the same as the regular show, however, upon acceptance, emerging talent will pay a lower booth fee, have a tent provided and receive mentoring through the Arts Festival. Artists may apply to the Rising Talent Program or to the regular application process, but they may not apply to both. Artists who meet the requirements of the Rising Talent Program are encouraged to apply. The Art Festival reserves the right to pre-screen Rising Talent artists to make sure they are a fit for this category. In this program only, persons 13 and older are permitted to participate. Those under 18 years of age must be assisted and accompanied by a parent or guardian through the entire process, from application to the festival.

  33. Artists accepted in the Rising Talent Program will be placed in the Rising Talent area of the festival as determined by Festival Producers.

  34. While every effort will be made to conduct the Festival under these rules and regulations, Festival Producers reserve the right to make changes to the rules and regulations at their discretion.

ACA Booth Fee Refund Policy: With documented reasons for cancellation, ACA will offer refunds starting after the first day of purchase and up to 45 days prior to the opening day of the festival. Refunds are issued by check and will be mailed to the artist's address provided in ZAPP. All refund requests must be submitted by email to artist@bayoucityartfestival.com with a brief explanation for cancelation.

  • Purchase Date- up to 60 days prior to Festival opening date-Full refund less $100
    59 days prior to the festival opening date-45 days prior to festival opening date: 50% refund

  1. No refunds are given after 45 days prior to the festival opening date ​
36. Artists must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Artists between the ages of 14-17 may participate with with approval from staff and a legal guardian.

Booth Information


  • Single booth--$500--10'2"x10' with 1 selling side (a 10' section across the front; booths abutting on both sides)

  • Corner booth--$750--10'2"x10' with 2 selling sides (a 10' section across the front and 1 along an empty side; no tent on one side of your space, leaving you 5’ of selling space on that side)

  • Double2 booth--$1000-10'2"x20' with 2 selling sides (two side by side 10' sections across the front; booths abutting on each side)

  • Double3 booth--$1250--10'2"x20' with 3 selling sides (two side-by-side 10' sections across the front and one along the side; no tent on one side of your space, leaving you 5’ of selling space on that side)

  • Double4 booth--$1750--10'2"x20' with 4 selling sides (two side-by-side 10' sections across the front and one along each side; no tent on either side of your space, leaving you 5’ of selling space on each side)

  • Tent: Single-- (10 x 10) $300, Double (10 x 20)--$450

  • We use a professional commercial tenting setup and taken down by the tent rental company. The tent is heavy duty and is weighted down with water barrels. When a tent is rented, the tent is erected for the artists with 4 side walls and then loaded out after the artist is packed up and gone. For insurance reasons, we do not allow tent rentals from outside sources.

  • Folding Chairs $5.00 each

  • Folding Table (8’) -- $15.00 each

  • Folding Table (6’) -- $15.00 each

  • Electricity (4-outlet box)--$225

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